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Build a pallet table yourself - step by step instructions

  • Advantages and characteristics of a Euro pallet
  • Prepare the pallet
    • The cleaning
    • The grinding
    • The painting
    • Summary
  • Attaching table legs / wheels
    • Mount the rollers
    • Attaching table legs
  • Different variants
    • 1st case: One-level pallet table
    • 2nd case: Multi-storey variant
    • 3rd case: table with drawers
    • 4th case: Illuminated table
  • The cost of a pallet table

You are looking for a modern and creative piece of furniture ">

The Europool pallets are ideally suited as a starting material for a table due to their stable form. They withstand great forces and are durable and robust. Another advantage is the reasonably priced cover, often you can get some pallets for free and thus save on material purchases. The freedom of design is then no limits. Use the pallet as a whole, saw through in the middle or insert drawers. In our guide you will learn different variants, which differ in size, height and functionality.

Advantages and characteristics of a Euro pallet

The pallets are very stable and therefore ideally suited as a piece of furniture. They have a carrying capacity of around 1.5 tonnes, so that there are no problems when used as a table. As a material usually untreated softwood is used. Often this is spruce. When building it is crucial to know the size of the pallet in order to determine the dimensions of the subsequent table. A standardized pallet has the following dimensions:

Width: 80 centimeters
Length: 120 centimeters
Height: 14.4 centimeters

euro pallets

You receive the pallets, for example, from agricultural or construction companies. There, the transport aids are often delivered free of charge. Even small ads can be used to find inexpensive products. Make sure, however, that there are still no major damages and that the wood is not heavily soiled. Alternatively, you can find new portals via corresponding portals, which usually have to be picked up. The costs in this case are around 10 euros each . As a rule, deliveries will be made from a quantity of 15 pallets, with unit costs rising to around 16 euros at the same time.

Prepare the pallet

The special feature of a pallet table is that the wood is already in the right shape. You no longer have to cut the material, but you can process it in the given size. You now have two options for optics: On the one hand, you can opt for the natural version and only sand off the wood. On the other hand, you can make a painting that can also be chosen in a stylish color. Thus, there are many design options available with the Euro pallets.

The cleaning

Before you can assemble the table, you must clean the wood thoroughly. Use a brush and a suitable cleaner for this purpose. Afterwards let the surface dry thoroughly.

Thoroughly clean

Tip: To prevent the wet wood from starting to rot on the bottom, you can stand the pallet upright and turn it occasionally. The season and the temperature also play a decisive role in the effect of the water on the material.

The grinding

Use an orbital sander and sand the raw wood. This is important so that a smooth surface is created and later nobody can injure themselves on any splinters.

Use different grain size

Tip: The first rough grinding should be done with an 80 grit. Afterwards, grind with a 120 grit.

The painting

If it is a table, which is used in the interior, then eliminates the adverse effect of the weather. This has the advantage that you do not have to perform any special treatment. If you leave the europallets untreated, you get the typical industrial charm. Alternatively, you can also apply acrylic paint in any color. Also wood stain and wall paint are suitable for painting.

Swipe out any pallets

Tip: When choosing the color, pay close attention to the properties. When painted, vapors are generated, so you should always work with the window open. For some paints, a mouthguard is recommended. If possible, choose a harmless color.

After one to two days, the paint or the paint should be completely dry, so that further work can begin.

The exact procedure when painting the untreated wood

When painting, you have to pay attention to a few things, because the color moves into the wood relatively quickly. This creates an uneven appearance. Is that wanted, then the painting is easier. The look looks authentic and the wood in this case shines through the color, which preserves the actual character of the pallets.


Here again the step-by-step instructions for the preparation

Step 1: It is important that the wood is very dry before starting work.

Step 2: Sand the surface off now. First use an 80 grit, then a 120 or even 180 grit. If you want a particularly smooth surface, you can still use a 240 grit afterwards.

Tip: Before sanding with the 240 grit, moisten the wood slightly.

Step 3: If you use the pallet table indoors, water-based glazes are very suitable. They are often odorless and protect the wood against contamination. Later, you can clean the wooden table with a damp cloth, which makes it very easy to clean. The paint is durable and must be renewed in about 10 years.

Tip: If the pallet table is used outdoors, it is important to provide good protection against the weather. Also pest infestation is a criterion, which you must consider. A good coat will help. You have the choice between a wood protection varnish and a paint color.

Step 4: To protect the wood from pests and fungi, you must first apply a primer. Let it dry well before you continue to treat the wood.

Paint pallets

Step 5: If you use a wood preservation glaze, the wood grain remains visible. A coating, on the other hand, obscures the structure of the wood. Both variants have a shelf life of around 4 to 5 years, whereby the values ​​depend on the external influences.

Attaching table legs / wheels

Mount the rollers


  • 4 swivel castors with a parking brake
  • screw
  • screwdriver

For a coffee table, castors with a parking brake are very well suited. They have the advantage that the table can be fixed and thus does not move unintentionally. On the other hand, you remain mobile and can place the coffee table anywhere and at will. Keep in mind that the Euro pallets have a relatively high weight and therefore roles are beneficial in use.

  1. Step: Turn the Euro pallet over so that the underside faces up. Pay attention to a level surface.
  2. Step: Fasten the four rollers in the wood with the aid of long screws.
Rollers are versatile

Attaching table legs

For a table with a firm location attaching sturdy table legs makes sense. The difficulty is to find the right wood with the right dimensions.

The required material depends on the desired height of the pallet table.

Different variants

  1. The simplest case: a single-storey pallet table
  2. Multi-storey variants
  3. Install drawers

1st case: One-level pallet table

A one-level model is very well suited as a coffee table. It has a low height and is quickly assembled. You just have to sand down the wood and possibly paint it. Assemble rolls under the table and the new piece of furniture is ready.

2nd case: Multi-storey variant

If you need a higher table, mount several pallets on top of each other. You can either use complete europallets or saw a pallet in half. This will reduce weight and size. In any case, it is important to glue the individual parts together well.

The assembly

Now place the individual parts on top of each other.

Tip: In the case of two components, it is possible to place the pallets in the same direction, as well as to turn one over the other so that the inner wooden slats lie on top of each other.

Now connect the two pallets or parts together.

a) Glue the two pallets together. Use screw clamps to fix the individual parts in the connection and press them together for some time.

b) Screw the two pallets together. The connectors can also be provided with spray paint in any color. It is necessary to prime the metal parts.

Priming of the metal parts
Connecting pallets

3rd case: table with drawers

As the europallets have recesses below the top plate, you can install drawers here. Depending on the desired effort, you build real slots that can be used or you simulate the optics, creating an exciting effect.

The material

For the construction of drawers you need boards that are kept in a similar rustic look as the pallet. For the internal parts of the drawers, pressboard with a thickness of 1 centimeter is suitable.

The tool

  • Jigsaw or circular saw
  • electric grinder
  • screw
  • drill
  • Cordless screwdriver or screwdriver
  • Schubladenknäufe
  • Bars for stabilizing the drawers

The internal parts of the drawers must be exactly adjusted to the openings of the table. First, saw the parts out of the press board to the correct size. Then glue the parts together. Now saw the panels to the desired size. Now screw the panels onto the drawers. When the drawers are closed, they should fit together exactly. Now drill a hole for the drawer handles. Screw the knobs on.

4th case: Illuminated table

Depending on the location of the pallet table you can also illuminate it wonderfully. For the living area you should opt for normal LED tapes. Of course, there are hardly any limits to your own imagination here, whether with color change, cold white, warm white or a simple inexpensive version, it is entirely up to your taste.

Install solar lighting

In our example, we opted for a table in the outdoor area, which gets a solar lighting.

The cost of a pallet table

The costs for the pallet table depend on the construction form. For a simple model, which consists of a pallet and rolls, you have to expect around 20 euros. Equip the table with several floors, construct drawers and make a coat of paint, then the cost is up to 80 euros.

Tips for quick readers

  • Pretreat wood
  • Sand the pallet and paint if necessary
  • screw two pallets together
  • Attach rollers
  • Locking rollers suitable
  • Install drawers
  • low costs: obtain pallets free of charge
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