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Shoe size chart - foot length and international shoe sizes

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Has that happened to you? "> When buying shoes, the right shoe size should be the deciding factor - uncomfortable treadles or slippers that are too big nobody can suffer and they are not healthy.

Too big shoes will cause you to alter and affect your gait. The joints are then loaded incorrectly. In the worst case, this can cause the forefoot to stiffen.

Too tight and too short shoes, the consequences are almost more serious. The shorter the shoe, the more limited the toes. Especially the big toe often suffers a misalignment. Hallux Valgus is known for its slanting position, which mainly affects women with a preference for high-heeled shoes. The toe is pushed through the tight shoe to the inside, while the bale bulges outward. In extreme cases, this malposition can lead to painful inflammation.

But especially at a young age, when the feet are still growing and easily malleable, such misalignments are to be avoided immediately. Often parents are not at fault. Confusing shoe details and sizes make shoe shopping a challenge.

Measure foot length

The foot length serves as a starting point for the size of the shoes. Measure the foot from the outermost point of the heel to the extreme point of the big toe. To get the exact numbers, we recommend the following: Place both feet on a piece of paper and draw the outline with a pencil. Now measure the distance between heel and big toe. If you get two different values, take the larger value as a guideline.

Now add 1.5 cm of addition - this value is the known thumb air that the shoe should have in front.

Now, pick one of our three size charts, depending on whether you want to compare shoe sizes for kids, women or men. Look for your foot length, including the 1.5 cm addition, and you get all internationally popular sizes.

Size charts for shoes

International shoe sizes, whether European, American, English or Japanese, are based on different calculation principles. Shoemakers often develop their own systems, making it difficult to make a general listing of shoe sizes. The following overviews are therefore to be regarded as guidelines.

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Shoe size chart for toddlers and children

Above all, make sure that your children wear the correct shoe size - the growing feet need space, but still hold. So be sure to spend a little more time buying shoes with your kids. Trained specialist staff will certainly advise you on your purchase. Likewise, the shoes should be worn in the store for a few minutes of your children - often have children have difficulties to assess the wearing experience and therefore require a little more time.

foot length in cmDE / EUUnited StatesEnglandRussiaJapan
9.5 - 10.01613.55-
10.1 - 10.317246-
10.4 - 11.0182.54.57.5-
11.1 - 11.6193.54.58th12
11.7 - 12.3204.55.5913
12.4 - 13.021561013.5
13.1 - 13.722671114
13.8 - 14.3236.57.51214.5
14.4 - 14.9247.5-1315
15.0 - 15.5258.5-1415.5
15.6 - 16.2269.591516
16.3 - 16.82710.5101616.5
16.9 - 17.42811.5111717
17, 5 - 18, 1291211.51817.5
18.2 - 18.73012.5121918
18.8 - 19.4311312.519.518.5
19.5 - 20.1321132019
20.2 - 20.733212119.5
20.8 - 21.434322220
21.5 - 22.135432320.5

Shoe size chart for women

The feet are the body part, which is what we use the most - choosing the right shoes is even more important. Predominantly women have foot problems and even malpositions when wearing too tight or too high heels. Give your feet a break from time to time!

foot length in cmDE / EUUnited StatesEnglandRussiaJapan
21.7 - 22.33552.53521
22.4 - 23.03663.535-3622.5
23.1 - 23.6376.543623
23.7 - 24.3387.553724
24.4 - 25.0398.563825
25.1 - 25.74096.53925.5
25.8 - 26.441107.54026.5
26.5 - 27.04210.58th4127
27.1 - 27.74311.594228

Shoe size chart for men

Gentlemen, on the other hand, often wear loose-fitting shoes that neither squeeze nor squeeze the foot. That should not be at best, but too much space in the shoe causes almost the same as too little. The toes slide forward in the shoe and hit the same, if not more. In the most serious case, this can also lead to a bent toe.

foot length in cmDE / EUUnited StatesEnglandRussiaJapan
23.7 - 24.339763825
24.4 - 25.0407.56.53925.5
25.1 - 25.7418.57.54026.5
25.8 - 26.44298th4127
26.5 - 27.0431094228
27.1 - 27.74410.59.54328.5
27.8 - 28.34511.510.54429.5
28.4 - 29.046121144.530.5
29.1 - 29.74713124632
29.8 - 30.34813.512.547-
30.4 - 31.04914.513.54833
31.1 - 31.65015144934

Have you bought and worn the wrong shoe size for years? "> Would you like to print out the size charts and always have them at hand? Click here to download the PDF: Click here: To download the shoe size table

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