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Make earrings yourself - instructions with 4 ideas for DIY earrings

  • 4 ideas for DIY earrings
    • Earrings made of round beads
    • Shrinkles as earrings
    • Shell Jewelry
    • Fimo jewelry
  • Keep earrings

DIY earrings - so you become a jewelry designer! In this tutorial we show you creative ideas and ways to make earrings yourself. Whether made of polymer clay, with shells, pearls or shrink film - here is something for everyone!

4 ideas for DIY earrings

Earrings made of round beads

You need:

  • Bügelperlen
  • pegboard
  • Iron
  • baking paper
  • Earring blanks, earrings blanks
  • possibly tweezers, pliers, hot glue


Step 1: At the beginning you should think about which motive the earrings should have. For iron-on pearl pictures, make sure that they can be very heavy. The motif should therefore be chosen small. We decided on two rainbows. For this you need a circular or heart-shaped plug-in plate.

Step 2: Place the iron beads in the desired pattern on the plug-in board.

Tip: With a pair of tweezers, the beads can be grasped and inserted well.

Step 3: Then cut off a sufficiently large piece of baking paper. This should cover the complete plug-in board.

Step 4: Place the paper on the beads and iron over the beads with the iron over medium heat for half a minute. Once the individual beads are well fused together, you can set the iron aside and gently peel off the paper.

Step 5: Take the motif from the plug-in board. Let the earrings cool well.

Step 6: Then attach the hangers to the motive with a pair of pliers. Simply thread the hooks through the interstices of the beads.

Note: If you want to tinker earrings, they are simply attached with a blob of hot glue on the back of the earring.

Done are the earrings made of beads! Here you will find more creative ideas for crafting with iron-on beads: Crafting with iron-on beads

Shrinkles as earrings

You need:

  • shrink film
  • Permanent felt-tip pens
  • scissors
  • Stud earrings / earrings blanks
  • baking paper
  • oven
  • nailfile
  • Maybe hot glue, punch, pliers


Step 1: First you need to record the earring motifs on the shrink wrap. Be sure to create the earrings in the right scale. Shrink wrap shrinks to half the original size. That means the earrings have to be painted twice as big as they should look like later. For this you use permanent felt pens, they last longer.

Important: The rough side of the foil is painted.

2nd step: Then cut out the motifs clean with scissors.

Important: Avoid sharp corners and edges and cut them roundish. After shrinking, corners and edges are sharp and pointed.

Step 3: If you want to make earrings, of course the earrings need a hole. This is punched in both copies with a punch. You just have to make sure that the holes are not too much on the edge.

Step 4: Now place the shrinkles on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Slide the shrink wrap into the oven for 3 minutes at 120 °. The film begins to shrink after a short time and to wave. If the film is smooth again, it can be removed.

Step 5: Let the earrings cool off.

Step 6: Then the edges are smoothed with a nail file.

Tip: For better grip you can still seal the earrings with clear lacquer.

7th step:

Studs: Now the blanks are glued to the back with hot glue.
Earrings: Thread the hooks through the hole and bend the wire with pliers.

The DIY earrings are made of shrink film! Here you will find further ideas for crafting with shrink film: Crafting with shrink film

Shell Jewelry

You need:

  • Shellfish
  • Hot glue or drill
  • Blanks for stud earrings and rings
  • possibly a pair of pliers
  • possibly beads, nylon cord


Step 1: First of all, you need to find two shells that are very similar in size, shape and color. It should be noted that these may not be too big.

2nd step:

Studs: For DIY ear studs, you only attach the blanks with hot glue or in the shell.

Earrings: For homemade earring pendants, the shells need a hole to attach the hooks. Carefully drill into the shell with a very thin drill. Be very careful so that the shell does not break.

Step 3: Now the hooks are passed through the holes and the ends are bent together with a pair of pliers. If you want, you can also attach beads. Simply tie a small piece of nylon cord to the shell and thread the beads on. Then the thread is attached to the eye of the hanger.

Now let your creativity run free and create with shells innovative and eye-catching earrings!

Did you enjoy doing handicrafts with shells? "> Tinkering with shells

Fimo jewelry

You need to do it yourself:

  • Polymer clay in different colors
  • possibly modeling tool (plastic sticks, knives, toothpicks)
  • Blanks for earrings and earrings
  • oven
  • Clearcoat and brush
  • Pliers or hot glue


Step 1: With Fimo you can do all sorts of things. At the beginning the earrings have to be shaped. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Use your favorite colors, combine them or keep them a little more neutral in black.

Place a wax tablecloth or a craft pad on the table so that the mass does not discolour it. Then select a color and cut a corresponding piece of polymer clay with a knife. This piece must first be soft kneaded, in order to be subsequently brought into shape.

Now you can make balls, little snakes or even cubes. Try it.

Tip: After kneading the Fimomasse of a color, make sure that you wash your hands again. Then knead another color with your hands, unwashed hands can discolour the polymer clay.

Step 2: If you want to connect different polymer clay elements together, it is sufficient if you press them together strongly and let the edges pass.

Tip: For larger earrings, however, we recommend sticking the elements together after drying.

3rd step: Any holes as a suspension for the ear blanks must now be considered. With flat motifs you simply punch small holes into the crafting material with a toothpick.

4th step: Now the earrings are in the oven. Observe the manufacturer's information regarding temperature and duration. Lay out a baking sheet with baking paper and spread the polymer clay elements on it with enough space.

Standard values:

  • allow to cure for a maximum of 30 minutes at 100 ° C (do not forget to preheat)

Step 5: After curing, allow the earrings to cool. For more hold and a shiny look, you can now varnish the earrings with clear lacquer. Let it dry out long enough.

Step 6: Now the blanks are attached.

Either you attach the hangers quite simply with a small pliers on the earring. For this, it must first be bent, then passed through the hole and then bent again.

Studs are simply attached to the back of the polymer clay ear plug with a speck of hot glue. Voila!

Keep earrings

You need to craft:

  • Picture Frame
  • border
  • wire mesh
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hot glue
  • motive cardboard


Step 1: Take the picture frame apart, the back wall will be removed.

Step 2: Then measure the side lengths with a measuring tape or a ruler.

Step 3: Transfer these measurements with 3 cm on each side more on the wire mesh. Cut out the square with scissors.

Step 4: Then attach the grid with hot glue from the back of the picture frame. Since you can not see the back of the frame anyway, you can be a bit more generous here and prefer to use more glue than too little.

5th step: Then cut a nice piece of patterned cardboard, which, like the wire mesh, surmounts the surface of the image by a few centimeters. The frame is now reassembled - the pattern box is inserted between the wire and the back wall.

Step 6: Finally, the frame or the wire mesh can be decorated with ribbons and borders.

Done is the DIY earring storage. The small holes in the grid are perfect for hanging earrings. The border can be used for stud earrings. Finished!

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