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Crochet snowman in Amigurumi style - free guide

  • Material and preparation
  • Häkelanleitung
    • 1st head
    • 2. Body
    • 3. arms
    • 4. nose
    • 5. scarf
    • 6. hat
    • 7. Sew together
    • 8. Completion

Crochet is a wonderfully versatile technique that can be used to make an incredible number of different things. This tutorial is about making a cute snowman in the style of Amigurumi. It's basically a very simple procedure. They crochet a body with a head, then the items like arms, hat etc. and sew them to the stuffed torso at the end.

Amigurumi is originally a Japanese art, which is about the production of small figures in the size range up to about 15 cm. The objects can be realistic animals, food or objects. But the imagination knows no bounds. Once you understand the basic principle of Amigurumi, you can be creative. Dolls, fantasy creatures, fairy tale characters - everything you can imagine is possible.

This guide is about crocheting a snowman. He is cute and decorates the wintery apartment. The production is quite fast, even if you should not be a professional croaker. In this tutorial, you will learn from scratch how to crochet the head and body of an Amigurumi being in turns in one piece. In the extremities, the procedure is usually very similar for different animals after Amigurumi. The other accessories may vary more in the style. As an example of small details, this guide includes a hat and a carrot nose.

Material and preparation

Material for a snowman

  • Crochet hook (3.5 mm)
  • Crochet yarn (100% cotton, 50 g / 125 m) in white, orange, light blue and dark red
  • wool needle
  • fiberfill
  • 2 Amigurumi eyes (8 mm diameter)
  • white sewing thread
  • 3 short pins with big, blue head

When choosing the material, you can vary quite freely. For the sake of recognition, the snowman should be kept in white and the carrot nose in orange. But whether you choose cotton that makes the surface rather smooth, or a synthetic fiber that looks a little fluffier, is a matter of taste. Hat and scarf, as well as the pin buttons for your snowman, you can, for example, in your personal favorite color work.

Knowledge for a snowman

  • stitches
  • thread ring
  • Fixed stitches
  • rod
  • Increase mesh
  • Remove stitches


1st head

Round 1-5

Start the head of your snowman with a white threadring made of 6 strong stitches. Close the ring by crocheting 2 strong stitches in the first stitch of the thread ring. All 6 stitches are now doubled, giving you 12 stitches at the end of the second round. In the 3rd round every 2nd stitch is doubled, resulting in a total of 18 stitches. Likewise, in the 4th round, crochet 2 stitches out of every 3rd stitch. Finally, in the 5th round, every 4th stitch is doubled. Now you should have 30 stitches in a round.

Tip: Mark the beginning of the round with a different colored wool thread or a safety pin.

Round 6-10

Now crochet a sturdy stitch into each stitch of the preliminary round for 5 rounds. So it stays at 30 stitches in total.

Round 11-12

In the 11th round you lose: Crochet each 2nd and 3rd stitch together in a tight stitch. This means that you crochet a tight stitch in the first stitch as normal. Then take the thread through the second stitch and then directly through the third stitch. Now crochet all three stitches that are now on the needle together. In the 12th round, every 3rd & 4th stitch will be crocheted together. At the end of Round 12, you should have 15 stitches in a round. It goes now directly with the body.

2. Body

Round 1-5

They are now at the transition from the head to the body. To get a nice, round snowman body, you have to increase again. Double in the 1st round every 3rd of the 15 stitches. In the second round you double every 2nd stitch. Attention: In the 3rd stitch only every 5th stitch is doubled. At the end of this round you have 36 stitches in a round. Then every 6th stitch is doubled, in the 5th round every 7th stitch.

Fill the head

At this point, take the filling cotton to hand. Stuff your head with it. Take enough cotton to keep your head in shape, but not too hard.

Round 6-15

For the next 10 rounds, crochet a single crochet in each of the 48 stitches. The body now grows significantly in length.

Round 16-20

Now is the time to close the body of the snowman. For this you crochet every 7th and 8th stitch together in the 16th round, every 6th and 7th in the following round, then every 5th and 6th, every 4th and 5th and finally in the 20th round each 3rd and 4th stitches.

Fill and round 21-22

Fill now also the body with the filling cotton. In the 21st round crochet every 2nd and 3rd stitch together. In the last round, every 1st and 2nd stitch are combined. To close the still visible hole, cut off the working thread generously. Thread it with the wool needle in each case from outside to inside through the outer mesh member of all 6 stitches. Tighten the thread and insert the needle into the center of the barely visible opening in the middle. Pull the needle out of the side of the body, pulling the slight curvature of the opening inwards. Take the needle back through the same hole back to the opening and sew the thread there.

3. arms

They continue to use the white yarn. The arms start again with a thread ring with 6 fixed stitches. In the second round you double each stitch. Then crochet a sturdy stitch into each of the 12 stitches for 2 rounds. In the 5th round, crochet each 1st and 2nd stitch together. This is followed by 5 rounds in which you crochet a stitch into each of the 6 stitches. Then the first arm is ready. Repeat the instructions for the second arm as well.

4. nose

Very traditionally, our snowman gets a carrot nose. For this you use the orange yarn. Make a thread ring with 6 fixed stitches. Continue for 2 rounds with 6 fixed stitches per round. Now summarize every 1st and 2nd stitch. The nose becomes more and more pointed. Grasp the stitches together for as long as you can. Cut the thread at the end and pull it with the wool needle into the inside of the carrot.

5. scarf

Since such a snowman often has to stand in the cold for a long time, he gets a warming scarf around his neck. Depending on your taste, this may differ from the instructions and may be longer, shorter, wider or narrower. We use the light blue yarn for this. For a sound length, as shown in the example, crochet a chain of stitches with 45 stitches. In the second row, 45 crochet stitches are crocheted - one per air stitch. If the scarf is not wide enough for you, you can crochet more rows.

6. hat

For the hat, use the dark red wool. Again, start with a thread ring with 6 fixed stitches. In the second round each stitch is doubled, in the 3rd round every 2nd stitch and in the 4th round every third stitch is doubled. So you get 24 stitches in a round. In the 5th round, crochet a stitch in each stitch. Since this is to be the edge of the hat, you only stab through the inner mesh. So the edge settles later more clearly.

This is followed by 5 rounds, in which stitches are crocheted by stitches. Close the last round with a slit stitch and start the new round with 3 stitches. In the next stitch comes a stick. Pierce here only through the outer mesh member. So you get a nice edge to the hat brim. Continue this round with one stick at a time into the outer stitch of the loop from the preliminary round.

Finish this round with a chain stitch in the 3rd Air Mesh from the beginning of the round. The last round starts again with 3 air meshes. Crochet 2 sticks in the following stitch. The next stitch gets a chopsticks, the next but one again 2. Continue this change of one and two sticks over the whole round. Close again with a chain stitch in the 3rd stitch of the meshes from the beginning of the round. Cut the thread and pull it through the chain stitch.

7. Sew together

First, the eyes are attached to the head. To do this, use a thin, white sewing thread. Put the eyes approximately on the line between the upper third and the lower two-thirds of the head. The eyes should be 3 mesh apart from each other.

Now the nose comes in the middle between the eyes with about a row distance. Use the wool needle and the protruding initial thread of the carrot to sew on. 2 to 3 targeted stitches are enough to tighten the nose. Knot the thread invisibly on the nasal base.

Make the hat with the same yarn from which you crocheted it. 4 stitches are enough along the Hutsaums. The hat has a mischievous effect if it is sewn on at the side with a slight offset.

Tie the scarf around the neck with a simple knot.

Thread the white crochet thread into the wool needle for the arms. Close the top opening of the arms with 2 to 3 stitches. Sew the arm about 3 rows below the neck on the side of the snowman. Depending on how you set the stitches exactly, the arm looks straight down or slightly forward towards the abdomen.

8. Completion

Lastly, put the pins in a row like the buttons on a coat on the front of the body. To make the snowman stand well, push his bottom slightly inwards. Now your Amigurumi is ready!

Tip: Do not over-stuff the snowman so that it can be shaped better for a firm footing.

As already mentioned, Amigurumi has no limits. This tutorial only contains suggestions on how to make a snowman. It would also be conceivable, for example, to crochet a small hat instead of a hat. When filling you can choose between viscose and polyester. Some manual workers collect wool remnants and stuff their amigurumis with them.

Depending on who you crochet the snowman, you may even have to deviate from the instructions. If it is intended for a child, the pins should necessarily be replaced by small buttons or embroidered with yarn. Even the eyes can be embroidered. Alternatively, there are also plug-in eyes that hold very well. However, you must attach them before you stuff your head.

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