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Recycling tinker / Upcycling - Ideas for crafts with garbage and waste

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    • Upcycling with toilet paper rolls
    • Crafts with corks
    • Can and bottle upcycling
    • Upcycling of egg cartons
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Upcycling, as a continuation of recycling, means making old things that are actually meant for garbage. Here we have creative ideas for crafting put together - perfect for DIY and DIY fans. This is how recycling crafting becomes a success - whether with old toilet paper rolls, egg cartons or plastic bottles.

They also wonder about the many mounds of plastic and paper waste and ask themselves again and again, if you can not do better with it "> Great upcycling ideas

Upcycling with toilet paper rolls

Unfortunately, toilet paper rolls can not really be avoided. The little cardboard tubes accumulate over time. But sometimes it is worth picking up the little things - just like the cardboard rolls from the kitchen paper.

Simply create cardboard crowns from the small tubes, which you can attach to the head with a rubber band. The crowns are perfect for carnival or the next themed party.

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Who likes to create order, will definitely like the pencil box made of several tubes. These are simply glued into a larger cardboard box edgewise and finished is the pen holder.

The small tubes are also very good as last-minute gift packaging. Of course, you can pack in it only trifles, such as jewelry, sweets or vouchers. But the small packages are definitely an eye-catcher.

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If you want to know in detail and exactly what you need to do exactly with the cardboard rollers, click here: Instructions - Crafting with toilet paper rolls

Another decorative idea for cardboard rolls is this noble flower design. With a little gold and silver paint you can make a great eye-catcher for every sideboard in an instant. The instructions can be found here: Making cardboard flower displays

Crafts with corks

Cork is one of the materials that is well worth collecting and not just throwing away. Especially after parties and larger parties, it may be that some corks have accumulated. Just then you can start crafting.

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Tip: Before cutting and working the corks, you should cook them in water for a short time. This makes the material smoother.

With corks you can do all sorts of things. If you need table-card holders for a party, for example, corks are ideal.

Cork can easily be cut in and even carved. This will also help you with this material super DIY stamp.

The small bottle caps are just as perfect as key rings - they are light but big, so they can be fished out perfectly in your pocket.

Or you can spice up the table decoration with cork coasters or a vase for plastic or dried flowers.

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The most typical use of cork is as a pin board. For example, conventional old pinboards can be taken apart and assembled into a new one. Or you take the small bottle corks and stick them together in a picture frame. Voila!

The detailed instructions for the above cork upcycling ideas can be found here: Crafting with cork

Can and bottle upcycling

Similarly, can be made from old glass or plastic bottles without pledge great DIY creations. With the decoupage technique you can beautify all materials, such as these flowery deco bottles or the pen box.

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How it works exactly, you will find here: Instructions for napkin technology

Upcycling of egg cartons

Empty egg cartons are usually just as long rum as the toilet paper rolls. But they are at least as practical. The box can be transformed into colorful boxes with a little paint - this is the simplest version.

Otherwise you can make a sparkling lantern from two 10-packs - perfect for the lantern parade in November. The glued tracing paper lets the light shine through wonderfully.

As already mentioned, a box has not become a box for nothing. Paint and glue the egg carton at will with colorful colors and ornaments and you have a pretty jewelry box.

The small eggcups in the boxes make cut out awesome as flower heads. These strung on a thread make a wonderful flower mobile for the spring.

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Here's how to do it step by step: DIY Guide for Egg Cartons

Further ideas

DIY-key board

Do you have many and useless keys lying around at home "> DIY DIY key board build

Lampshade from bucket

Lampshades are popular DIY crafting ideas, because you can almost make a lamp out of everything. As well as from an old plastic bucket. Some fabric and paste and already the bucket shines in new splendor. How this works is shown here: Instructions - Lampshade

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