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Origami Animals Fold - 12 instructions from easy to difficult

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With the Japanese art of paper folding - origami - paper is made into two- or three-dimensional works of art. In this overview we show 12 creative instructions for origami animals - from easy to difficult. Each Origami instruction shows on pictures step by step, what exactly to do when folding. In addition, we have also accommodated videos for refolding. Whether dog, cat or swan - here is something for everyone.


Basically, you do not really need much for origami. A sheet of origami paper is enough and you can fold something great out of it. Origami paper has a square format and is usually available in sizes of 15 cm x 15 cm or even 20 cm x 20 cm . The paper is available in solid color, in front of colored and back white, as well as to buy with many crazy patterns and designs. The origami animals from our overview do not necessarily have the color like the original - just colorful origami animals are real eye-catcher. If you want to fold a lot of origami instructions, you should also think about getting a folding bone. With the small folding blade made of wood or plastic, the folds can fold much better and more accurately.

Note: Sometimes the instructions also include other crafting utensils, such as pencils or wobbly eyes. Of course that's up to you. You can recognize the origami animals as such even without a face and eyes.

Ideas for origami animals

The following instructions are sorted by difficulty. So if you are a newbie in this field, you should start with the dog and slowly work your way to the elephant. Have fun trying!


Let's start with the simplest of our origami animals - the dog. With a few painted eyes and a small nose, he is a real eye-catcher. The individual steps are really easy and perfect for origami beginners.

Click here for instructions: Fold origami dog


Continue with these funny origami fish. These small specimens are perfect for anglers or divers as a gift - with a piece of tape you can attach them well to the gift.

The Wackelaugen can also be replaced with painted eyes - at will. Here you will find the folding instructions: folding origami fish


Bring the fish to safety, because now we'll show you how to fold an origami cat. The big, pointed ears and the small tail make these really elegant Origami animals - at first glance look quite difficult. But you will see, with a few practiced manipulations, you succeed in this folding instructions lightning fast.

This is how the cats are folded exactly: folding origami cat


The origami frog is a small piece of art, because it really can jump. The folding instructions integrated a small spring. If you press it down with your finger and then release it, the frog jumps forward.

How exactly this frog is folded, we show you exactly here: Origami frog fold


Would you like to spice up an Easter gift, we recommend this origami bunny. In any case, it is advisable to put on shaky eyes and also a nose, otherwise he would look rather bald and would only consist of two ears.

The detailed folding instructions are here for you: Origami Bunny fold


Another great idea for spring or summer are these origami butterflies. They are very decorative and elegant. If you fold them with white paper, you could also attach them to a wedding gift.

The instructions can be found here: Origami butterfly fold


A white dove stands for peace, but also for love. Therefore, she is doing very well as a wedding decoration. Or you can make a nice mobile out of the little birds.

How to fold the birds: Fold origami dove


Other flying origami animals are the cranes. They are among the most classic of origami animals, they are almost the symbol of Japanese paper folding art. Folding them requires a bit more practice and patience.

But with our guide, which shows every step in detail, that also succeeds a beginner: folding origami crane


The swan stands for beauty and elegance - especially in the spa or in the bathroom swans are therefore welcome symbols. The origami swan is therefore ideally suited as a topping for a wellness voucher or for cosmetics.

To fold the beautiful, feathered origami animal: fold origami swan


Now it is getting mysterious - the owl stands for wisdom and has been a popular symbol since at least Harry Potter. For origami animals like these you sometimes need a pair of scissors. Among the origami professionals, the use of scissors and glue are actually frowned upon, but a few small cuts should be allowed.

The folding instructions for the owl can be found here: Origami Owl fold


Now it is really difficult - the elephant is one of the most difficult of the origami animals in our repertoire. But it's worth it. With enough practice and patience you will certainly succeed in such a copy. In the instruction video you can look at each step again with moving pictures.

The origami instruction with video we have here for you: folding origami elephant

Tangrami swan

Our last idea is a sub-form of origami - this technique is called Tangrami and is understood as a modular origami. Many small elements are prefolded and then put together to form a larger Origami animal. We show you the technique on the hand of the swan. It takes a bit of patience and time, but the simple folding technique makes it child's play again.

The instructions for the modular origami we have put together here for you: Tangrami swan fold

As you can see, there are many variations and ways to fold origami animals. Our selection is only a small part of what you can do from a square sheet of paper. More instructions can be found here: Origami instructions

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