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Nicotine color - information on prices, strokes and painting

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  • Painting with nicotine color
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  • Cost in comparison
  • When to use nicotine color?
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Smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes produces nicotine smoke. This one settles down in a flat everywhere. After many years of intensive smoking in an apartment so leftovers that give a very neglected impression of the apartment arise. Smokers' homes are a special challenge to renovate. A penetrating smell of cold smoke and walls with different degrees of yellowing make a home hardly usable after several years of use by a smoker. What is the use of nicotine color?

The painting of a smoker's apartment can also bring a nasty surprise: The brightly painted the day before the wall after drying is full of yellow spots and ugly edges. Even if you cover the discolored areas again, you always get the same result. The deposited nicotine beats through. Why this is so and what you can do about it, you will learn in this guide.

How does nicotine get on the wall?

Understanding why nicotine stains resist stubbornly requires understanding the nature of this contaminant. Nicotine is a tar-containing aerosol that is produced when burning tobacco. It is swirled up by the heat of the tobacco smoke and spreads from there throughout the room. Particularly at risk are places that are above a heat source. Heaters and especially ceiling lamps generate a permanent upward flow of air. Where this airflow sweeps along the ceiling, the nicotine concentrates. This can be seen very well, for example, in smoking apartments where a chandelier is suspended. Immediately above the bulbs, nicotine settles on the ceiling as a brown spot.

Emulsion paint unsuitable for nicotine

Nicotine is water soluble . When it gets wet or wet, it dissolves from the ground and mixes with the carrier liquid. As a color dries, microcurrents are created in the liquid that swirl the nicotine. As a result, it reaches the visible side of the ink layer and settles there after drying. When the color is repainted, the process repeats and a part remains visible. Emulsion paint as a water-based paint is therefore unsuitable for direct application by nicotine-yellowed walls. To be able to repaint a strongly discolored wall, it must be pretreated.

Wash nicotine

Depending on the substrate, a nicotine-yellowed wall can be successfully pretreated by thorough washing. All that is needed is to thoroughly wash the wall and ceiling with warm soapy water and a brush. The catch is that wallpaper and wallpaper paste are also water soluble. Washing up as a countermeasure to nicotine is therefore advisable only with plastered walls. Ceiling panels made of laminated pressboard are also resistant to moisture to a certain extent and can be washed off well with a sponge and soapy water.

Renew wallpaper

Before you rush into unnecessary costs, it is important to get an overview. How strongly yellowed are the walls ">

Painting with nicotine color

Nicotine color is a highly opaque paint which is not mixed with water but with solvents. The nicotine color covers like a varnish or latex layer, the yellowed areas completely. It is highly effective. A single coat is usually sufficient. A room that is painted with nicotine paint must be well ventilated, as the solvents give off a pungent smell when drying.

There are manufacturers who offer nicotine paints without solvents or who use water as a solvent. However, experts advise against these agents, as they have a similar effect on nicotine, such as emulsion paint.

Processing of nicotine color

Nicotine color can be processed with the usual tools, as they are also common for emulsion paint. You need:

  • Nicotine color (about 5 Euro / liter)
  • Painting set from telescopic pole, paint roller and bowl (about 12 Euro)
  • Painter foil (about 3 euros per pack)
  • Masking tape (about 5 euros for a big role)
  • Screwdriver (current tester, approx. 3 Euro)

With the screwdriver, all sockets and light switches are removed and put into a bowl of warm soapy water for cleaning. There they can stay until the room is painted. Alternatively, they can be cleaned in a cold stage in the dishwasher.

Mask off the light switch

Floor, baseboards, window frames and sockets are taped. Furniture is wrapped in painter's foil. The paint with nicotine color is always wall by wall. So you always get a consistent result. A partial sweeping of the dark areas only causes the white spots to show through again on subsequent painting with emulsion paint.

When painting, be sure to open the windows, otherwise the fumes of nicotine may cause nausea and dizziness. A coat of shut-off nicotine color makes an apartment unusable for several days . During this time she needs to be thoroughly aired. This is especially true in homes where children live.

Window frames, parquet, door leaves or cabinets are not treated with nicotine, but washed off. In most cases, soap suds are sufficient. A dash of vinegar or citric acid in the cleaning water also refreshes the air noticeably. The available special nicotine cleaners are very expensive. A 500ml pump bottle costs about 15 euros . Concentrates in the liter bottle cost up to 28 euros . These funds should only be used if there is no success with normal home remedies.

Cost in comparison

When painting with high-quality nicotine you have to expect 1 Euro per square meter.

One square meter of woodchip wallpaper in standard quality costs about 0.38 euros. There is also a high-quality wall paint, which costs about 0.61 Euro / m². For heavily soiled smoking apartments we recommend the pre-treatment with Tiefengrund. This beats with 0.16 euros hardly significant. Including wallpaper paste to get to total cost of about 1.50 € per square meter .

The cost of a paint with nicotine color therefore has only a saving of 30% of the material costs ago. Of course, the work of a full refurbishment is considerably greater: remove wallpaper, dispose of it, prime wall, paper and paint takes about three times the time like a quick repainting. But if the time factor does not matter, then you should consider performing a full refurbishment. The result will in any case be better than the repair by a paint of nicotine color.

When to use nicotine color "> Refurbish smoking apartments

In order to effectively renovate a heavily used smoker's flat and make it usable for non-smokers, everything really has to be removed from it: Furniture, especially upholstered furniture and mattresses, curtains, carpets and carpets are only odorless and hygienic after many years of contact with nicotine to get clean. Anything that is not washable, such as tiles or laminated wood, carries the smell of nicotine. This is not reasonable for a non-smoker. Although nicotine color also acts against odor blocking, but it restricts the further renovation of a flat strongly.

As a waterproof substrate, it is not optimal for picking up emulsion paint. A primer with primer or the use of expensive latex paint is therefore necessary for painting a painted with nicotine paint wall. But as nicotine color is also very opaque, the structure of the surface dissolves after every further coat of paint. At some point, even the coarsest Raubasert wallpaper will only become an ugly wave pattern that has nothing to do with the original effect of the wall covering.

Paint for the wall, ozone for the upholstery

Very high quality upholstered furniture can be completely neutralized by odor treatment. Ozone is trivalent oxygen, which quickly decomposes, giving off an oxygen atom. This seeks an atom of organic, soluble substance and neutralizes it by oxidation. Treating with ozone also destroys dust mites and all other contaminants, making them a very sustainable measure. Rental equipment is available for 25 - 100 euros per day . However, it is recommended to book a service provider at least for the first time. Ozone is not completely harmless as a gas, therefore the handling of ozone generators should be demonstrated and practiced. The effect, however, is considerable: A smokers' apartment treated with ozone gas is then completely odorless. In contrast, ozone completely decomposes to pure oxygen and the various oxides. After a short time there is nothing left of the ozone, so that no danger to his health emanates from him.


Well suited for quick repairs. Nicotine color is a good way to get results quickly. It reliably covers even very yellowed surfaces and also seals the odors. It is less suitable for a full refurbishment of an apartment, as it is ultimately too expensive as a means of repair.

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