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Make wooden stars yourself - wooden stars for crafts

  • Wooden stars from icy stalks
  • Make stars out of wooden clips
  • Saw wooden stars made of thick oak wood

Cold temperatures prevail in autumn and winter, making it all the more important to provide plenty of warmth in these times. How about, for example, crafting beautiful wooden stars ">

Stars are symbols of romance and especially popular in the autumn and winter season. In order to creatively counteract the cold that is present in these seasons, we advise you to make beautiful wooden stars yourself. Wood acts as a natural material with a warm charisma and can be brought into various forms - even those of a star. This DIY guide provides you with three great basic ideas for crafting wooden stars. In addition to two simple instructions that everyone can implement without exception, this article also contains a variant that requires a bit more tools, know-how and time. Choose your preferred method and we will create wonderful wooden stars as autumn and winter decorations.

Wooden stars from icy stalks

You need this:

  • ice cream sticks
  • Wood glue or hot glue
  • Acrylic paint and pinse or spray paint
  • thread
  • scissors

Step 1: From flat icy stalks you can create some great star creations. Try it before taking the glue. We show you three variants.

Step 2: With wood glue or hot glue, the stems can be attached to each other. Use caution when handling hot glue - this can lead to severe burns. Only a few small glue spots at the intersection points are enough to put the wooden star together stably.

Step 3: After the glue has dried well, the stars can be painted or sprayed. Depending on your wishes and Christmas decorations, you can now give your creativity free rein. We chose white, silver and gold. The latter we used as spray paint.

4th step: Finally, the stars only have to be attached to a piece of thread and already the wooden stars can be hung.

Make stars out of wooden clips

You need this:

  • 8 wooden clamps
  • hot glue
  • String and scissors
  • possible acrylic paint, spray paint or spray snow

Step 1: At the beginning, take apart the eight wooden clamps and separate the two parts. The metal springs set aside.

Step 2: Then glue together the wooden elements of only 7 wooden clips with hot glue on the outer sides. Caution: When using the hot glue gun must be careful - careless handling with hot glue can lead to serious burns.

3rd step: The eighth wooden clamp is now assembled. Before that cut a long piece of string or a piece of string. This piece now becomes a suspension. Now glue the suspension between the two halves of the eighth clamp.

4th step: Now the wooden star is glued together. Arrange the 8 wooden elements in a star shape. Before you start gluing, try out what the star should look like later. We glued the elements together alternately with the point inwards and outwards in a circle. Try something - there are different possibilities.

Step 5: Then let the glue dry for long enough. Then the star can be decorated, painted or sprayed. You can use conventional acrylic paint, spray paint or spray snow. Also this color will let you dry long enough.

We left the wooden star that way. The wood look in itself also fits for Christmas - think of straw stars. Are you interested in making straw stars? "> Making straw stars

Saw wooden stars made of thick oak wood

You need this:

  • round oak panels (diameter 15 and / or 30 centimeters, thickness about 4 centimeters)
  • Hard wax oil or permanent protective varnish
  • brush
  • Blumenstecker
  • Saw (jigsaw, foxtail or similar)
  • Holzbohrer
  • abrasive paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • our template
  • printer
  • copy paper

How to proceed:

Step 1: Print our star pattern on copy paper.

  • Click here: Download 5-pointed star
  • Click here: Download 6-pointed star

Note: Our templates contain various 2 motifs (five- and six-pointed star), each with 3 variants, in 4 sizes. You can use the matching template for the following diameters: 10, 15, 20 and 25 cm.

Step 2: Cut out the required star stencil (s) with scissors.

Step 3: Pick up an oak board and the matching star stencil.

Step 4: Place the star stencil on the plate so that the tips of the star are flush with the edge of the wooden plate.

Step 5: Draw the outlines of the star in pencil on the oak panel.

Step 6: Grab the jigsaw and cut out the star along the outlines.

Important: be careful to get a nice result.

Step 7: Work the star edges with sandpaper to smooth the surfaces.

Step 8: Repeat steps 3 to 7 to create more wooden stars.

With a router, you can still decorate the edges, if the transitions have not become quite perfect.

Step 9: Take hard wax oil or permanent varnish and a brush to hand.

Step 10: Brush your wooden stars generously with the oil or varnish. So you ensure a noble glossy surface and the necessary protection for your decorative elements.

In and of itself, your stars are now ready and can be placed in a variety of locations - in the entrance, on the windowsill, on the shelf, on the table and so on. But you also have the opportunity to complement your wooden stars by flower plugs and stuck in shape in flowerpots or other suitable surfaces as a special decoration accessory. For this purpose, simply follow the further steps of our guide.

Step 11: Use the wood drill to drill as deep a hole as possible into the intermediate area of ​​the lower points of the star.

Step 12: Insert the flower plug into the hole. Done!

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