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Olive tree from cuttings and seeds multiply itself

  • Pull olive tree from cuttings
  • Pull olive tree from a core

The wonderful olive tree is approaching the German garden as the climate is warming up, the first specimens are already growing here, the traders are barely coming along with the orders. You can grow your own olive tree in time, it can only be planted in years anyway. Today, the olive tree, which grows edly in the German garden, can be regarded as a fairly secure prognosis for the future. With old olive trees you can get rich, as a result of the continuing sales boom in the future certainly richer - you can by timely provision of olive trees in advance:

Pull olive tree from cuttings

Olive trees can be pulled out of cuttings, you only need to know from which tree and where you pick the cuttings:

  • A cultivated olive in an olive grove was usually refined, so she wears better
  • If you cut cuttings from the ground or take cuttings that grow on the ground, it becomes an olive
  • It just not sure, which, you're just pulling a cutting of the finishing pad
  • Probably a robust wild olive, nothing bad, if you only decoration and no olive harvest
  • If you want to harvest, you need a cuttlebug of a cultivar, when processing top of the crown
  • Or even two of them, if that cultivar is not self-pollinating
  • In this cultivar, it can be difficult with the cuttings
  • The higher a variety is bred for large fruit and abundant harvest, the greater the likelihood that the cuttings "zickt"
  • If the breeding selection was made quickly and one-sidedly and perhaps even through genetic engineering, the cuttings may not be able to grow their own roots or feed on them
  • Olive trees in culture are usually propagated through cuttings, it has to go somehow
  • But sometimes only with great care and tricks:
  • First examine the "mother tree" carefully, with the cutting you make a genetically identical clone
  • Who could carry as well as the mother plant, but also inherited its susceptibility to diseases and pests
  • Cut semi-woody cuttings in summer
  • Before these come in potting soil, dab in rooting hormone
  • Pay close attention to regular irrigation and ventilation
  • Keep warm, at least 23 ° C
  • And be patient, it may take months for the first shoot to indicate rooting

Tip: There are reports of experience, according to which the propagation of olive trees should be best. That would be nothing, in every hardware store olive trees are sold ... It is true, but not necessarily the olive trees that you want to have (s.Sorten "profile"). If you come to a cuttings or seeds from a small olive grove, original trees in a fairly northern location, you should definitely try it, such olives have good chances of germination and good opportunities with us.

Pull olive tree from a core

Olive trees made of olives are of course also possible, every olive tree in nature was created because a bird ate an olive and cut out the core.

However, you need fresh olives, with the seeds of pickled olives from the supermarket is unfortunately nothing to do, they were heated, pickled in the glass again UHT, the seeds are dead. Fresh olives are available on holiday from the tree and sometimes in our Italian or Spanish delicatessen, on request.

How sowing works:
Start in spring so that the young olive trees get as much of our meager sun as possible.

    • Completely remove the pulp of the olive
    • Let the core dry for a few days, that works well in the hotel room
    • At home, just before sowing, file one side slightly
    • Afterwards, seeds are allowed to simmer for two days in lukewarm water
    • Stick with the tip up to half in a mixture of potting soil and sand (Perlite)
    • Set up bright and warm, 23 ° C or more
    • Keep constantly moist, but do not drown
    • If you have plant light, sowing is possible all year round
    • It can take three months to germinate
    • When the kernels have been expelled, they are transferred to a pot of sandy, well-drained soil
    • If you want to harvest olives, you need a few years patience with the self-grown tree

Tip: Increase eagerly, the olive grove on the patio could be good for your health - plants communicate with chemical messengers (for us = fragrances), and Professor Qing Li of Nippon Medical School in Tokyo found out that forest trees communicate with us. Most of the chemical messengers are phytochemicals called terpene, and some of these terpenes actually communicate with the human immune system, and are most likely responsible for the immune-enhancing effects of forest air. In olive oil and olive leaves are many healthy terpenes.

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