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Play money to print - Free template as PDF

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  • Make play money
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Your children would like to play with money and they are looking for a suitable alternative to real money ">

Whether playing with the grocery store, in the bank or at the post office - children like to play with money, collect it and trade it. Playing with real money is of course dangerous, it can be lost or broken. Give your children the value of the money, as well as the right way to deal with it - this is best done with play money. Talu has created his own play money to print that fulfills this task in a fun and colorful way.

On the template are:

  • 50s note
  • 20s note
  • 10th note
  • 5er coin
  • 2er coin
  • 1er coin
  • Saus & Braus card

Make play money

  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue

Print the template on plain printer paper:

Click here: Play money as PDF template

Then cut out the elements. The banknotes are cut out directly, the coins do not cut round yet, but only the dashed lines all around.

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Then you fold the bills, or the coins and the card in the middle. Glue the front and back together. After the glue has dried, the round coins are cut out with scissors.

Note: You could also glue the bills and coins to cardboard so that the play money is more stable and lasts longer.

Make play money wallet

You need:

  • Felt in different colors
  • needle and thread
  • stud

Step 1: First cut the felt. The big piece, which becomes the wallet of the purse, has a size of 24 cm x 13 cm. The partition inside has dimensions of 13 cm x 8 cm.

Step 2: Then sew the envelope and the divider together. Place the dividing wall in the middle on the cover. Hit the bottom edge of the case upwards. Now the sides are sewn up with several stitches. You sew through the dividing wall and the back of the purse.

Step 3: Now sew a button on the middle of the purse.

Step 4: To close the play money purse, cut a slot in the flap just opposite the button. Finished!

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