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Heavy Duty Anchors / Heavy Duty Dowels - Information on types, prices + installation

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If it has to be at any price: heavy-duty anchors and heavy-duty dowels are used where nylon plugs, plastic dowels or other solutions are no longer sufficient for attaching a load. The Schwelastanker is a special dowel, with which even high tensile and shear forces can be securely and permanently bind. Read in this article everything you need to know about heavy duty anchors and heavy duty dowels.

Much helps a lot

The larger the diameter of a heavy duty dowel, the higher its internal tensile strength. The longer the heavy duty anchor, the deeper it can be driven into the ground, the ceiling or the wall. The greater the effective length of the anchor, the higher the clamping and frictional forces can be developed. It follows that theoretically for each load a suitable dowel can be produced. As long as the tensile strength of the material from the dowel and the driven ground is sufficient, a fixed or suspended load can be arbitrarily heavy.

Knowledge protects against damage and mistakes

A heavy-duty dowel is a safety-relevant component, which must fit exactly to the purpose used. An improperly sized or selected dowel may have too little holding power or it may destroy the surrounding material when driven in. For this reason, a thorough consultation is necessary if you want to work with a heavy duty anchor.

It is absolutely necessary to pay attention to brand quality. Even GS / TÜV / or CE mark can not replace the demanded technical data of a heavy duty anchor. Documentation and valid information on the applicability of a heavy-duty plug is part of the service of a brand manufacturer. That's why you should definitely do without the search for "bargains" in these highly loaded modules. The damage caused by a demolition costs many times more than you have saved by choosing a no-name dowel.

ETA approval

The "ETA" mark was introduced for technically demanding building products. This means that a component has a "European Technical Approval". The original name is "European Technical Approval", hence the abbreviation.
What has an ETA approval has been intensively reviewed in an accredited technical laboratory. Both the base material and the finished product were with

  • Universal testing machines
  • Notched impact hammers
  • Bending and shear tests
  • chemical-physical analyzes
  • hardness provisions

checked for its exact technical characteristics. As a rule, the test certificates belonging to the respective product can be obtained from the manufacturer and convince themselves of the quality of their anchor.

Mode of action - high performance anchor

A heavy-duty dowel is a module suspended together from bush or sleeve and screw. This distinguishes it from the nylon plug, in which the screw and dowel are separated.

Conventional nylon plugs with screws

The bush is split at the side, making it stretchable. The screw has a conical shape at its tip. When screwing in the screw, the cone presses into the metal bushing and thus pushes their halves apart. The outer walls of the bush are pressed more firmly against the inner wall of the borehole. The higher the contact pressure, the greater the adhesion of the clamping force.

But also for heavy-duty anchor applies: After firmly comes broken. If the permissible clamping force of the anchor is exceeded, the screw can tear off. If, however, the permissible pressure force in the substrate is exceeded, it breaks and rubs itself to dust. The holding force is abruptly no longer given in this case, which means the collapse of the whole composite. The retaining dowel finally has a DIN thread at its open end. There you can screw in a suitable screw. With this screw the solid connection between the module and the wall is made.


Before installing a heavy-duty anchor, the ground must be inspected. The individual materials used in construction have different compressive strengths. In descending order these are:

  • Natural stone 80 - 390 N / mm²
  • Concrete 8 - 100 N / mm²
  • Sand-lime bricks 80 - 180 N / mm²
  • Brick 2, 5 - 75 N / mm²
  • Pumice 2.5 - 7.5 N / mm²
  • Clay bricks 2-4 N / mm²

Using an anchor that exceeds the given compressive strength of the building material means inevitably incorporating a weak point. Maybe the dowel still holds at first. However, as soon as it is loaded swinging or pushing, the surrounding material dissolves and the stability of the connection is endangered.

Mount heavy duty anchor

The assembly is quite simple in contrast to the selection of the dowel. However, heavy equipment is necessary. A simple cordless screwdriver or cheap drill are usually not enough.

For the assembly is needed:

  • A hammer drill with sufficient power (from 200 Euro or 15 Euro daily rent)
  • The drills suitable for the dowel (8 Euro per piece or included in the rental price)
  • mounting pins
  • Creaking set (from 50 euros)

The ratchet set is preferable to the ring spanner. It is thus much more comfortable to work with than a ring spanner. Open-end wrenches or even pliers should never be used for mounting a heavy duty dowel! As a rule, these tools do not achieve the required force.

To assemble the right drill is selected, made the hole and plugged the dowel. Then the clamping screw is tightened and finally screwed the module to be fastened at the desired location.


Heavy duty dowels can be used in the house area for the installation of heavy furniture. Even large ceiling lamps such as chandeliers and chandeliers can be fitted optimally with a heavy duty dowel. In workshops, these dowels and anchors can attach machines and workbenches to the floor. Even technology that must not be displaced can be optimally assembled. These include, for example, drives of garage doors. There are many possible uses for heavy-duty dowels. In the construction sector, they are used for fixing columns or for mounting heavy installation modules. Tanks, boilers, boilers or heavy pipes are easy to secure with heavy-duty dowels.


The prices of these highly durable aids vary according to their size, their brand quality and their tensile and shear strength.

Prices for no-name dowels, converted to the unit price:

M8x68 / 42, 20 Euro (100 pack)
M10x115 / 354, 00 Euro (pack of 25)
M12x120 / 205, 30 Euro (pack of 25)
M8x55 / 50, 40 Euro (100 pack)
M10x125 / 55 + 650, 70 Euro (pack of 25)
M12x100 / 10 + 250, 85 Euro (pack of 25)
M16x125 / 15 + 301.35 Euro (20 pack)

Prices for brand dowels, converted to the unit price:

fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 8/10 - (pack of 50)25, 90 Euro / 0, 52 Euro per piece
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 8/30 - (pack of 50)34.90 euros / 0.70 euros each
fischer Anchor bolt FAZ II 8/50 - (pack of 50)42.90 euros / 0.86 euros each
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 8/100 - (pack of 25)29, 90 Euro / 1, 20 Euro per piece
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 8/160 - (pack of 20)45, 90 Euro / 2, 30 Euro each
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 10/10 - (pack of 50)30, 90 Euro / 0, 62 Euro each
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 10/20 - (pack of 25)16, 90 Euro / 0, 68 Euro per piece
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 10/30 - (pack of 25)17, 90 Euro / 0, 72 Euro per piece
fischer Anchor bolt FAZ II 10/50 - (pack of 20)18, 90 Euro / 0, 95 Euro per piece
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 10/80 - (pack of 20)23, 90 Euro / 1, 20 Euro per piece
fischer Anchor bolt FAZ II 10/100 - (pack of 20)25, 90 Euro / 1, 30 Euro each
fischer Anchor bolt FAZ II 10/160 - (pack of 20)51.90 euros / 2.60 euros each
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 12/10 - (pack of 20)19, 90 Euro / 1, 00 Euro per piece
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 12/20 - (pack of 20)19, 90 Euro / 1, 00 Euro per piece
fischer Anchor bolt FAZ II 12/30 - (pack of 20)20, 90 Euro / 1, 05 Euro each
fischer Anchor bolt FAZ II 12/50 - (pack of 20)29, 90 Euro / 1, 50 Euro per piece
fischer Anchor bolt FAZ II 12/80 - (pack of 20)41.90 Euro / 2.10 Euro per piece
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 12/100 - (pack of 20)47.90 euros / 2.40 euros each
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 12/160 - (pack of 10)28, 90 Euro / 2, 89 Euro each
fischer anchor bolt FAZ II 12/200 - (pack of 10)35.90 euros / 3.59 euros each

You can see that the prices of brand quality and no-name are not that different. Surprisingly, a brand manufacturer can offer prices similar to those offered by more unknown manufacturers. This makes the risk of inferior connection through heavy duty dowels or heavy duty anchors by inferior goods basically unnecessary.


Expert advice should always precede the choice of a heavy-duty dowel. It is important to know:

1. In which material should the fastening be inserted "> Tips for quick readers

  • Inform about the material of the wall - Heavy duty dowels in cavity or wooden walls make no sense
  • Pay attention to brand quality
  • Accurately calculate the applied tensile and shear forces
  • Use the same heavy-duty anchors and heavy-duty dowels as possible - this generates volume discounts
  • When drilling, immediately absorb the dust
  • Outdoor use of galvanized heavy duty anchors - Prevents corrosion.
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