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Tinker palm tree out of paper - handicraft instructions with pictures

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  • material
  • Instructions - tinker the palm tree


You need:

  • Craft cardboard (light brown, dark brown, light green and dark green)
  • Cardboard Tube
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Glue stick and hot glue gun

Instructions - tinker the palm tree

Step 1: At the beginning, the individual leaves have to be painted and cut to size. The palm leaves are oval, elongated leaves. First draw a sheet of paper on the light green paper.

Step 2: This sheet is then cut out cleanly with scissors.

3rd step: Now use the leaf as a template for all other leaves of the palm tree. To do this, place it on the cardboard and outline the sheet with the pencil. Then all the leaves are cut out. We have prepared 8 sheets.

Note: You should prepare at least four sheets, otherwise the leaves of the paper palm are too thin.

Step 4: Now the palm leaves need the typical fringes. For this, the sheet is folded lengthways. Then use scissors to cut small fringes into the double-layered sheet. Leave at least half a centimeter of space in the middle.

Note: Be careful not to cut or cut the sheet too far.

Step 5: All palm leaves are then cut as in step 4.

Step 6: Now the paper palm needs a trunk. We make this out of a cardboard tube from kitchen paper. Now cut 2 cm wide strips out of the light brown paper.

Step 7: These strips of paper are glued to the tube one after the other with craft glue. The first strip specifies the slope. Place the strip on the tube so that it completely covers the cardboard as you wrap it around. All strips are now glued together one after the other.

Step 8: Next, attach the leaves to the stem. For the first sheet, make a little blob of hot glue inside the top of the tube. The first sheet is now glued there.

Step 9: Now proceed with all other leaves around.

Step 10: Now we are going to make the coconuts. Simply cut a small piece of the dark brown paper. Then crumple it into a ball. Make as many coconuts as you like this way.

Step 11: Finally, the coconuts are fixed under the leaves at the top with hot glue.

The paper palm is finished !!! In a suitable vase, it stands by itself.

The great thing about this handicraft technique is that you can vary the size of the palm tree individually. The cardboard tube can of course be shortened in length. Or you can make the leaves all different sizes. If you want to tinker several palm trees, you can also glue them on a thick piece of cardboard at the end. In this way, an entire forest is created at lightning speed. Have fun trying!

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