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Hen party | Sayings and rhymes for invitation & guest book

  • Hen party | invitation
    • With rumbling
    • Without rumbling
  • Hen party | Guest book
  • Extra: Inventing your own rhymes

Your wedding reception is coming up and you are still looking for sayings and rhymes that would make good on or in the invitation cards ">

Whether for the invitation or for the guest book - it is often not so easy, in the hurry or excitement to think appropriate sayings and rhymes that are funny, beautiful or otherwise original and appealing. Luckily, there is the Internet, which gives you some ideas quickly - sometimes better, sometimes worse.

Basically, you have the choice between expressions of prominent people (which are already partially overused ...) and the creations of lesser-known people. We too sat down once and let our poetic spirits run wild. Take a look at the result of our creative work - maybe there are the sayings and rhymes that you would like to use for the invitation to the hen party or the guest book!

Hen party | invitation

Sayings and rhymes for the invitation to the wedding eve

Depending on whether you really want to rumble or not at your hen party, you should also adjust the sayings and rhymes for the invitation accordingly.

  • If you attach great importance to rumbling (planning to traditionally celebrate the festival), it is advisable to draw attention to this in the invitation card
  • The same is true even if you do not want to hear any clinking of dishes - make the invitation with a spell that makes it clear that rumbling is undesirable

We have written proverbs and rhymes for both variants, which you can adopt exactly as such or just consider as inspiration and can still adapt.

By the way: Some bridal couples prefer to inform their relatives, friends and co-workers via SMS or e-mail about the upcoming wedding reception. Of course, these forms also involve integrating one of our sayings and rhymes.

With rumbling

Quote Idea 1:

We love traditions and want to rumble with you, what the stuff. At xx.xx.2xxx the time has come: All the dishes that have not been hidden away in the cupboard at Three will believe in it - and help our luck on the jumps. Do not miss the spectacle. And: join in! We look forward to seeing you. Preliminary greetings, X and Y.

Quote idea 2:

You have old dishes in the closet and want to finally get rid of it meaningfully ">

Rhyme Idea 1:

When shards bring luck,
we want to get through
to break beautiful porcelain,

to speak of the greatest happiness,
to go our way together
and never to forsake our love.

Drum comes to our stag party,
daring the wildest temptation,
Throwing and listening to dishes

how we swear allegiance,
even before the biggest day in life,
which we long for.

Rhyme Idea 2:

Let's crack it,
with all kinds of stuff,
make you happy

brings old dishes
and makes for clutter,
that the ground wobbles

and do not hesitate,
To reveal shards,
so we get lucky.

Without rumbling

Quote Idea 1:

Rumble was yesterday. We prefer to fill our precious porcelain with culinary delights - and hereby invite you to our pre-wedding party at xx.xx.2xxx. You are welcome to leave your dishes at home - good mood and treats, however, are very welcome!

Quote idea 2:

On strumming porcelain we can do without confidently - but not on your laughing faces and dance-happy body. Celebrate with us on xx.xx.2xxx our wild pre-wedding party, where it should crack, but without shards!

Rhyme Idea 1:

Shards bring luck ">

Rhyme Idea 2:

We celebrate our wedding eve
definitely not meaningless.
But we do without noise,
we are not really driven by greed

Most beautiful to destroy,
that would only outrage happiness
and bring us bad luck forever.

So let's sing happily:
To celebrate it does not need a clink,
but delicious filled dishes!

Hen party | Guest book

Proverbs and rhymes for the guest book at the wedding eve

Generally, the bride and groom at the wedding eve a guest book ready, in which all guests should register - at best with a saying or rhyme, which includes a congratulation for the lovebirds. Now there are two possibilities : You can either rely on your spontaneity (if you expect to quickly find suitable words) or think about something successful, write down and then at the festival only transfer the prepared lines into the guestbook.

Despite intense thought, you do not want to come up with anything meaningful ">

Rhyme Idea 1:

For life as a couple
are you clearly ready.
Why I invent my "> Extra: Same rhymes

Would you like to use individual rhymes for the invitation or the guest book, but you are not sure how to proceed? Here are a few tips on how to quickly and easily become a "rhyming poet".

1. Think about whether the saying / rhyme should be pretty (romantic) or funny.
2. Write down any starting line that corresponds to the respective "tone".

Simple example of a beautiful (romantic) tone: "summon happiness"

Tip: Let your thoughts run wild. There is no right and wrong. We advise you to write down the first idea immediately and use it as a basis.

3. Now try to find a word that rhymes with the last word of your opening line and makes sense for your poem.

To come back to our example: Since "hearing" is well suited.

4. Now build the second line with this rhyming word.

Our example: "May it be heard."

5. Find a third line that harmonizes with your previous poem - the final word of this new line does not necessarily have to rhyme with the last word of the second line.

Our example: "Shards should rain it"

6. Now repeat steps 3 and 4.

Our example: "pave" = "to pave the way for us"

7. Continue on the principle until you are satisfied with your poem (or you can not think of anything ...).

Our example (as a final poem):

"Summon the luck,
let us hear it.

Shards should rain,
to pave the way for us
forever flaming love,
without destructive blows.

Polters with us towards the wedding,
because soon the time has come. "

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