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Fold origami fox - Easy instructions for beginners with pictures

The fox with its pointed ears is a popular motif - whether as a jewelry, patch or button. In this guide we show you another great variation - we show you how to fold an origami fox out of paper. In pictures, we explain each step in detail, so that even beginners come to the desired result. Have fun refolding!

The Japanese folding art "Origami" has a lot to offer - so you can fold numerous animals, flowers and other objects from a single sheet of paper. They love foxes and dream of a paper copy ">

Instructions - Origami Fox

Step 1: Place the paper face down on the table that will later become the outer side (important for two-color paper). Then fold the paper in the middle of the horizontal.

Step 2: Open the fold again. Then fold the top edge down to the centerline. Repeat this procedure with the lower edge.

Step 3: Lay the paper in landscape orientation in front of you. Now fold the top, right corner down and towards the middle. Repeat this folding on the left side.

Step 4: Open the corners again. The just folded corners are now folded inwards.

Step 5: Then fold down the top layer of the right and left corners.

Step 6: Now apply the paper to the back - the point is still pointing up. Fold the right corner inward to the center. The process is repeated on the left.

Step 7: Now turn the paper back to the back. The two tabs, left and right, are now opened a bit - that will be the ears of the fox. Pull the right ear outwards and fold the inner part into another triangle - the individual edges have to finish neatly. Repeat this on the left ear.

Step 8: The up-facing tip is now folded down so that the left outer edge ends with the middle folds. The process is repeated on the right. In the middle of the middle there is a cross.

9th step: The paper is now folded backwards, on the vertical. The top part should now look like this:

Step 10: Open the fold again and turn the Origami Fox back onto its back. Grasp the bottom of the right ear from below and set it up. Repeat this on the left.

Step 11: Then turn the fox face to face. Press the pointed snout together with your fingers. The two tabs on the back are folded inwards on the back - this closes above the hole between the two ears. On the back is an elongated diamond.

Step 12: Hold the fox sideways in front of you so that it looks to the left. Fold the lower part sideways to the top right and back again. Then fold the lower part in the same line inwards.

13th step: The tip of the tail is now turned inside again.

Now the Origami Fox is ready and can be set up!

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