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Fold napkins: 2 instructions for a lily

  • How to fold a lily from a napkin
    • Lily Variant # 1
      • Instructional Video
    • Lily Variant # 2

A beautiful and springlike napkin variant is the Lily - fold paper or cloth napkins to the lily, and so neatly decorate your banquet table. Our two instructions with pictures and videos show you in detail how you have to fold to give your table decoration a flourish touch. At the end, these lilies will be so inspiring that hardly anyone would like to open the napkins. Have fun folding!

Whether you are using a cloth napkin or a simple paper napkin, these lilies are easy to fold out of both. Just be sure to take motif napkins on which side the picture is to be seen. Then it can start

How to fold a lily from a napkin

Lily Variant # 1

Step 1: At the beginning, unfold the napkin completely. Place these on the table with the nice side down with a possible motive.

Step 2: Then fold the napkin once diagonally. Now turn the triangle so that the right-angled tip points upwards.

Step 3: Fold the left and right tips up, along an imaginary centerline.

Step 4: Then there is a square in front of you. Fold up the downward pointing tip. Do not fold up to the opposite tip, but only at a distance of 2 - 3 cm.

Step 5: Then fold the top of step 4 back down to the bottom edge of the napkin.

Step 6: Now turn the napkin with the same orientation on the back.

Step 7: Now put together the two outward-pointing tips. Slide the top tip into the flap of the other so that the napkin is closed in a round shape and holds.

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Tip: For added stability, clip the ends of step 7 together with a paper clip.

Step 8: Turn the napkin lily with the front to you and finally fold the two upstanding tips aside like flower petals.

As a variation, you can insert the two outward-pointing tips into the lower tab.

Instructional Video

Lily Variant # 2

Step 1: Just as with the first lily you fold the napkin completely at the beginning.

Step 2: Fold the napkin once again, as before, to form a triangle.

Step 3: Now also the left and right corners of the right triangle are folded up and along the center line.

Step 4: Turn the napkin 180 ° with the open sides facing down.

Step 5: Then fold the left and right tips upwards.

Step 6: Now fold the tip down to the middle fold.

Step 7: Now hit this triangle once, also to the middle.

Step 8: Then re-insert the strip from step 7 so that the outline again forms a right-angled triangle.

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Step 9: Lift the napkin off the table and fold both tips backwards. Then insert the top tip into the tab of the other.

Tip: Again, a paper clip can provide more stability.

Step 10: The two points pointing upwards are now pulled down and inserted into the longitudinal tab.

Done is also this noble napkin-lily!

The specially folded lily from a napkin is ready to beautify any table decoration and will surprise any guest.

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