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Snowman make great materials - with template

  • Variant 1: snowman from cups
  • Variant 2: Snowmen from napkins
  • Variant 3: Snowman made of pompoms
  • Variant 4: Snowmen made of socks

Winter time is snowman time. The traditional symbols of the coldest season may not be missing in the Advent weeks and also for Christmas. We've collected some great ideas on how to make snowmen with a variety of materials. Whether from cups, construction paper, napkins, cotton wool or wood - each of our five snowmen is easy to produce and a beautiful decoration element!

There is no snow outside, so it is not possible to build a real snowman on your doorstep, in the window or in the garden. "> Variant 1: Snowman out of cups

Our first snowman is very creative and can also be illuminated. His body consists of many plastic or paper cups, which should of course be kept in white, to achieve an authentic result.

You need this:

  • 450 white plastic cups
  • stapler
  • scarf
  • Construction paper: black, orange
  • compasses
  • scissors
  • if necessary, fairy lights
  • hot glue

Step 1: The beginning is a bit more difficult. You should try the tacker technique on some cups in advance. The cups should be stapled together in the rear area. If you staple too far forward it may be that the cups break. For the first location we have about 28 cups

Note: Hold the cups flat on the table / floor with the other hand so that the circle becomes even.

2nd step: The other layers are also tacked together. Be sure to staple the plastic cups once at the bottom and once at the side. You should also press the cups down slightly inside to make the hemisphere. The first hemisphere consumes about 140 cups in this size.

Step 3: Now create a second hemisphere the same size as the first (use 28 cups as a base). However, do not completely close the upper part of this ball because the snowman stands on it and the light can be drawn in here.

The first ball consumes about 260 cups in this size.

4th step: The ball that will serve as the head should be slightly smaller. Therefore, use as a base about 20 cups. To join these into a circle, use hot glue. Now you form a ball out of the cups again. We have not completely closed the head at the lower part again, so that he holds better on the trunk.
For the head are about 150 cups Plan but rather a few more cups.

Step 5: Before you stick your head on the hull, think about whether you want to illuminate your snowman. Best suited for this are no LED fairy lights. Pull them through the fuselage into your head. If necessary, secure with hot glue.

Step 6: Once the lights are in place you can then glue your head to the fuselage. Again, it's best to use hot glue. Use it sparingly, as the glue can break the cups.

Step 7: Now it's time to decorate the snowman. Make an orange nose. We will gladly provide you with a corresponding craft sample . From black cardboard, you can now tinker the eyes and buttons and attach to the snowman with hot glue.

8th step: For the scarf, check your wardrobe, if there is not an old scarf or a cloth, which can be used for it. For the hat or the cap there are also different possibilities. We made a cylinder from old cardboard. For this purpose, we cut out a large circle and then sprayed with gold paint. For the upper part of the hat, we again use a piece of cardboard to make a cylinder and sprinkle it with gold varnish. To add some accents the hat is still decorated with wool.

Variant 2: Snowmen from napkins

With napkins you can do all sorts of things. In addition to chic roses succeed from the extremely inexpensive material also worth seeing snowmen who make a good figure as decorative elements.

You need this:

  • white napkins
  • colorful napkins
  • duct tape
  • double-sided tape
  • colorful string or colored yarn
  • Wackelaugen
  • Pipe cleaners Ball
  • scissors

How to proceed:

Step 1: Spread or unfold a white napkin so that you see four squares in front of you.

Step 2: Do the same with a second white napkin.

Step 3: Cut off a quarter - a square - of this second napkin.

Step 4: Gather the cut piece and place it on the spread napkin.

Step 5: Place the big napkin around the crumpled piece. The intermediate result is a bit reminiscent of a ghost. In any case, the small crumpled element should represent the head of the snowman.

Step 6: Now crumble the rest - the three quarters - of the cut napkin together and put the piece under the head in the other napkin.

Step 7: Form the "right" napkin around the two napkin balls so that it looks like a head and a (thicker) body.

Step 8: Glue the napkin under the snowman body together with normal tape.

Step 9: Cut a long and approximately two-centimeter-wide strip from a colored napkin of your choice.

Step 10: Gently tie this strip around the "neck" of the snowman. Caution: Do not pull too hard, otherwise the napkin will tear.

Step 11: Cut off a thin strip of double-sided tape and glue it to the snowman's head.

Step 12: Cut another quarter of a spread, colored napkin and glue the piece around the snowman's head like a cap. Use the double-sided adhesive tape from step 11 for attachment.

Step 13: Pick up a thin, matching color string and tie it to the "cap" of the snowman.

Step 14: Remove a piece of the protruding cap part with scissors.

Step 15: Glue sweet snowy eyes and a nose to the snowman. If you want, you can also give him a cute mouth. Finished!

Variant 3: Snowman made of pompoms

A pompom snowman is a very easy way to build a cute little snowman.

Required material:

  • white wool
  • small piece of cardboard
  • Buttons (in the craft shop)
  • Pipe cleaners (craft shop)
  • glue
  • Wiggle eyes and a pin (red)

Step 1: Create two pompoms You will find detailed instructions in our article "Making Bommel Yourself" . You need a bigger and a smaller pompom. Please keep in mind that the cords should be a bit longer. Tie the two pompoms together using the cords. This creates the body of the snowman.

Step 2: Connecting the snowman is designed according to your wishes. For this you take a piece of pipe cleaner, which is offered in craft shops in different colors, and turn it into the shape of ear warmers. Put it on the snowman. Then attach the buttons and the wiggle eyes with hot glue. The pin will use as a nose.

Step 3: So that the snowman does not freeze, tie a scarf over him. This can consist of gift ribbon, a small piece of cloth or other strings.

Variant 4: Snowmen made of socks

From old or new socks you can tinker pretty little snowmen. There are many possibilities in the design. We opted for snowman with colored caps. But you can also put the little snowman on a white cap, so you consume only one sock.

You need this:

  • White socks
  • possibly colored socks
  • line
  • Rice for filling
  • Buttons, pins
  • Scissors and glue

Step 1: Depending on how big your snowman is going to be, cut off the top of the sock at the point. You can also cut the sock only after filling.

Step 2: Fill the sock with dry rice and tie the sock to the top with a piece of string.

Step 3: Now shape your head and body and then fix this with a string. To cover the string, a scarf (piece of cloth) or a cloth can be bound. Your imagination knows no bounds here.

4th step: Now it's time for the headgear. We show you 2 different variants.

In Variant 1, simply invert the rest of the filled sock and make a cap out of it. We decorated you with a pompom. Whether you stick the Bommel on or sew it on is up to you. Here you will find a detailed guide to pomping yourself

For variant 2 you need a colored sock. These cut into two parts at about the heel. The upper part serves as a cap. Tie the upper end back together with Schur and then cut it to size.

Step 5: Give your snowman a character. For this you can stick different buttons on the stomach. You also have different options for the face. Either you use pins as eyes and nose or you buy yourself in the craft store Wackelaugen. These stick to the face.

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