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Penguin tinker with children - instructions and ideas

What child does she not love: penguins - cute, funny animals that are popular motifs for various decorative elements, especially in winter and Christmas. Instead of buying such an accessory in the store, you can make a penguin yourself. We have put together five wonderful ideas with practical instructions for you.

Hardly any animal can be implemented creatively as easily as the penguin. Whether mainly made of paper or in combination with alternative materials such as styrofoam and foam rubber: There are many different ways to make a cute penguin with children. Exciting results can come out even with your own hands and feet.

In our DIY magazine we present you our five favorite instructions for crafting a penguin - instructions in which your children have the opportunity to actively participate. Find an idea and implement it on a free afternoon in the warm living room of the family. Enjoy!

different penguin craft ideas


  • Tinker penguin
    • Instructions 1 | Penguin make out of paper
    • Instructions 2 | Penguin from paper circles
    • Instructions 3 | Abstract penguin from handprint
    • Instructions 4 | Funny penguin by footprint
    • Instructions 5 | Penguin tinker from plastic Easter egg

Tinker penguin

Instructions 1 | Penguin make out of paper

What you need for a paper penguin:

free Talu handicraft templates

Free Download Penguin tinker with children Talu-craft templates

  • Sheets of paper in black, white and yellow (or orange)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Paper glue, craft glue or hot glue
  • scissors
  • stapler
Material and craft supplies

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Pick up a sheet of black paper.

Step 2: Draw a rectangle on the black paper with a pencil and ruler. We recorded a width of 21 cm and a height of 18 cm for our rectangle.

Penguin made of paper, material

Note: Depending on how big you want to make the penguin, you need a larger or smaller rectangle. This element later forms the body of the cute little animal.

Step 3: Cut out the rectangle with scissors.

Step 4: Roll up the black rectangle so that it looks like a dark toilet paper roll.

Penguin made of paper, construction paper roll

Tip: Alternatively, you can actually use an empty toilet paper roll and paint it with black acrylic paint or black felt-tip pen. Don't forget to dry!

Step 5: Tack the ends of the roll together with the tacker.

Paper penguin, stapling construction paper roll

This is what your previous crafting result looks like!

Paper penguin, stacked construction paper roll

Step 6: Again, make two wings out of black paper. Draw the elements again in pencil and cut them out afterwards. You can also cut out the wings from white construction paper and then glue them behind the black wing parts. Please use our Talu handicraft templates again for this step.

Paper penguin, cut out construction paper wings

Tip: adjust the size of the wings to the body. Ultimately, they should range from almost the top to almost the bottom (allow for a distance of about one to two centimeters above and about five millimeters below).

Step 7: Glue the wings onto the paper roll.

Paper penguin, stick wings to paper roll

Step 8: Grab the white paper and draw on it an oval ellipse with a straight edge at the bottom, as you can find on our handicraft template 1 under "Belly" in different sizes, which is about as high as half the body (i.e. half paper roll). Then cut out this oval.

Step 9: Glue the oval as a belly - in other words in the lower area of ​​the paper roll.

Paper penguin, attach belly

Step 10: Now it's time to shape the eyes. Cut out the eye parts from template 1 again from our Talu handicraft templates as you wish. Or you can draw the eyes yourself. To do this, first draw two oval shapes on the white paper. Here too, the overall size of the penguin has to be taken into account in order to choose sensible dimensions.

Paper penguin, cut eyes from templates

Then draw two smaller circles on the black paper. Cut out the coordinated shapes and glue the black circles on the white ovals or paint the pupils with a black pencil . Finally, glue the finished eyes on the penguin body - quite high up.

Penguin made of paper, paint eye pupils

Step 11: Grab the orange or yellow paper. Draw a diamond for the penguin's beak and two foot shapes. Simply use our illustrations as a guide.

Cut out the penguin from paper, feet and beak

Step 12: Cut out the yellow elements and glue them in the appropriate places.

Stick the penguin out of paper, feet and beak

Glue the feet to the inside of the roll .

Paper penguin, finished penguin, variant 1

Note: Before you glue the beak, you have to fold the diamond in the middle. Glue just a small strip to the center fold on the body for an authentic beak effect.

Your first penguin made out of paper is ready!

finished first penguin

Instructions 2 | Penguin from paper circles

What you need for your paper-penguin:

  • Black, white, and yellow (or orange) paper
  • compasses
  • scissors
  • Paper glue or hot glue
  • black fiber pen

The penguin from semicircles and circles can be designed freely . And if you don't have a compass at hand, use our Talu handicraft template 3 and cut out the desired circular shapes there.

Penguin from paper circles, finished little penguin

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Use the compass to draw all the circles required for the penguin on the respective paper colors. We recorded a diameter of 3 cm for the head circle and a circle of 5 cm diameter for the body and stomach with the compass.

You need:

  • a semicircle in white (for the body / stomach)
  • a semicircle in black (for the wings)
  • a smaller circle in black (for the head)
  • a small white circle (for the eyes)
  • two small semicircles in orange or yellow (for the feet)
  • a small triangle in orange or yellow (for the beak)

Step 2: Cut out all parts with the scissors.

Penguin from paper circles, cut out circles of construction paper

Step 3: Glue your penguin together at will. Use our pictures as a guide to be inspired. There are countless options, just give it a try.

Step 4: Paint another pupil in the white circle of the eye with black fiber pen.

Penguin out of paper circles, paint the pupil

Note: In the end you can also stick the penguin on a colored sheet of paper.

Tip: There are ultimately different ways to glue the individual circles and semicircles together so that a cute penguin is created. We show you two variants here:

Your penguin from paper circles is ready!

Penguin from paper circles, finished penguin, variant 2

Instructions 3 | Abstract penguin from handprint

What you need for your penguin from a handprint:

  • Black and yellow (or orange) paper
  • round or oval cotton pad in white
  • Wackelaugen
  • pencil
  • Craft glue or hot glue

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Draw the desired hand outline (such as that of your child or your own) in pencil on black paper. Simply draw the contours of the respective hand - you have certainly already done this before.

Penguin from handprint, hand shape sketch

Step 2: Cut out the hand outline. Cut a subtle curve where the hand goes into the arm.

Step 3: Lay the cut-out hand outline in front of you - on your head, so that the curve is at the top while the fingers are pointing down (the latter symbolize the penguin's plumage).

Step 4: Cut out a small black circle for the head from construction paper and stick it to the handprint in the area of ​​the wrist transition. Then take a cotton pad and stick it in the middle of the palm. It forms the fluffy penguin belly. Cut out a small curve on the top of the cotton pad and then stick the cotton pad on.

Penguin from handprint, individual parts

Note: Be careful not to put the belly too high - after all, the eyes and beak also need space.

Step 5: Draw a triangle on orange paper and cut out the shape. That is the penguin's beak. Glue it over the white belly.

Step 6: Finally glue on the loose eyes.

Penguin from handprint, finished penguin, variant 3

Tip: Do you have no loose eyes ready "> Instructions 4 | Funny penguin by footprint

What you need for your penguin from a footprint:

  • White construction paper
  • Finger paint in black and white
  • Small bowl (for the colors)
  • 2 brushes
  • Wackelaugen
  • glue stick
  • Crayons in yellow (or orange) and black
  • possibly fiber pen in black

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Paint the sole of your child's feet entirely with white finger paint and a brush. If your child is ready, they can of course do the coloring themselves. Alternatively, you can also use our Talu handicraft template, templates 4 to 6, to make a penguin out of a footprint. Color your cut penguin footprint with black fiber or colored pencil.

Cut out the penguin from the footprint, the Talu template and color it

Step 2: Then paint the typical “penguin frack” on your foot with black finger paint and a fresh brush. Basically you only have to brush the edges of the sole of the child in the dark color.

Important: Be sure to take a new brush and not the same one as for the white application. Otherwise the colors smear too much.

Step 3: Your child must press the painted sole of the foot firmly onto the white construction paper.

Step 4: Then it is crucial that your offspring slowly take their feet off the paper so that the penguin shape becomes or remains beautiful.

Step 5: Wash your child's foot thoroughly to prevent unwanted penguin marks on the floor. Ideally, a suitable wash bowl (filled with soap and water) is already available.

Step 6: Paint your child's thumb with black finger paint. Your child then makes a thumbprint on each side of the penguin body - this is how the wings are created.

Step 7: Now the penguin wants some rest to dry.

Step 8: Glue the loose eyes with the glue stick as soon as the penguin body is completely dry.

Step 9: Use a yellow colored pencil to paint the beak under the eyes.

Your penguin is done from a footprint !

Penguin from footprint, finished penguin, variant 4

Note: Both with this project and with the "hand penguin" the haptic perception of your child is addressed and trained - a nice side effect of the handicraft fun.

Instructions 5 | Penguin tinker from plastic Easter egg

What you need for your penguin from a plastic Easter egg:

  • Styrofoam cone, styrofoam egg, alternatively a plastic Easter egg
  • Styrofoam ball small for feet
  • white cotton ball for the head (diameter 3.5 cm)
  • Black and yellow (or orange) paper
  • optional fiber silk or gauze for the plumage structure
  • optional loose eyes
  • white and black foam rubber
  • colored felt for penguin hat and scarf
  • skewer
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Fineliner or fiber pen in black and orange (paint on the face)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Styrofoam glue
  • napkins glue
  • craft glue
  • 2 brushes
  • sharp, straight knife
  • pins
  • black acrylic paint (for painting the plastic Easter egg)

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Take the Styrofoam egg or, as we do in our case, a plastic Easter egg. Use a sharp, straight knife to cut the bottom of the Styrofoam egg to straighten it and keep your creative penguin in good shape. When using the plastic Easter egg, two half styrofoam balls are later glued on as feet.

Step 2: Put the styrofoam egg on a kebab skewer. In return, we painted the plastic Easter egg completely with black paint.

Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, paint the Easter egg black

This is what your optional black painted plastic Easter egg looks like!

Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, black painted plastic egg

Step 3: Tear fiber silk into small pieces. Or use small pieces of gauze to give the styrofoam egg a different surface structure.

Step 4: Glue the scraps piece by piece onto the styrofoam egg. Use napkin glue for this.

Note: With this step you achieve an authentic feather look.

Step 5: Draw the white belly area of ​​the penguin on the styrofoam egg with any fineliner. Orientate yourself on our picture. For our plastic Easter egg, which has now dried and was previously painted with black paint, cut out the belly from our Talu handicraft template 1 made of white foam rubber.

Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, cut white foam rubber

Glue the white foam rubber to the plastic Easter egg. Also stick the cotton ball as a head to the egg.

Glue on the penguin made of plastic Easter egg, foam rubber and cotton ball

6th step: Paint the styrofoam egg with black acrylic paint to the recess.

Tip: Two coats of paint are likely to be required for a covering coat. Let the paint dry well between jobs.

Step 7: Then grab the orange or yellow paper and draw a beak and feet with the pencil. As in our case, you can also paint the face with pencils.

Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, paint the face

Step 8: Pick up black foam rubber and a pencil. Draw two wings that fit the size of the body. Then glue the wings to the penguin body.

Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, glue wings made of foam rubber

Step 9: Cut out the pre-drawn elements with scissors.

Step 10: Glue the various individual parts (including the loose eyes) in the correct places on the styrofoam ice cream. It is best to use polystyrene glue for this. With the plastic Easter egg, glue a halved styrofoam ball as feet and paint it with orange fiber pen as you like.

Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, feet made of half polystyrene balls

Tip: until the polystyrene glue has completely dried out, you should fix the parts with small pins. Be sure to wait until the glued parts are completely dry and really solid before continuing to tinker with your penguin.

11th step: Pick up colored felt in your desired color to cut a pretty scarf for the penguin. Of course you can draw the scarf. Finally, stick it to your body.

Step 12: You can now also use felt to design a hat that you put on your penguin at the end.

Cut penguin out of plastic Easter egg, felt for hat and scarf
  • Cut a rectangle out of felt in the desired color (adjust size)
  • Glue edges together (with polystyrene glue or hot glue)
  • let it dry well
  • Cut the tear-resistant thread and have it ready
  • Tie the piece of felt with the thread provided (it is best if your child holds the felt and you tie it)
Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, hat made of felt

Step 13: Put the magical hat on your penguin's head and let it cool down and attach it to the penguin's head with some hot glue.

Penguin made of plastic Easter egg, finished penguin, variant 5

Your next penguin is finished !

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