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Fold napkins to water lily - DIY instructions in 3 minutes

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  • Instructions in 10 steps
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Folded napkins are not only a wonderful idea on solemn occasions. They also ensure enthusiasm at the family dinner and impress the guests. In our guide we present you the water lily, a classic among the folding motives. The special feature is that the rose is folded in just 3 minutes and has a medium level of difficulty.

If you follow the steps of the manual when folding, then the Rose is suitable for both professionals and beginners. By selecting the napkin color you determine the appearance of the water lily and create in combination with radiant white plates and a matching table decoration an exciting design. The rose is a particularly noble table decoration and therefore suitable for almost all occasions. If you work with a stable material, then you can also put a small bowl in the rose or supplement it with other decorations.

Instructions in 10 steps

Step 1:
First you have to unfold the napkin and place it on a flat surface. You can use both single-sided napkins and double-sided napkins.

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Tip: If the napkin is only printed on one side, you should place it on the table with the colored side facing down. This is important to get the best design later. As you turn the napkin later while crafting, the lower side finally shows up.

Step 2:
Now hit the first corner. Take the top of the napkin and guide it to the middle. Pay attention to precise operation and place the corner exactly on the center. Hold the tip with one finger and fold the resulting triangle. The sides of the triangle lie on the center line of the napkin. Smooth out all edges for stability and shape.

Tip: Since the napkin had previously folded itself, the kinks are still visible. In general, four squares can be seen. In addition, the center is clearly visible. If you can not see the lines clearly, then you may need to clarify the lines by bending before starting work. It is important to find the center, as this is the only way to ensure the symmetrical shape of the rose.

Step 3:
Now you have to repeat step 2 with the remaining three corners. Fold triangles too and beat the corners to the center. You will now get a smaller square. Smooth out all outer edges to hold the new shape.

Step 4:
Now take one of the new corners of the square and lead it to the middle. Again, make sure that the sides of the triangle are at right angles to the outlines of the square. Drive along the edges so that the napkin kinks tightly to create a stable shape.

Step 5:
Also do step 4 with the remaining three corners, so that a total of four triangles are folded. This creates a new square, which has a reduced size. In these steps, make sure to hit the center as close as possible.

Step 6:
Now you have to turn the folded napkin once so that the bottom is now up.

Tip: The smoother you have painted the edges in the previous steps, the better the napkin will hold. Hold the center point with one finger when turning it over so that the corners you have cut in can not come loose again.

Step 7:
Next you have to fold all four corners again in the middle of the napkin. This again creates a new square, which has once again reduced in size. Fix the center before proceeding to the next steps.

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Step 8:
Now you have to turn the corners on the diagonal of the square. To do this, carefully fold the sides of the diagonal approximately midway between the corners of the square and the center. Be sure to fix the center. At this moment, they open the flowers, giving the impression of a rose for the first time.

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Tip: Be very careful in this step. Beat the diagonals only as far as the folding allows.

Step 9:
Pull the tips up at the corners so that the flowers of the water lily form completely. Always keep your finger on the center.

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Step 10:
At the bottom of the water lily you now have to unfold the "leaves". Be careful not to fully unfold them, but only partially. To do this, pull the corners slightly upwards on the lower side of the water lily.

Notes on the last steps:

Since different napkin parts have already been brought together in the middle, you have to hold them with one finger. Fixing with your index finger prevents the napkin from unfolding. In addition, flip the two corners of the water lily petals slightly. This allows each lily pad to be deployed best. To do this, pull on the tip of the lily pad and at the same time press with little pressure on the inner part.

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Tips for shaping the water lily

1. You can use both paper napkins and cloth napkins for the rose. The larger the napkin, the easier it is to make the table decoration.

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Cloth napkins are usually larger than plain paper napkins. From these can therefore also fold larger water lilies. In any case, both variants are elegant.

2. By choosing the color you influence the design of the rose. White looks particularly elegant and is perfect for festive occasions. Red, on the other hand, creates an exciting contrast to white plates and evokes the colors of a real rose.

3. Be sure to fold over the edges at each step. As a result, the rose gains strength and maintains a solid footing.

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Instructions for using the rose as a table decoration

After folding the rose, you have to place it on the table. It is especially nice if you place the flower directly on the plate, so that you notice the guests immediately. You have three options:

1. Place the rose directly on the plate. Thus, the focus is on the folding art and the rose presents itself in its pure splendor.

2. First put a napkin on the plate to create a base for the rose. If you have a red or a white rose folded, then a green napkin fits very well. It creates a natural design, as it seems as if the rose is floating on its leaves.

3. For a sturdy flower, you can place a small bowl or other decorations in the folded napkin.

Video: Fold napkin to water lily

Tips for quick readers:

  • Use paper napkins or cloth napkins
  • printed side should point down
  • fold all four corners in the middle
  • once again fold all four corners in the middle
  • Turn the napkin over
  • again fold the corners in the middle
  • Unfold sides of the diagonal
  • Pull the tips up at the corners
  • Pull "petals" up the bottom
  • Rose in different colors possible
  • Smooth edges well
  • White looks elegant
  • Red is especially reminiscent of a real rose
  • Color creates contrast to the plate
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