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Origami Bunny folding - Folding guide for a paper bunny

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Origami, the Japanese folding art, make many things possible - including an origami rabbit. We show you in this folding guide how you can fold such a great paper rabbit.

With origami you can fold great art and deco objects out of plain paper. Almost everything is possible. An origami bunny is perfect for the next easter decoration - in addition to colorful eggs and chicks makes this paper bunny in any case a good figure. We will show you how to do it in the following instructions. Have fun trying!


  • a sheet of origami paper
  • bonefolder
  • Wackelaugen
  • puschel
  • pen
  • Glue

Origami Instructions

Step 1: At the beginning, place the paper on the table with the side to be closed at the end.

Step 2: Now fold the paper in the middle, once horizontally and once vertically. The folds are then reopened.

Step 3: Then apply the paper to the back. Now fold the two diagonals as well. Leave the second fold in this way.

Step 4: The paper is then taken over the right-angled tip and folded in a star shape. Press the paper flat to create a triangle, as shown in the last image.

Step 5: Turn the triangle so that the right-angled tip points upwards. Next, fold the top layers of the left and right points along the centerline.

Step 6: Now take the tips from the previous step again and fold them down to touch the bottom edge.

Step 7: Undo step 6. Then fold the outward pointing tips towards the middle.

Step 8: The two points pointing upwards are now folded outwards. The fold lines run along the outer edges of the other two triangles.

Step 9: Then fold the tips from the previous step back to the middle.

10th step: In the underlying layer are now two tabs, left and right. In these, the newly folded triangles are pushed in and in such a way that they disappear completely.

Step 11: The paper is then turned on the back. Then fold the two peaks, left and right, down along the midline.

Step 12: Grasp the two tips again and fold them up so that their upper edges form a straight line.

Step 13: Afterwards, take the two halves again and fold them to the middle. The two lower edges should meet in the middle. Since the paper has already been folded several times and consists of many layers, you must follow these folds particularly well.

Step 14: If you have done everything right, should now have formed in the middle of a small hole. Blow hard into this hole and the origami bunny unfolds its complete shape. The two pointed ears are clearly visible.

Step 15: Now you can decorate the rabbit at will, giving it eyes, noses, paws and tails. Two Wackelaugen look very cute, as well as little pompoms for nose and tail. Done is the origami bunny!

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