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Crochet snowflakes - crochet instructions to snowflake

  • Material and preparation
  • Instructions - Crochet the snowflake

Crochet your versatile and beautiful winter decoration quickly and easily. These fast-made snowflakes can also be used as an atmospheric Advent decoration or as a pendant for the gifts of your loved ones. Or use it as a small, pretty gift for an invitation. Create a lot of little snowflakes and let your creativity, in terms of form, run free. Create your own individual winter decoration. Decorate your home with the small, enchanting ice crystals or decorate yourself with homemade gifts or even your Christmas tree.

Snowflakes are the perfect Christmas decoration!

Crochet snowflakes yourself. You use air meshes, fixed meshes and rods. With white crochet yarn, yarn or white wool can be imitated quickly these small structures. Within a short time, you can make some of these little snow crystals.

Material and preparation

For a snowflake you need:

  • Crochet yarn in white (for example wool Rödel 100% cotton mercerised, 280 m, 50 g)
  • Crochet hook thickness 2.0 mm
  • scissors
  • possibly darning needle for sewing the thread ends

Crocheting techniques for the snowflake:

  • strong stitches
  • stitches
  • slip stitch
  • thread ring

Instructions - Crochet the snowflake

1st round: At the beginning crochet 12 stitches into the thread ring. Close the round with a chain stitch in your first crocheted loop of the thread ring. There are now 12 stitches on your crochet. Now pull on the thread end to pull the thread ring together.

2nd round: Start this round with a tight stitch, then follow three air stitches and then crochet a tight stitch in the third stitch of the string. Then work three air stitches again and then crochet a sturdy stitch into the fifth stitch of the thread ring. Overlap one stitch of the previous row with the three air stitches. Repeat this until the end of the round, close this round again with a chain stitch.

3rd round: Now pierce with the crochet hook under the previous air-mesh arch and then work two air-stitches as a chopstick substitute. Then crochet two more chopsticks in there and then chop them together. Then crochet five air stitches. Also repeat the sequence again until the end of the round. At the end, finish the round with a slit stitch.

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4th round: crochet a sturdy stitch into place just where the chain stitch was crocheted. Then seven air stitches and again a fixed stitch in the previous or first fixed stitch. Now work a tight stitch in the same stitch from now on, then ten meshes and again a tight stitch in the previous tight stitch. Again, a single crochet and then seven meshes and again a solid stitch in the previously crocheted pigtail.

Now crochet two loops of air, crochet a sturdy stitch into the third center stitch of the preliminary round bow and then work 12 stitches and then crochet another set of stitches into the crochet loop.

Then crochet two loops, leave two stitches free and work a tight stitch in the third.

From here repeat all previous steps until the end of the round.

Tip: If necessary, stretch with needles and strengthen with spray starch (for example, with a spray of spray) or spread with a glue-water mixture to give the crocheted snowflake even more stability. Alternatively, you can use the iron to iron over your crocheted snowflakes to soften or shape them.

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