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Stitching an embroidery stitch - Embroidery instructions

The elastic stitch is a very simple embroidery stitch. With it you can draw very slightly line-shaped elements. In our example he was used to represent a flower wreath. With Christmas motifs, it often gives the impression of candlelight.

The rays that you embroider with the Spannstich, can be arranged in a group vertically, horizontally or radially. This simple technique can be applied to almost any fabric and is an important element of a successful embroidery image, as can be worked out with these details.

1. Pierce the needle from the back to the front through the embroidery base

2. Leave about 3 cm of yarn for later sewing

3. Grasp the needle from the front

4. Guide the needle on the front to the point that marks the end of the stroke and pierce the back

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 where you want to place the stitch.

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