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Beach bag / beach bag sewing - dimensions, patterns + instructions

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A large beach bag is definitely a summer must-have, but it's also very practical in the other seasons. Especially if it is sewn and I have influence on the materials used. And if the beach bag is to be used exclusively for swimming, you can also switch to the spa or the swimming pool visit.

Difficulty level 2/5
(suitable for beginners with this guide)

Material costs 1/5
(depending on fabric selection up to EUR 55, -)

Time required 2.5 / 5
(with finished pattern a little over 2h)

Material and preparation

The material selection and material quantity

If you really want to use your beach bag exclusively as a beach bag, or at least always for swimming, I would recommend water-repellent fabrics. This can be raincoat, coated cotton or softshell, just to name a few examples. In this case, you should sew a seam sealing tape right away. This tape closes after sewing around the threads and prevents seams from becoming leaks.

I just want to take my bag with me to the lake, where it will be lying next to me on the blanket, preferably with a book, my house key and mobile phone and change of clothes as a bag s. Therefore, I choose as a base material high-quality cotton woven goods. So that my bag is not too labberig, I sew even more volume fleece. Mine is about 1.5 cm high.

If you want to sew jersey or other stretchy fabrics to a beach bag, you should reinforce them in advance with non-woven fabric, so that they retain their shape longer.

The required amount of material depends on the size of the beach bag. I have used A2 as the basic format, so I need four rectangles with the dimensions of about 42 x 60 cm. I have planned the same fabric for the inside and outside of the bag and therefore use 4 equal parts. I also used a 40 x 40 cm square motif bag for the outer pockets. If you also want to sew inner pockets, please additionally plan accordingly much material.

You also need webbing. For my version of the beach bag I used 3m of it.

For a particularly dimensionally stable and robust bottom of the bag, please also get yourself a saddle pad insert. However, I do without my beach bag.


I've been thinking a long time about how to design the beach bag pattern. Ultimately, I decided that it should be kept as simple as possible, so that even beginners can easily sew a beach bag, so I practically made a base version.

Draw the cut

The pattern for my bag is very easy to copy. I started with a page from my A3 drawing block in portrait format. The right edge indicates my material break. In the lower left corner I cut away a 7 x 7 cm square. So my bottom of the bag will be about 12.5 cm wide - always a square length times 2 minus the seam allowances. Thus, the pattern for the beach bag is already finished. If you do not want to sew outer pockets, you do not need any further cutting parts.

For the front outer pocket I simply measure from the left edge 10 cm to the middle and fold the marked strip inwards.

The cut

I did not care so much about my beach bag, whether it's an inch or more in size, so I cut it all without seam allowances.
You need the following cutting parts:

  • 2x beach bag made of outer fabric in the break
  • 2x beach bag made of inner fabric in the break
  • 1x outside pocket extra
  • 2x beach bag made of fleece in break
  • Approximately 3m webbing

Sew beach bag

First, I fold the motif fabric for the outside of the bag center left to left and iron a sharp edge. I'm stepping on this. (Narrow-edged or slightly off-edge, depending on your taste)

Here you can also sew decorative ribbons such as woven ribbon, grosgrain ribbon or various borders. I put the motif fabric on an outer part of my beach bag and stick it on the left and right at the edge with pins. Then I sew both sides together with a simple straight stitch and smash right next to it. It does not matter that you see the open sides of the outer pocket here, as the seams will disappear later under the webbing.

I put this fabric part now on the also cut to volume fleece and put or clippe both layers together. Now I'm messing around with everything.

I want to have two outer pockets, so I mark the front center with a pin and sew again over the motif fabric. At the same time, I understand the beginning and the end well. The second side of the outer pocket I sew together with the volume fleece. Now I put the two parts of the outer bag of my Beach Bag right to right together and stuck or clippe all around.

Then the two sides and the bottom are sewn together, the small squares remain open. I unfold the two squares and lay them seam by seam and sew them together.

Then I turn the bag and form the corners nicely.

Tip for beginners: In the first step, just sew together the bottom part of the bag, turn it around and attach the strap to your liking. Leave the last 2 - 3 cm at the upper end of the bag free. Then sew the sides and then the squares together.

Close the webbing to a circle. Sew the two ends together, unfold the seam allowances and stitch them twice over.

Then I mark the opposite center and put the webbing on my beach bag and put it firmly. The distance to the side seam is with me exactly 7 cm. Now I steppe the webbing on both sides tight-edged. At the top of the beach bag I leave about 2 - 3 cm free. Remember to lock the seam well here.

In the next step, I put the inside pocket of my beach bag right on the right side of the outside pocket and put it together at the top edge flush.

I put the straps down between the two fabrics. I quilt the upper edge around with the Dreifachgeradstich. I make sure not to sew in the straps and leave a turning opening of about 10 cm free. I turn everything through the turning opening and put the inside pocket in the outside pocket. Then I form the upper edge nicely and push the seam on the inside a piece down. Finally, I iron it over, I also fold the seam allowances at the turning opening inside. Then I step around again. Optionally, you can now continue to attach decorations.

The bag is ready!

Quick Guide - Beach Bag

1. Trace the pattern or create it yourself
2. Cutting main fabric, lining material, outer pocket fabric, fleece, webbing
3. Halve outer pocket, stitch and sew
4. Apply volume fleece and finish together with the main fabric.
5. Sew the underside of the bag (even the sides are the same), close the squares
6. Close the belt and sew on (leave the upper 2-3cm at the edge of the bag free)
7. Sew inner and outer pockets together, turn, close, topstitch.
8. Done!

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