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Crochet Snake - Free Amgiurumi Guide

  • Material and preparation
  • Crochet snake
    • The tail tip
    • The body
    • The head
    • The face

Snakes are slippery, poisonous and biting. Basically, they are anything but stuffed animals. That does not apply to our sweet crochet snake! As a cuddly-soft Amigurumi she is the perfect cuddly partner for young and old. She crawls comfortably over the backrest and likes to walk on her shoulders. In the appropriate length, it even serves as a draft stop in front of the room door.

Crocheting a snake as an amigurumi is a great pastime. The head is by far the most complicated part. The rest of the crochet snake can be made comfortably during a good conversation or a thrilling movie. Moreover, it is the perfect crochet project for the remainder utilization. Who says that snakes always have to be green or gray "> Material and preparation

You need for a crochet snake:

  • Crochet yarns with the same run length in different colors
  • Embroidery thread in black
  • matching crochet hook
  • wool needle
  • embroidery needle
  • stuffing

We chose this Amigurumi for the remains of a pure cotton yarn with a length of 50 g on 85 m. In total, six different colors were used. The crochet snake becomes about 60 cm long with the specified material at a diameter of 4 cm.

Prior knowledge:

  • thread ring
  • Fixed stitches
  • stitches
  • Increase and decrease stitches

Crochet snake

The tail tip

They start with their snake at the tail end. Crochet in a color of your choice a thread ring with 6 fixed stitches. Double the number of stitches in the next round. Do this by crocheting 2 sets of stitch in each stitch of the preliminary round. Do 2 more rounds with 12 stitches each.

Tip: Take a piece of thread or a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round.

In the next round, crochet 2 sts in every other stitch. To increase the number of stitches per turn to 18. Then there are another 2 rounds in which you crochet one stitch per stitch.

Now, increase the mesh count one more time by 6. For this, crochet 2 stitches in each third stitch for one round. Crochet 4 more rounds with 24 stitches each.

The body

At this point change to another thread color. Cut the thread of the previous color down to 3 cm. When crocheting a few stitches with the new color, knot the starting thread with the end thread of the previous color. The ends are allowed to survive long. They disappear inside your amigurumi anyway.

In order to make the color transition a bit more interesting, in the first round sting in on every third stitch. Instead of stabbing into the next stitch, put in the appropriate stitch a round before. This is followed by 2 conventional fixed stitches. In a round of 24 stitches you get 8 deeper stitches.

In the remaining 4 rounds crochet normal plain stitches. After a total of 5 turns you always change the color. We alternated six different colors in the same rhythm: light green, orange, beige, dark green, red, gray. You are welcome to use more or less colors. Also, a fixed sequence is not mandatory. Be creative and design your snake the way you like it.

Note: You do not always have to crochet 5 turns in one color. Even a variation with more or fewer laps can look very pretty.

After 40 laps at the latest, remember to stuff the crochet snake. Use your darning material and a pencil or crochet hook to help. Once the body is 50 cm long, you will not get into the tail tip. Therefore, regular replenishment is very important.

The head

Choose your color for the head of the snake. After the usual round with the color transition, the increases begin. It is increased slightly irregular, so that the top of the head remains flat and rests nicely.

For the first round of the head, double every 3 stitches 6 times in a row. Crochet the last 6 stitches normally as simple single stitches. The following two rounds follow a similar scheme: First, double every 6th stitch 6 times. There are 6 stitches left. Then double every 5th stitch. The last 6 stitches of the round are fixed stitches. In total, you count 42 stitches in one turn.

This is followed by 4 rounds in which you crochet a single crochet per stitch of the preliminary round. Now come the decreases. They are based on the same principle as the increases. Crochet every 5th and 6th stitch together 6 times. Crochet the remaining 6 stitches as normal. There follows a round in which you crochet every 4th and 5th stitch 6 times, and another round in which you sum up every 3rd and 4th stitch 6 times. Now you are back at 24 stitches in a round. Crochet a final round with a single stitch per stitch.

For the mouth of the crochet serpent, the remaining opening must now be divided into two. Before crocheting, head out as far as possible. Now make 3 sturdy stitches and then a 6 mesh air chain. At the last fixed stitch count back 12 stitches in the round. Make a tight loop in the 12th stitch. As a result, the chain of meshes spans across the remaining hole.

Crochet the remaining 11 stitches until you arrive at the beginning of the chain stitch. In each air mesh comes a tight mesh. The new little round you receive now only has 18 stitches left. Crochet a total of 7 rounds over these 18 stitches. Then reduce to 12 stitches by grouping every 2nd and 3rd stitch. Crochet 2 stitches together in the last round. Cut off the thread and close the remaining hole with the wool needle. The lower jaw of your snake is now finished.

For the upper jaw, start at the beginning of the lower jaw. Start in the middle of the chain of stitches crocheted at the beginning of the lower jaw. Crochet 3 stitches to the edge. Then follow the 12 stitches of the original round. Close the round with 3 more fixed stitches at the base of the lower jaw. Crochet this top round with 18 stitches 7 times. Close the upper jaw as well as the lower jaw.

The face

Now your snake's face is missing. For the eyes make 2 balls of white yarn. Start each with a thread ring with 6 fixed stitches. Crochet 3 rounds with 6 stitches each. Close the remaining opening to form a small ball.

Sew the balls with the protruding thread on the left and right of the head, just above the snout. For knotting the two end threads, it is advisable to stick out a little further back at the head in the same place. There you can knot both threads tight and push the knot in the head.

Using the black embroidery thread, embroider the crochet snake pupil and eyebrow. For the pupil, pierce the back of the head and center out of the eyeball. From this point, embroider a star with three small rays. Starting from the middle, you now weave the pupil around the three rays. For this you always go over a thread over it and under the next below. Do not pull the thread tight, but use the embroidery needle to make beautiful rounds. The eyebrows come at the end across the top of the eyeball.

If you like it, the snake still misses two nostrils at the top of the mouth. These are two simple strokes from top to bottom with the black embroidery thread.
Finally, the snake still gets her tongue. It is best to use red yarn for this. Crochet a 14 mesh loop. The last stitch is the spiral air mesh. This is followed by 10 fixed stitches in the back row. 3 air mesh left over. Crochet another 3 stitches at the end of the row. This gives you the usual split tongue for a snake. Now you have to sew the closed end only with a simple stitch in the throat.

Now your cuddly Amigurumi is ready. Have fun with your snake with the sweet eyes!

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