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Remove bad odors - good odor neutralizers

  • Bad smells - emergence
  • root cause analysis
  • Vinegar with unpleasant odors
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  • Neutralize odor in the household
    • Remove odor from cabinets
    • Onion and garlic scent
    • Dishwasher and washing machine
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In every household, bad odors are sometimes noticeable. The kitchen cabinets smell musty, from the fridge an indefinable smell, food scents waft through the whole apartment. Which odor neutralizing agents can be used to fight off unpleasant fragrances ">

If it smells bad in the home, cupboards, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher, it can have very different causes. To remove bad odors, first find out what is causing the stink. Only then it is worthwhile to start with the elimination of the smell. It is not necessary to resort to chemical agents. Many eco-friendly home remedies that you have in your home anyway are proven odor neutralizers. From vinegar to sodium salt to lemon and coffee, the palette is enough. Which home remedy is suitable for which application?

Bad smells - emergence

Basically, it can be said that almost all odors are triggered by moisture. Things that are completely dry do not smell. Odor elimination, therefore, is about getting an object, cabinet, or room as dry as possible to neutralize odors. That's why almost all odor killers work by absorbing moisture. One exception is vinegar and citric acid, which primarily disinfect and eliminate odor causing bacteria and germs.

Effective home remedies for removing odors:

  • vinegar
  • sodium salt
  • Coffee beans / coffee powder
  • salt
  • Flour
  • citric acid

Tip: Commercially available room sprays do not neutralize unpleasant odors, but simply mask them. If you want to permanently remedy, look for the causes and use agents that really neutralize.

root cause analysis

If it smells bad in the fridge, it is likely that spoiled food is responsible for it. Prevent it by checking the s of the refrigerator regularly. You should also clean it more often. Dishwashers and washing machines emit unwanted odors caused by bacteria and detergent residues. Moisture is the trigger for unpleasant odors in closets and clothing.

Look for the causes, because otherwise the fight against the stench will be in vain or at best only short-lived.

Tip: When cleaning household appliances, do not forget the rubber seals. In the washing machine, the lint filter must also be taken out regularly and washed off.

Vinegar with unpleasant odors

Even the grandmothers did not only appreciate vinegar as a seasoning. They also handled blunt pots and appliances. Most of all, vinegar has been used to neutralize bad odors almost always and everywhere. Should cabbage or fish come to the table for lunch, a second pot of vinegar water would boil on the second griddle. The odors produced by the food were so well neutralized that the apartment did not smell like cabbage soup or fried fish after the meal. Vinegar is still a good odor neutralizer, which is also harmless and inexpensive. Not for nothing it is contained in many detergents.

Vinegar has a disinfecting effect and helps against odors because it eliminates the odor-causing bacteria. When used, it does not matter if the vinegar is warmed or used cold. Warmed vinegar works only a little faster than cold vinegar, which has a longer duration of action.

Mix vinegar with water. A mixing ratio of 1: 10 with vinegar essence is almost always enough. Use household vinegar, add more vinegar to the water. Once the vinegar smell has disappeared, it has also neutralized the other odors. Mostly an application, only with very strong odor nuisance you should repeat the process after a few hours.

Tip: It does not matter if you use apple cider vinegar, cider vinegar, vinegar vinegar or vinegar essence. All products are suitable for odor removal. Most fertile and therefore cheapest is vinegar essence.

Vinegar eliminates odors and cleanses

Natron - Neutralize odors

Sodium, actually sodium bicarbonate, is sodium salt, which is available in almost every household anyway, because it is also available in the form of baking soda or Bullrich salt. It can be used not only for personal care and cleaning of the household, but is also an environmentally friendly, fast-acting odor neutralizer. Sodium salt is either spread as a powder or diluted with water. It absorbs moisture and thereby eliminates the unwanted scent. Soda powder is available in small and large packs for little money. If you like cleaning and washing clothes in an environmentally friendly way, it is worth having a large pack in the house.

Neutralize odor in the household

There are many different ways to get moldy odors from closets, clothes and washing machines. Here are tips on which methods are best for:

  • living rooms
  • Kitchen, kitchen cabinets, dishwashers
  • Hands (onion or garlic smell)
  • Washing machines, laundry
  • Cushions, pillows, cuddly toys
  • carpeting

If it smells bad in the apartment, because someone has smoked or the cat has done their business, of course helps as the first measure the airing. Ventilation will wick moisture out of the room, neutralizing odors as well. Open the windows, then most of the rumors disappear by themselves.

If unpleasant odors have settled, pour vinegar into small bowls and place them in corners of the room. It only takes a short time until the room smells fresh again.

Tip: Make sure you have a draft when airing. Then the apartment becomes odor-free faster.

Remove odor from cabinets

Kitchen cabinets and wardrobes often smell moldy. The reason is wetness, which is caused by cooking or not quite dried clothes. To remove the odor, you need to dry the s. Pour coffee powder or soda salt into a bowl and place in a corner. The powder absorbs the moisture and thus neutralises the odor.

Smells the clothes musty, when it comes out of the washing machine, the machine needs a cleaning. In addition, it makes sense to add a dash of vinegar to the washing program instead of softener. The vinegar has a disinfecting effect and lets the laundry smell fresh. She is afraid that she will take a vinegar smell after this treatment. The typical vinegar scent evaporates immediately.

Tip: Wardrobes have also proven to hide small bags of herbs between the sweaters, bed linen or other clothing. Especially lavender is well suited. The essential oils have a disinfecting effect and also give off a very pleasant fragrance.

Onion and garlic scent

Also, avoid cutting onions and garlic for food because your hands will smell bad for hours afterwards ">

Tip: The treatment with lemon or salt also helps if your hands smell unpleasant after wearing rubber gloves.

Dishwasher and washing machine

If the machine has a musty odor, first clean all seals. Add citric acid or soda powder and let it pass once without s.

Pillows and cuddly toys

Loved cuddly animals and frequently used pillows often smell very severe. They rarely wash. To neutralize the odors, spray the tops with vinegar solution or diluted softener and let the pillows and soft toys dry in the fresh air. They smell like new afterwards.

Remove smell from books

Books quickly absorb the smell of cigarette smoke. Not only do they turn very yellow, they also smell so unpleasant that the fun of reading passes quickly. But bad-smelling books are easy to treat. As is often the case, home remedies help here: coffee, tea, flour or rice. All of these remedies absorb moisture and thus the resulting odors. Put the book in a paper bag and place it in a tin can. Alternatively, also goes a freezer bag. Pour loose coffee powder, tea loose or in the bag, some flour or rice. Seal can or bag airtight. Store the book in a dry place for several days. Afterwards, there is no sign of any unpleasant odors. Incidentally, this odor neutralization also works very well with soda.

Remove odor from carpets

Carpets have to endure a lot. They enter with street shoes, the pets roll on it and often spill food and liquids down. A carpet can therefore quickly smell very unpleasant. But you do not have to go straight to the drugstore to borrow a shampooing machine. Simply sprinkle soda powder on the affected areas. Let the powder dry well. Then vacuum it again with the vacuum cleaner and at the same time remove any unpleasant odors.

Tip: In contrast to the treatment with carpet shampoo, you can commit the carpet immediately after vacuuming.

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