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Making a savings box yourself - 3 DIY ideas

  • Easy: birdhouse money box
  • Medium: Romantic money box made of glass
  • Difficult: Star Wars Death Star Money Box

Self-made is already half saved: Simply create your own money box! With our three instructions in different levels of difficulty for every taste - from the Star Wars Death Star over a bird house money box to the romantic savings glass.

Make a variety of money boxes yourself!

All three money boxes are easy to retool by beginners or children with their parents. The increasing difficulty depends of course on the crafting experience. Above all, we refer him to the question of whether much has to be cut or glued, how much time is needed in total and what volume the entire material has. The given cost estimates assume that basic craft supplies such as scissors, cutter or glue gun already exists in the household. And off you go!

Easy: birdhouse money box

These savings box ideas are not only very decorative but also a good way to handle unwanted garbage - simply use an old milk or juice box for this money box. These boxes are sturdy, work well with everything, and are easy to paint and decorate. Your creativity has no limits at this point.

Time required: depending on the decoration, 30 - 60 minutes
Material costs: less than 10 euros

You need this:

  • empty milk carton
  • Cuttermesser
  • masking tape
  • Acrylics
  • felt
  • carton
  • Hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • Art bird
  • Wooden stick or small branch
  • nail

That is how it goes:

1. At the beginning, the milk carton, which you have previously rinsed out and dried, must be brought into shape. Think about where the top and bottom of the box should be later. Now three holes have to be cut into the box or be pepted:

  • one on the top of the box in the form of the coin slot - simply measure with the ruler the width of a € 2 coin and cut with the cutter
  • a big hole at the front and in the upper part of the box - this one has to be big enough for the bird to fit in later - so measure and draw with compass and cut out
  • a very small hole directly in the middle and below the big hole - with the wooden stick, which will be put in there later, just click

2. Now the box is already prepared for painting. For this you need the painters tape, which provides a good basis for painting. On this the acrylic paint keeps and dries better and faster than on the milk carton. If you want, you can also skip this step. The entire carton is now wrapped with the conveyor belt. The edges of the cut out holes are neatly taped and rounded off.

3. Now it's time to decorate and paint! At this point, all doors are open to you - you can paint and glue as you like.

Our bird house is decorated as follows - at the beginning, the cardboard is completely painted in a light blue. When this color has dried, white clouds are painted.

During drying, the roof and fence slats can be prepared. For the roof, you need a piece of cardboard, which you measure by eye to match the width and depth of the box. This piece is folded once in the middle - this fold later yields the top.

Tip: The edges of the roof can be cut in and look like roof battens.

Then a matching piece of felt in brown with the hot glue gun is glued to this box and cut.

Also made of felt you can cut fence slats, which are later glued to the cardboard. For this you need 1.5 cm wide strips, which are pointed at the top.

Once the cardboard has dried, all remaining parts, such as the roof and fence, only have to be attached to it.

Tip: Attach the roof so that you can still reach the coin slot with your fingers. Take two rolled felt strips as fasteners.

4. Insert the wooden stick into the small hole. This should be pushed in so far that the bird can be fixed well on this. Now only the bird has to take its place.

5. Finally, the birdhouse only needs to be hung on the wall. You can either prick a nail-sized hole on the back and hang it on it, or stick a loop to the back with a piece of twine.

The birdhouse money box is ready!

Medium: Romantic money box made of glass

The romantic money box houses its coins and bills and is also a true decoration dream! Tinker our easy instructions in a few steps and look forward to the beautiful sight, to the in due course gives even more reason to shine.

Time required: 20 - 40 minutes
Material costs: about 10 euros

You need this:

  • a medium sized glass with plastic lid (no glass lid!)
  • Wrapping paper with a romantic pattern like roses, flowers, butterflies ...
  • To the paper suitable washi tape
  • Pearls (cream or rosé)
  • Color matching cloth loops
  • on the previous nuances coordinated acrylic paint
  • optional: Loom bands
  • craft glue
  • superglue
  • brush
  • pencil
  • Scissors or better: cutter

That is how it goes:

1. First you provide the lid with the necessary slot to later money
to be able to throw in. To do this, take a folded note or a two-euro coin as a template and draw your slit in pencil on the lid. It should be about 5 mm wide and 3 cm long.

2. Now it's time to cut. This is much easier with a cutter than with ordinary scissors. But with a little patience, you will achieve a nice result.

Tip: do not fret about dirty edges - these disappear later!

3. The lid then serves as a template: place it on the back of your wrapping paper and use the pencil to trace its outer edge and the shape of the slot. Then cut out this slotted circle with the scissors and glue it with the craft glue on top of the lid.

4. The edge of the lid is covered with washi tape, felt or even wool!

5. Now it's time for the glass itself: First paint the screw-on edge - on which the lid will be put on later - with acrylic paint.

6. As the paint dries, measure the height of your glass from the bottom edge to the edge of the screw and trim a strip of gift paper. The goal is that your paper completely covers the glass from the lower edge to the painted screw cap.

7. Now paint the glass with craft glue and attach your pattern paper on it. Along the adhesive edges, place Washi Tape to conceal the transition.

Tip: Alternatively, there is the option to attach the paper only with Washi Tape! Glue it only well with the glass. Additional support and a nice effect are provided by so-called loom bands.

8. Now, continue to decorate! Place the beads one inch at a time along the "seam" of Washi Tape - simply attach with superglue. You also attach your bows around the lid or optionally also to the money box itself - depending on your taste. Done!

Difficult: Star Wars Death Star Money Box

Perfect and made for space and science fiction fans is this money box variant. The fearsome space station from the film series Star Wars is a popular cult object and should stand on the shelf with any fan in any form, whether as a money box or a lamp at home.

Time required: 2 to 3 hours
Material costs: about 5 - 7 euros

You need this:

  • Hollow polystyrene ball, diameter at least 20 cm
  • Acrylic paint in different shades of gray and in black
  • Picture as a template
  • Filigree brush
  • Medium sized brush
  • Empty gift reel as a foot
  • Circle, possibly sandpaper
  • cutter

That is how it goes:

1. Name one of the two halves of the ball (in our case a Styropur ball with a diameter of 25 cm) to the top. Use a compass to draw a circle above the ball, about 8 cm away. This should have a diameter of 10 cm. This is the striking, round launcher of the laser. Cut your coin slot with the cutter - at least 5x30mm. This should be in the middle of the circle. Then you cut more and more out of the circle bit by bit. With fine sandpaper you can smooth edges.

Caution: The ball has only a thickness of almost 3 cm - so be careful when Auslölen that the Kuhle is not cut.

2. Put the halves together - the dividing line is the black equatorial trench of the Death Star and will be painted later.

3. Now the ball has to be painted. For that take simple acrylic paint. In a light shade of gray you first paint the entire sphere, as well as the indentation.

Then you use a darker gray - with this you paint rectangles in seven rows on the ball (3 on the upper half, 4 on the lower) - times narrow and sometimes width, which are distributed at different distances to each other on the entire surface. But: The rectangles always have the same height and do not paint them over the dividing line and always keep a distance of 2 cm to it.

Note: Styrofoam lightens the color slightly as it dries.

The dividing line is now repainted with black paint - in the end the equatorial trench should consist of three stripes, a light gray, black and again a light gray stripe.

Last but not least, add a few striking highlights such as small bright dots on the gray rectangles and the lines in the round launcher.

Tip: Simply print out a picture of the Death Star and place it as a template next to you - so coloring becomes child's play.

4. When all the colors have dried well, attach the plastic spool to the bottom. If you want, you can paint or glue them. It serves as a stand - with superglue or a glue gun keeps everything wonderful.

The advantage of the polystyrene ball is that it can be taken apart at any time and the saved money can be taken out easily.

Finished is the Death Star money box, which is for anyone, Star Wars fan or not, fast to tinker. Not only children will develop a love for saving in this galactic crafting fun.

Tips for quick readers:

  • Romantic savings glass with money slot
  • Glue patterned paper onto glass
  • Decorate with Washi Tape + beads, bows
  • Cut holes in milk carton
  • Paint and decorate cardboard (attach roof, branch, bird and other decorations)
  • Hang birdhouse money box
  • Star Wars Death Star Savings Box made of hollow styrofoam ball
  • Cut in slot and bulge, put together
  • Apply painting and plastic spool as foot
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