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Make pencil holders - made of paper, wood or salt dough

  • Pencil holder made of cardboard and paper
  • Wooden pencil holder made easy
  • Pencil holder made of salt dough - pin hedgehog

Decorative arrangement: Creative pencil holders can be made from countless materials: We show you three instructions for models made of paper and cardboard, wood and salt dough. All three pencil holders have one thing in common: Even beginners can easily copy them - with completely unspectacular materials!

Make decorative pencil holders quickly and easily yourself

If you have chosen your favorite material, you can start without a lot of cir- cumstances: most of the utensils are already at your home - or else they are easy to obtain. The stated material costs assume that most craft friends already call elementals such as scissors or glue their own. All three tutorials are great for tinkering with kids. However, because cut is always - and the salt dough even the oven is used - adults should direct. Each guide is a basic idea that can be adapted to your own taste. Have lots of fun with it!

Pencil holder made of cardboard and paper

The role: Empty kitchen and toilet paper rolls are available in every household. Just collect and make a spacious organizer for your desk! In fact, you do not need much more for that. By the way: With its many compartments, the finished little work of art is also perfect for storing make-up brushes on the make-up table.

Time required: about 30 minutes Difficulty: also for beginners and children easily feasible
Material costs: about 5 euros

You need this:

  • Gift box or cardboard box in the desired size
  • About 10 - 15 empty toilet paper rolls / paper towels (enough to fill the opened box when you put the rolls upright)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Washi tape or gift ribbon in matching design
  • Small decorative elements such as bows, butterflies, rhinestones, feathers
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • Superglue or hot glue gun

That is how it goes:

1. First, the cardboard box needs a nice appearance. Mostly there are gift boxes with beautiful colorful designs and designs for little money to buy. But if you have a cardboard box in the right size, nice wrapping paper is enough for that: just place the box on the paper and draw a pattern with the pencil. Now this pattern will be cut out. The box can then be packed with craft glue.

Caution: wrapping paper is very thin. The craft glue must be distributed evenly with a brush so that the glue can not shine through the paper at the end.

Tip: So that no piece of cardboard can be seen anymore, we lined the bottom of the box with a piece of felt.

2. Now the cardboard rolls are cut to size. It depends on the height of the cardboard box and how far the roles in this disappear or should look out. In our version, we have tailored the roles exactly to the dimensions of the box. Then the rolls (we need 12 pieces) are painted with acrylic paint.

Tip: If you want, you can also wrap the rolls with wrapping paper. But you need a lot more crafting time.

3. When the rolls have finished drying, they can be glued together and placed in the box. If the dimensions are accurate, the rollers do not have to be attached to or in the box - they hold each other.

4. Now your basic organizer is already finished.

5. As a decoration, you can also surround the top of the box with the washi tape or gift ribbon to create a tasteful connection to the rolls.

Tip: If you have bought a gift box with a lid, place the box in its lid. That gives even more support - and looks good.

Also, a border made of craft beads makes for a beautiful eye-catcher: Just glue your beads along the edges at a distance of about one centimeter. All other decorative items such as glittering stones, loops or ribbons are attached in a few simple steps with superglue on the box - it is even easier with a hot glue gun. Further options: Paint yourself with acrylic paint, wind and fix a pretty necklace, glue stickers on ...

Wooden pencil holder made easy

Ice sticks in a different way: To create a pen holder in a noble wood look, you do not need any joiner knowledge. Not even a saw is needed. Just keep the wooden sticks from the tasty ice cream and look forward to great order at the desk.

Time required: about 30 minutes to one hour
Difficulty: easy to do with a little patience
Material costs: under 5 euros

You need this:

  • About 15 - 20 wooden sticks (If you do not like ice cream, you can buy it in craft supplies)
  • An empty toilet roll
  • A solid piece of cardboard, about 15 x 15 cm
  • Super glue or better: glue gun
  • Scissors or better: cutter
  • pencil
  • Optional: Acrylic paints and / or decorative feathers

That is how it goes:

1. First, the toilet roll needs a floor. Place it on the piece of cardboard and use it to draw a circle along its bottom edge. Then cut out the circle - with the help of a cutter, you will achieve a particularly clean result.

2. Stick the cut cardboard circle to the lower edge of the roll and press it firmly. It is best left to dry for a few minutes before proceeding.

If you want to accommodate many pens or office supplies, you can also stick together three differently sized cardboard rolls with bottom.

3. Now fasten rods for sticks close together - vertically along the roll. In the end, the role should be wrapped around like a picket fence all around with wooden stalks, so that nothing more of the original gray cardboard material can be seen.

Tip: Give each stick individually with glue. Anyone who wipes the roll in advance with glue may be annoyed by the blemishes that stick out between the wooden stalks.

4. Gently squeeze all the wooden sticks. You can easily put them in shape to compensate for last gaps or bumps. Let it dry well.

You can also stick the pencil holder with other natural materials, such as bamboo or natural fiber tape.

5. Your pencil holder is finished in the noble design of light wood. Who likes it more colorful, decorates the individual "fence slats" with color - uniformly or perhaps stalk for stalk alternately with two tones.

6. For natural appearance small feathers fit very well. These can, if everything is well dried, easily be glued to the wooden strips. Narrow leather straps with wooden beads are also a harmonious ornament: simply spotwise with adhesive and put around the finished pen holder.

Pencil holder made of salt dough - pin hedgehog

From salt dough countless small works of art can be created - including imaginative pen holders. Form creative faces as diverse as possible to preserve your pens. Or you can make a pencil egg from Salzeitg. The malleable mass is perfect for forming holes for pens.

Time required: about one hour plus in between baking and drying time of two additional hours
Difficulty: a bit more involved, children are working together with an adult
Material costs: under 10 euros

You need this:

  • A cup of flour
  • Half a cup of salt
  • Half a cup of water
  • One teaspoon of oil
  • pen
  • Different acrylic colors or better: tempera paints
  • Optional: food coloring or cocoa powder

That is how it goes:

1. First mix the dough: Mix your flour with the salt. Carefully adding oil and water, you knead the mixture by hand into a flexible dough - a dough hook makes work easier.

Tip: If your dough feels too sticky, add some flour and salt. But always pay attention to a mixing ratio of 2: 1. That means: use twice as much flour as salt.

2. If you like, you can now dye the whole dough or parts of it with food coloring. In the case of our eagle, we color the dough with some cocoa powder brown.

3. If the powder is mixed under the dough, then everything must be kneaded properly.

4. Now make a ball out of the dough that matches the size of the penny pin. Press this ball onto a cardboard pad or baking paper. The hedgehog should have an oval shape when viewed from above.

5. Now the nose and ears of the hedgehog are formed. To do this, press one end of the oval lump together with your fingers. This tip you now form ever further to a pointy eagle nose. Form the ears from two small dough balls and press them firmly on the left and right above the nose. If you want, you can use your toothpick to peek your eyes into the dough. We paint these later.

6. Now the hedgehog needs holes, into which later the pins can be put. Take a normal pen for it, so do not use too thin a pencil or too thick a ballpoint pen. Felt pens with a good standard size are best suited. Press the pin several times into the back of the hedgehog. Make sure that the hole is deep, so that the pins will hold properly later. With a twisting motion, pull out the pin, leaving a hole in the dough.

7. Now let the hedgehog dry a little bit (about half an hour), then put it in the oven for one hour at 150 ° C. Once this hour is over, the oven is switched off and the hedgehog again left in the oven for one hour. This allows the dough to harden in peace.

8. If the salt dough is dry, it is time to paint. Depending on your preference, the hedgehog can be authentically painted in brown tones or any other colorful colors. Acrylic paint or tempera paint are particularly suitable for this. If the eyes, coat and other details are painted, the hedgehog can still be painted with clear lacquer. This keeps the colors better and gives the hedgehog a special shine.

When everything has dried, the pins can be placed in the back of the hedgehog. The cute, spiky companion fits on every desk. For your children, the hedgehog is perfect - at the same time practical, but also easy to produce and connected with a lot of fun.

Other crafting tips and instructions for crafting with salt dough can be found here: salt dough yourself

Tips for quick readers:

  • Lots of storage: pen organizer made of paper / cardboard
  • Empty toilet / kitchen rolls and gift box
  • Glue with wrapping paper and washi tape
  • Adhere ornaments as you like
  • practically as a spacious organizer
  • Made easy: pen holder made of wooden sticks
  • Stick wooden sticks (ice cream!) Around toilet paper roll
  • Natural wood look without sawing
  • Color and decorate to taste
  • Creative: salt dough pen holder as a hedgehog
  • Dough of flour, salt, oil, water
  • Dye the dough with cocoa and knead well
  • Modeling noses and ears
  • Poke holes in the dough with a pin
  • Bake / dry in the oven at 150 ° C
  • Paint hedgehogs and paint
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