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Make Snowglobe - 2 great ideas to make your own

  • Snow globe in glass DIY
    • material
    • Instructions - that's how it works
    • Tips for decoration
  • Tinker mini snow globe made of EOS lip care
    • material
    • Instructions - that's how it works
    • Instructional Video

A snow globe tells a little fairy tale that will delight both children and adults. At the time of Advent, the glittering gems are wonderful gifts, but also in any other season can conjure up a suitable motive. With our two simple instructions, you can make your very own snow globe in just a few steps. The cover of a simple lip care stick forms the basis for an original mini snow globe to take along, while you only need a simple screw jar to retouch a real classic.

Snow globe in glass DIY

With a pretty jam jar you can create a snow globe that offers a wide range of design options - whether you want to insert a figure or give the small artwork with a photo a personal touch, is entirely up to your creativity.

  • Difficulty: Easy - good for children too
  • Time required: a maximum of one hour
  • Material costs: under 10 Euro - since you already have most of them


You will need this:

  • Jam jar (or similar) as "snow globe"
  • laminated photo or figure for interior decoration of the ball
  • different types of scattered glitter (color matching)
  • Artificial snow
  • distilled water (amount depending on the size of your glass)
  • a drop of detergent or glycerin
  • optional: floral freshener
  • Alleskleber
  • Decoration material

Notes on the materials:

  • All figures should be made of plastic to look beautiful in the snowglobe for as long as possible.
  • You should also make sure that your figure fits perfectly in the glass. Of course, she must not be too big - but above all not too small! So put them in advance on the turned lid and put the glass over it. If the figure looks nice in the middle, it's the right one.
  • Who wants to use a photo, this should cut in advance in advance - in terms of size, the same applies as in the figures.
  • Then, of course, the picture has to be laminated to withstand the water. Proceed as usual. Particularly beautiful are photos with "ergonomic" contours - so you cut along the body shapes and not in the conventional square format.
  • To remove labels from the glass clean, first clean it with detergent. Remove any residues of glue with the help of some oil.

Instructions - that's how it works

Step 1: First, cover the inside of your lid with a thin layer of glue. On this sprinkle glitter and everything that you want to decorate the future floor of your snow globe.

Important: Leave a good centimeter to the edge, so that you can screw on the glass later.

Step 2: Glue your figure in the midst of this glittering environment - with the underside! - firmly. Also the laminated photo keeps up well this way. Use only a thicker strip of glue. Alternatively, you could glue in a small socket and attach the photo to it. Attention, even the photo is glued to the side that will show down later.

Tip: You can simply cover unsightly adhesive edges by sprinkling a layer of artificial snow or glitter over them again. It also creates the illusion that your figure or photo would be deep in the snow.

Step 3: Let the lid so well dry! Since water is added later, the adhesive must first be fully cured!

Step 4: In the meantime, prepare your glass. Fill it with all the snow and glitter particles that are to spin around in the snow globe. For larger glasses, take something more for an intense effect.

Step 5: Now add the water. To the screw edge leave about a centimeter distance. So that your snowdrift really trickles down to the bottom and does not float on the water surface, then add a drop of detergent or glycerin.

Tip: If you want to create a particularly long-lasting snow globe, provide with some flower freshener against any bacterial growth.

Step 6: Now you provide the screw rim with a medium-thick layer of glue - neither too thin nor too much that it could swell out after screwing.

Step 7: Put the glued lid into the water glass and then turn it tight. Attention: Do not turn back yet. Leave the glass with the lid facing up until the glue has completely hardened.

Tip: If some glue swells out from under the lid, carefully scrape it away with a knife - but only when it has become completely hard, otherwise there will be an ugly graffiti.

Step 8: Almost done, only a little decoration is missing! Let your imagination run wild.

Tips for decoration

Glue the metal lid with the appropriate washi tape. Alternatively, you could soak a napkin with craft glue and stroke it on the lid. (Pay attention to nicely clean margins!) Even glue with glitter can give a nice effect on the visible lid edges

Around the neck of the glass you can tie a pretty ribbon from gift ribbon, as well as Christmas motifs, small cones, acorns or similar can look pretty. Even candy canes in mini format would be an imaginative addition: just drape on the bow.

Also on the glass can be created with Washi Tape cute decorations. A border at the bottom and at the top looks very noble. The glass itself can be glued with rhinestones. For a particularly wintry impression, apply a bit of glue to the top of the top of the glass and sprinkle a thicker layer of artificial snow over it.

Tinker mini snow globe made of EOS lip care

The ball-shaped EOS lipbalm is one of the real cult pieces. Once used up, it is suitable for many creative crafting ideas - including a portable snow globe in a cute mini format.

  • Difficulty: easy, but children should seek help from an adult as much is cut with the cutter
  • Time required: a maximum of one hour
  • Material costs: between 10 and 15 euros

Tip: An EOS is not quite cheap with around 6 Euro regular price (for a lip care) - so you better first of all calm down the for your lips, before it goes to the snow globe. Alternatively, ask your female circle of acquaintances if anyone has an almost empty shell.


You will need this:

  • an EOS lipbalm (available in all major drugstores)
  • 1/8 l of distilled water
  • Hot glue gun (possibly with glittering glue)
  • cutter
  • small figure of your choice *
  • Artificial snow
  • Glitter
  • a drop of detergent or better: glycerin
  • a spool of washi tape or ordinary tape (it's about the plastic spool, not its s)

* Test in advance whether your desired figure brings the right size for your project: Put it upside down in the EOS lid and make sure that it does not protrude beyond the inner transparent plastic dome.

Instructions - that's how it works

Step 1: First, equip your worktop with a suitable base. This should not be deformed by the hot glue and again easily removable from it. For example, an ordinary transparent film works perfectly.

Step 2: Then disassemble your EOS case: The small Kugle actually contains four elements. In addition to the lid, there would be the transparent inner dome - with their detachment continues in step 5 - and the interstitial and the spherical bottom.

3rd step: First it's the grid's turn. Place it in front of you on the surface - the side with the higher edge points upwards.

Step 4: Hold the grid firmly and fill it up to the top with hot glue. (Yes, it may and should even flow through the welts.)

Important: Make sure that all areas are well covered with the hot glue. If necessary, gently shake the grid so that the mass spreads better.

5th step: Now it's time to remove the transparent inner lid. Surprisingly, this is one of the hardest steps, because the small plastic dome is very firmly fixed inside the lid.

Tips for dissolving:

  • Try to gradually pry the dome out of the lid with a rounded knife. However, you do not need a sharp knife because it could scratch the dome.
  • If the process proves to be persistent, insert a staple on one side between the dome and the lid and relocate the lever technique from the opposite side.
  • Do not despair: Sooner or later, the dome can be removed in any case - it is only stronger in some products than in others.

Step 6: Once the dome is freed, it will move on with it. Use your cutter to cut the upturned outer edge.

Attention: Leave a remainder of the lower edge - this represents the future adhesive surface. Only the part that is pointing upwards should be removed if the dome is placed with the curve upwards.

Step 7: Is the hot glue in the grid already dry ">

Tip: To taste, you could also sprinkle some glitter or snow.

Step 8: Add your figure as long as your glue is still hot and fluid.

Tip: Pay attention to the direction: the grid forms the floor. Everything that has feet should therefore be glued to them.

Step 9: Place the dome upside down in your bobbin washi tape or tape.

Step 10: Pour approximately 1 to 2 millimeters under the water edge into the dome. Add one drop of dish soap or glycerin.

Tip: Detergent or glycerin ensure that the snow trickles down later. Otherwise, there is a risk that he tends to rise higher.

Step 11: Finally complete your artificial snow. The amount is up to your personal preferences. Basically, but already enough a teaspoon tip. Finally, the amount of water is also tiny.

Step 12: The small protruding edge of the dome should then be completely covered with a strip of hot glue.

Step 13: Now place the grid connected to your figure upside down in the dome and squeeze both together. Be sure to allow the construct to dry in this position for a few minutes before turning it over.

Step 14: If there is glue on the edges, remove it in the dried state with the help of your cutter. However, do not cut too deeply into the adhesive seam - otherwise the water may run out again!

Step 15: Put the EOS back together and a great little surprise is ready.

Instructional Video

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