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Sew keyring / lanyard - made of fabric / felt - instructions

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Do it yourself is IN! Today we have prepared a nice beginner project for you. Even older children can certainly try to sew their own and, above all, individual lanyard or key fob. For experienced seamstresses and seamstresses, this is guaranteed to be a 15-minute project. Here we show you step by step how to easily sew your own lanyard with things you probably already have at home.


You need this:

  • sewing machine
  • Iron
  • pins
  • material
  • Scissors and ruler
  • fabric marker
  • carbine
  • yarn

The sewing machine

Your sewing machine does not need anything except a simple straight and a zigzag stitch. The machine used here is a device from Silvercrest and costs 99, - Euro.

The iron

Even the iron does not have to be special for a simple key chain. Optimal is of course a small iron, especially for sewing. Any other device is also suitable for this project.

The fabric

From the fabric pretty much any material, eg cotton, fleece, leather or jeans, can be used. We have chosen a simple cotton fabric because it is easy to work with, especially for beginners. A running meter of fabric you get for 5, - Euro. For this lanyard we used a rest from another project.

The scissors

Our scissors, like our sewing machine, are from Silvercrest. This very good tailor scissors is available in a set of 4 for only € 1.99. Important: Use your tailor's scissors exclusively for cutting fabrics. Even when used with paper, the scissors can quickly become dull.

The fabric marker

This pen is available from 4, - Euro in the trade. It can be handled like a traditional felt-tip pen, but can easily be removed with a few drops of water. Alternatively, you can use a tailor's chalk or a soft pencil or colored pencil.

The carbine

A carabiner you get new already from 1, - Euro. Of course you can also use a used one from an old lanyard.

Sewing line - lanyard

If you now have all the materials together, you can already start:

1. Draw a long rectangle of 90 x 8 cm on your fabric. Take some time for that. All the better is the result in the end.

2. Then cut the fabric.

3. Lay down the fabric strip with the right, ie the beautiful side downwards and fold it lengthwise in the middle. Iron the strip to fix the edge.

4. Fold the strip back up and point the right side down.

5. Fold one of the sides towards the middle and fix with the iron.

6. Thereafter, the other side is turned to the middle and ironed.

7. Now fold the fabric one more time in the middle of the length and iron it along.

8. Put everything firmly in place so that nothing slips. Experienced seamstresses and seamstresses can skip this step.

9. Now close the open long edge with a simple straight stitch. Try to work with you on the edge as much as possible.

Important: Always lock your seams. (Not only on this project) For this, first sew a few stitches forward, then press the backspace button (on the front of the sewing machine), sew back a few stitches and finish your seam as usual. Even at the end, the locking of the seam is very important, as this way your seams can not come loose.

10. Also work a seam close to the edge on the other side.

11. Seal the two short sides with a zig-zag seam to prevent fraying of the fabric.

12. Slide the carabiner onto the belt.

13. Lay the two short ends together and sew them together. We recommend that you work this seam back and forth several times, as the lanyard is particularly stressed during use. Then turn the tape so that the just made seam is inside.

14. Slide the carabiner to the end with the inside seam. Hold the carabiner firmly and insert the strap into your sewing machine.

15. Sew as close as possible to the carabiner and repeat this step several times.

Your personal lanyard is now ready. Of course it's also a nice present. Have fun while copying.

Instructions for quick readers

* Cut fabric in 90 x 8 cm
* Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and iron
* open and fold the sides to the middle and also iron
* fold back lengthwise and iron
* close long open side narrow-edged with straight stitch
* work a seam on the other long side as well
* finish the ends with a zig-zag stitch
* put the carabiner on
* sew the ends together and turn them over
* Push the carabiner to the seam and fix it with several seams close to the carabiner

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