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Fold origami frog - make paper / banknotes

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  • Folding origami paper frog fold
    • Instructional Video
  • Folding origami frog out of a banknote
    • Instructional Video

This folding guide will inspire you. We'll show you how to fold a origami frog out of a banknote or plain paper. Whether as a gift or just for the kids as funny crafts, these frogs are a real eye-catcher.

The Japanese folding art Origami is absolutely trendy - the filigree paper objects are modern and fit very well into designer apartments as decoration. So also origami frogs.

All you need for the following two instructions is either a sheet of origami paper or a banknote of any size. In addition, you can stick loose eyes on the frogs, which can be bought in almost any well-stocked craft and stationery shop.

You do not have to be an origami professional - just beginners will enjoy these two tutorials.

The first guide will please your children in particular. The folded paper frogs can even jump. If you fold several of the frogs, you can make a game of it. Just put a small bucket or plastic container on and let the kids jump. With the individually designed origami frogs, every child has their very own jump candidate.

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Or you give away the frogs from bank notes for a birthday, anniversary or wedding - frog friends are more than you think.

And it beginns.

Folding origami paper frog fold

You need:

  • a sheet of origami paper
  • Scissors or cutter

Step 1: Fold the square sheet of paper once in the middle and cut the two halves apart at this fold.

Step 2: Now pick up one of the two halves. Fold it once horizontally in the middle and open this fold again.

Step 3: Now fold the right and left edge towards the center, to the fold that was created in step 2. Also open these folds again. Now the paper is divided into four equal parts.

Step 4: Apply the sheet to the back. Then fold the lower right corner upwards towards the middle. Fold so that the lower and upper edges close together. Open this fold again. Then repeat this step with the upper right corner, except that it folds down.

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Step 5: The next step is to do step 4 on the left side as well. The paper should now be in front of you:

Step 6: Now, with your right hand, press the right outer edge inward so that the pleats from step 3 slowly fold. Press everything flat so that the right half consists of a triangle.

Step 7: Now also fold the left side together as in the previous step. The paper is now square.

Step 8: Then fold up the down, top layer of the left top so that the top ends with the left corner. Repeat this too with the left-pointing tip pointing downwards.

Step 9: Do the same on the right side as you did in step 8.

Step 10: Now the legs of the frog are folded. To do this, simply fold back the just folded tips in such a way that the edges in the middle end with the next edge. This is what the paper looks like:

Step 11: Now apply the paper to the back. Fold the lower corner up on the opposite and open this fold again, so that in the middle a cross is visible.

Step 12: Then fold up the down corner to the right, with the left edge closing with the center line. Turn the paper 180 ° and do the same on the other side.

Step 13: Now you need a central fold again for orientation - for that you fold the frog together horizontally once in the horizontal format.

Step 14: Then you flipped the left tip where the back part will be, inward towards the fold from step 13.

Step 15: Now hide the two tips of the body in the tabs of the hindquarters.

Step 16: Now fold in the back of the frog once, with the center edge of step 13 and the left outer edge facing each other. This is the spring that makes your frog jump.

Step 17: In the end, all that's missing are the two front feet, which are now folded over just inside each one again.

Done is the jumping origami frog!

Instructional Video

Folding origami frog out of a banknote

You need:

  • a bill of any size
  • Wiggle eyes and tape

Step 1: Lay the bill upright. Now fold the lower half onto the upper one in the middle.

Step 2: Then turn the resulting square with one of the corners facing down. Fold this up in the middle. Open this fold again and repeat with the other two corners. In the middle is now a cross to see.

Step 3: Turn the glow now and use your fingers to make all the known ones again. Hold the bill in front of you with an edge pointing towards you. Fold the glow together to make it a triangle. Press two opposite sides together.

Step 4: Lay the resulting triangle with the center point to the right on the table. Then fold the upper layer of the lower tip that is now facing you upwards and immediately afterwards this corner along the center line back to the top. Fold down this little triangle.

Step 5: Repeat the previous step with the top corner. If you have folded correctly, the two triangles now yield a square - this then becomes the head.

Step 6: Then the legs are folded. Turn the bill over for it. Then fold the bottom and top corners along the center line.

Step 7: Finally, the frog needs his feet. Simply fold the tip of the legs outwards.

The Origami Frog is ready, ready to be sent out into the world. As a money gift for frog lovers this origami frog is perfect!

Instructional Video

Have fun refolding!

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