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Slim Fit Jeans - Pants Wiki & Definition

  • Definition and characteristics
    • Translation: what does Slim Fit mean?>

      The jeans stand out as one of the most important types of pants at all and is offered since use as a fashionable garment in numerous fits. These include the slim fit jeans, which is narrower compared to the regular fit and thus emphasizes the shape of the legs more. Due to the cut, it is particularly suitable for slim people who do not have too many extra pounds. Because it fits closer to the legs, even small problem areas can be more emphasized, but not as strong as Skinny Fit Jeans.

      Definition and characteristics

      Slim fit jeans are much tighter compared to regular fit and other fits, especially in the knee area. However, it completely abandons a shape that narrows at the knees or continues to grow in certain places. The trouser legs remain completely straight and only change as soon as the size of the entire trousers changes. For this reason, a wrong slim fit can never be selected as long as the size or waist size is right. Typical for the cut is the tight fitting, which is particularly noticeable on the thighs and in the hip area. The features as follows:

      • Rise height: normal, low
      • figure-hugging the thighs and hips
      • straight trouser leg
      • Trouser leg does not narrow from the knees
      • Since the entire trouser leg is narrower, it also sits close to the calf and the tibia
      • Intermediate level of regular fit and skinny fit

      The definition and features clearly show why slim fit jeans can be worn primarily by slim people with a consistently even body shape. Excessive pounds on the thighs and buttocks restrict freedom of movement and the jeans become increasingly uncomfortable when worn. Even muscular people, especially on the thighs, can have some problems with the fit. Small people benefit from slim-fit jeans because they visually lengthen the legs.

      Translation: what does Slim Fit mean?>

      Tip: The word "slim" can also be used for tops like shirts, which is especially the case for men's fashion. This describes a waisted garment that is worn on the torso.

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