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Fold Origami Crane - Simple DIY Guide

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Dare to try one of the absolute classics of Japanese folding art called Origami: The crane is perfect as a gift, but also as a decorative element for your own home. For example, he can become the first inhabitant of your personal origami zoo. We provide you with a detailed guide that explains every single folding step in words and pictures and thus helps you to achieve a remarkable result!

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Scissors and glue are superfluous in this special craft. Even for one of the most traditional formations - the crane - you need nothing more than a square piece of paper and your hands. Although it makes the job easier if you have a certain manual skill and a strong ability to think logically - these qualities are not absolutely necessary. In short, everyone has the opportunity to learn origami and make the classic crane. To help you with this not-so-easy endeavor, we sat down and created the fascinating bird. Our step-by-step instructions and the corresponding photos show you exactly how we proceeded. Have fun folding!

You need this:

  • square origami paper (15 cm x 15 cm or 20 cm x 20 cm)
  • Ruler or Falzbein (optional as a tool for folding)
  • Calm, concentration and patience

Folding instructions for origami crane

Step 1: Pick up a piece of square paper.

Tip: Original origami paper works best. In any case, the paper should be as thin as possible.

Step 2: Fold the top to the bottom edge of the paper. Make a fold and then unfold the paper.

Step 3: Fold the right to the left edge of the paper. Make another fold and then unfold the paper.

Step 4: Apply the sheet to the back. Fold the upper left to the lower right corner of the paper. The usual game: Make a fold and open the paper.

Step 5: Fold the upper right to the lower left corner of the paper. Fold and unfold the paper again.

Note: If you've done everything right up to this point, you will now see several folds on your paper, which together appear star-shaped.

Step 6: Fold the paper into a multi-layered small square using the folds. Orient yourself to our illustrative sequence of images. Place sheet with the closed tip upwards.

Step 7: Bring the right corner of the upper part to the middle fold.

Step 8: Repeat step 7 with the left corner of the top part.

Step 9: Then fold the top corner down so that the crease runs along the top horizontal line that you created in the previous two steps.

Step 10: Open the last three steps. You will now see the new folds on your multi-layered square.

Step 11: Fold up the bottom corner of the construct along the horizontal fold from the previous steps. Then fold the two folds inwards in the upper area, so that the outer edges of the paper now form the middle. Flatten these edges.

Note: Your paper took on the shape of a diamond at that moment - a diamond with two flaps that protrude to the right and left.

Step 12: Turn over the paper and repeat steps 7 to 11 on this page.

Step 13: Then fold the outer corners of the diamond to the middle fold.

Step 14: Fold the right flap to the left - as if you were turning over a book.

Step 15: Turn over the paper and repeat steps 13 and 14.

Step 16: Take the lower tip of the top flap and fold it to the top.

Step 17: Turn the paper over and repeat step 16.

Step 18: Fold the right flap to the left - again as if you were turning over a book.

Step 19: Turn the paper over and repeat step 18.

Note: Now the head and tail of the crane are between the pieces, which at the end represent the wings of the bird (should).

Step 20: Fold the wings down so that they are perpendicular to the head, body and tail.

Step 21: Fold down the top of the head.

Tip: Whether you "work in" the head on the right or left is up to you - it does not matter.

Step 22: Carefully pull the head and tail of the crane out of the overall structure. The two parts should then rest against the outer edges of the body.

Step 23: Give the bird a little more volume. You can do this by carefully pulling the wings aside. Now he is finished, your origami crane!

Helpful tips and information about the origami crane:

  • The Origami Crane is one of the most classic and popular origami designs, but it is a more complex category. With our combination of text and image, the creation is certainly not a problem for you.
  • Why the crane is one of the most classic, popular and therefore mostly folded origami models ">

    Folds to fall: The origami crane is a small challenge for craft friends - and brings the brave who comes to the plant, perhaps what the crane in Japan, the origami home, stands for: a long happy life. It's worth a try - you will not find "> tutorial video

    Tips for quick readers:

    • Fold origami crane with square origami paper
    • Optimal dimensions: 15 x 15 cm or 20 x 20 cm
    • Paper should not be torn or torn (straight edges important!)
    • Alternative materials: tissue paper or aluminum foil (difficult!)
    • Doing many small folding steps - some easier, some more complex
    • Set up the crane or hang it up with a thread
    • Suitable for home decoration or as a gift
    • Crane in Japan the symbol of a long happy life
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