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Make Pop Up Cards - 3 ideas with instructions and template

  • Make a simple pop-up card
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  • Love card for Valentine's Day
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  • Gift card for Christmas
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Traditional folding cards are too boring for you - and purchased versions anyway ">

If one hears the term Pop Up Map and then learns that this is a kind of three-dimensional greeting, the idea inevitably arises that it is impossible to make such a work of art yourself. In fact, it's easy to create pop up cards. Even craft beginners can easily implement our great variants. All you need is a little dexterity. The desire for creative work and the will to achieve perfect results through concentration and accuracy are of course also an advantage. Just follow our basic instructions and choose your favorite idea. Then you will see how much fun preparing pop-up cards is!

Make a simple pop-up card

You need this:

  • Clay board and construction paper (A4 format)
  • Motifs for sticking
  • pencil
  • fountain pen
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Craft glue and / or hot glue


Step 1: Take a sheet of A4-sized construction paper and a sheet of paperboard. Cut the sheet of cardboard so that it is a few centimeters smaller than the paper. How big you create this frame is up to you.

Step 2: Now take the smaller cardboard box and fold it once in the middle.

Step 3: Afterwards, take the motifs you want - printed flowers, cut-out motifs from your wrapping paper, photos or even your own painted pictures. The motives must not be too large and should not, if possible, protrude beyond the edge of the card. Cut out the motifs.

4th step: Now you drape the motifs (here it's flowers) on the folded cardboard. The opening of the box points upwards. Make sure the subjects do not overlap too much or get in each other's way.

Step 5: Look at the first subject and remember which part of the card it will definitely cover. Then lift it and draw a 1 to 2 cm wide and 3 to 5 cm long strip from the fold edge upwards. Repeat this for all other motifs.

Note: If twice the length of one of the bars is longer than the height of the folded carton, the bar will stick out of the card. If you want to put the card in an envelope later, that's going to be a problem.

Step 6: Grab the scissors and cut the painted lines.

Caution: only cut the longitudinal lines, NOT the cross lines.

Step 7: Now unfold the map and push through the incised stripes so that the latter move inside the map.

Step 8: Then fold the card tightly together again. The whole thing would have to look like this:

9th step: And open the card again, because now logically still the motives are stuck. You do this with the help of a traditional craft glue on the straightened stripes.

Step 10: Glue the cardboard box together with the motifs onto the envelope. But this is folded in the middle. When gluing, be careful not to touch any of the streaks and motifs with the adhesive.

Step 11: Write words of love on the pen and / or pop-up card with a fountain pen. Finished!


  • Instead of wrapping paper motifs, you can of course also use images from newspapers, magazines, books, etc. You may also like one or the other element from our template "> Valentine's Day Love Card

    You need this:

    • construction paper
    • solid paper
    • Motives from books, magazines, newspapers etc.
    • markers
    • pencil
    • ruler
    • scissors
    • cutter
    • Glue
    • our template


    Step 1: Print out our craft template.

    Click here: To download the craft template

    Step 2: Cut out the template along the edge marker.

    Step 3: Browse old books, newspapers or magazines and cut out your favorite motifs with scissors, such as flowers, hearts or stars. It becomes especially personal and personal when you use cutouts from paired photos showing you and your petal. You can also use plain pattern paper.

    Tip: Do not be too frugal when it comes to the number of pictures. However, the card should not look overloaded. Here it is important to find a good middle ground.

    Step 4: Pick up the already cut out love template and turn it over to the empty back to glue it to the various motifs or pattern paper.

    Tip: Make a beautiful collage and pay attention to where is up and down, so that your work is not upside down in the end. In doing so, orient yourself by the lettering "Love" on the front of the card.

    Step 5: Allow to dry well before continuing the creation of the Romantic Pop Up Card.

    Step 6: Turn the Valentine card back to the front and cut the solid lines with the cutter. Take a ruler to help, to act as straight as possible.

    Caution: DO NOT cut out the dashed lines - they stay and will be kinked later!

    Step 7: Now start to fold the card into shape. To do this, gradually fold the paper gently over the dashed lines. You do this until the word of all words, "love", pops out of your pop up card.

    Tip: It is best to flip the card several times and fold from both sides to get a decent score.

    Step 8: Depending on how you designed your card, you can see the letters more or less clearly. If you want to emphasize the lettering, just pick up felt-tip colors of your choice and paint and / or surround the letters. The effect is impressive, especially if you have cut out of book pages of romance hearts and put them together to a fine collage.

    Step 9: Pick up matching construction paper for your work (we chose plain white) and cut it into a rectangle that is about 2 to 3 cm larger on each side than the actual card.

    Step 10: Glue the construction paper rectangle behind the pop up card. Make sure that none of the motifs comes in contact with the adhesive. Finished!

    Tip: Have the card speak for yourself or label it with a glitter pin or similar.

    Gift card for Christmas

    You need this:

    • construction paper
    • fountain pen
    • pencil
    • ruler
    • scissors
    • Glue
    • any decoration materials


    Step 1: Pick up a sheet of construction paper and cut a rectangle measuring 14.8 x 21 cm (length x width). Previously, you can draw in the rectangle using pencil and ruler.

    2nd step: Fold the sheet exactly in the middle.

    Step 3: Cut a rectangle measuring 14 x 20 cm from another sheet of construction paper.

    Step 4: Fold the smaller leaf exactly in the middle.

    5th step: It continues with the smaller sheet. At the fold, draw a total of four lines towards the middle of the sheet. Leave 2 to 4 cm above and below each room. Between the lines should be each 3 to 7 cm distance.

    Tip: The two bottom lines are the longest and should be about halfway down the folded arch. There are two shorter lines at the top, with the second being allowed a little longer than the first one. Just take a look at our pictures to get an idea of ​​what the whole thing might look like.

    Step 6: Cut the lines with scissors.

    Step 7: Fold the sections upwards at the marked fold.

    Step 8: Open the card and gently fold each section inward. Then close the card again. Play this game a few times (open first, then close) - three well-formed gift boxes will open when you open them ">

    Step 9: Apply adhesive to the left side of the card and glue it to the left inside of the larger paper square.

    Step 10: Then glue the right side of the card to the right inside of the bigger paper rectangle.

    Step 11: Decorate the gift boxes and the card with various decorative elements, such as star stickers, glitter pens, adhesive gift ribbons and / or wrapping paper. Be creative!

    Step 12: Write your Christmas message on the card with a fountain pen or another beautiful pen. Finished!

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