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Fold Origami Rose out of Paper - DIY Guide

Give it to a rose that really blooms forever. You want to know how ">

The Japanese folding art Origami allows a lot - whether animals or flowers, you can fold almost anything out of paper. So too a beautiful rose.

The matching origami paper in the most beautiful colors, as well as a folding leg for tightening the folds, you can buy in any good craft store. But the rose does not need much and is also beautiful with plain, plain paper.

Simple origami rose fold

You need:

  • square sheet of paper
  • possibly a folding bone
  • pen

Step 1: Place the origami paper on the table, which should later be visible on the outside.

Step 2: Then fold the two diagonals and open them again.

Step 3: Lift the sheet of paper and fold the folds together to form a triangle. Place this with the right-angled tip pointing upwards.

4th step: Then fold the upper layers of the left and right tips towards the middle.

Step 5: Now apply the paper to the back and repeat the previous step.

Step 6: Then lock the right point and press it flat to make it a small square. Repeat this procedure for all other three tips, front and back.

Step 7: For each of these small squares, fold the inward-facing upper corner diagonally downwards.

Step 8: The top tip is then folded down to touch the bottom edge.

Step 9: Now you have the paper and look at the bottom of the bottom, there are now four folds on each page.

Step 10: Slide both index fingers sideways into the middle folds. With your thumbs, press the fold flat, forming two triangles on each side.

Step 11: Apply the paper to the back. Set the tip up. Then move your fingers right between the two layers and fold the front down. Fold this position only in the front area, but right up to the middle.

Step 12: Turn the paper 180 ° and repeat step 11.

Step 13: Now take all four sides with your fingers and turn them in so that a spiral-shaped flower forms in the middle. Push the rose a little bit on the side as well.

Step 14: Now the individual petals are rolled inwards over a smooth pin.

Done is the Origami Rose. Now it only has to be given away to your loved one or loved one. As a small highlight on a gift, this makes especially good. We wish you a lot of fun when making and giving away!

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