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Rose petals dry - this is how you get the color of rose petals

  • Naturally dry rose petals in the air
  • Rose petals dry with dry salt or silica gel
  • Rose petals dry with the microwave

Rose petals or whole flowers are a great decoration idea. Especially for romantic occasions, they have an atmospheric effect. Best of all, you can win rose petals from the love of flower gifts yourself and keep the beautiful memory of the bright bouquet or the meaningful single rose forever.

Dry rose petals yourself and preserve flower magic

A bouquet of magnificent roses is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gifts. Equally unfortunate is the moment when the ephemeral flower magic comes to an end. Come before that by drying the rose petals in time. With the right approach, the color of the rose petals can be wonderfully preserved. Under certain circumstances, they darken only minimally and thereby only gain something of "vintage charm" - but this is never going out of fashion, anyway. With the right technique, the flowers and leaves can not only see permanently, but also smell. The scent is retained! Perfectionists get flawless results with a simple tool and a little patience - as bought by a specialist. For those who need their decorative petals as fast as possible for the next party or a similar upcoming event, the express version saves clever time. Decide for yourself which of the three guides you want to try first to make your rose petals forever.

Naturally dry rose petals in the air

Difficulty: Very easy
Time required: several weeks drying time
Cost: almost free - the materials are usually in the household in stock

You need this:

  • Roses - at the perfect time *
  • a completely dark room, airy but free of drafts
  • Knitting or similar thread - for drying whole flowers
  • Dry grid or alternatively sheet metal with kitchen paper - to dry loose leaves
  • optional: hair lacquer
  • scissors

* If you want to dry rose petals and preserve the full color and the beguiling fragrance, you must first of all set the right moment. The flowers should be open and fully flowering, but show no sign of decay. If brown spots are already visible, they may expand in the drying process and spoil the overall appearance.

That is how it goes:

Step 1: Remove the flowers from the vase. If you want to preserve the whole flower heads, cut the stems about two centimeters.

Tip: If you pick the flowers directly from the garden, put them in the vase for a few hours to make sure any moisture, such as dew, completely disappears from the flowers. Otherwise, your roses may become moldy during drying.

Step 2: If you only want to conserve the leaves, carefully pluck one leaf after the other from the stalk.

Tip: Plucking is faster by slightly cutting the base on which the stem attaches with scissors or a knife. This is less romantic than slow plucking.

Step 3a: For whole flowers bind the stems to a little rope. Fix it underneath thorns or small thickenings to get a good grip without having to tighten the knot.

Step 3b: For single rose petals, lay out a baking sheet or similar flat surface with kitchen paper. Then position it page by page. Watch out for distance! Overlaps could cause discolored areas.

Step 4a: Now hang your roses in the darkest possible space, which is easy to ventilate, but does not provide direct drafts. Every rose should hang freely without bumping into something.

Step 4b: Even your finished sheet metal with loose leaves put it in an equally dark room.

Step 5: Now it's time to wait. It usually takes several weeks until the rose petals and leaves are completely dried and thus preserved.

Step 6a: You can then free your flowers from the stalk with a spirited cut close to the base and continue to use it as a decoration.

Tip: after drying, spray some hair lacquer on the flower heads. This ensures even better cohesion and then protects against dust and dirt. No hair coat at hand "> Rose petals dry with dry salt or silica gel

This method preserves the colors very true to the original and the scent fades as well as nothing.

Difficulty: easy
Time required: several weeks drying time
Cost: about 5 euros for the dry salt - alternatively: washing powder

You need this:

  • roses
  • a lockable box - opaque!
  • Silica gel, dry salt (available in craft supplies) or alternatively detergent in powder form
  • scissors

That is how it goes:

Step 1: Fill your box with a layer of your dry salt or other adjunct so that the floor is well covered.

Tip: If you want to try detergents, keep in mind that this, of course, can influence the scent of roses.

Step 2: Now place either the individually plucked rose petals or whole flowers with a rest of the stem cleanly separated into the box.

Step 3: Afterwards, fill in as much of your dry salt, silica gels or washing powder until the flowers or leaves are completely covered.

Step 4: After at least one, preferably two to three weeks, you can remove your dried roses. For whole flowers, a thin coat of hair lacquer is also recommended here.

Rose petals dry with the microwave

Difficulty: easy
Time required: 15 minutes
Cost: almost free

You need this:

  • roses
  • microwave
  • paper towels
  • Two microwaveable plates that fit over each other as a lid, alternatively: two fireproof tiles

That is how it goes:

Step 1: Lay out the plate (or tile) with a layer of kitchen paper.

Step 2: Then spread your gently plucked rose petals. They should lie free and not touch each other.

Step 3: Then place another layer of paper over the sheets - without disturbing the arrangement.

Step 4: Then comes the second plate or the second tile as a lid.

Step 5: In the microwave - between 40 seconds and one and a half minutes, depending on the device.

Step 6: If the rose petals are not completely dry, just repeat step 5 again. The exact time must be tested individually due to the variety of devices.

Tip: For safety's sake, start with shorter times!

Step 7: And already your rose petals are ready to dry and ready!

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