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Crochet Santa's Boots - Free Beginner's Guide

  • Material and preparation
  • Crochet Pattern - Nicholas boots
    • Beginning
    • cuffs
    • upper foot
    • foot
    • Sewing Nicholas boots together
    • Crochet loop
    • Decorate boots

The Santa Claus boot must not be missing at Christmas! Whether made of fabric, felt or wool, it is the perfect packaging for small Christmas surprises. We show you how to crochet a Santa's boot in this simple and free tutorial. Step by step, the pictures explain exactly how to do it.

After the American model you can see the Santa Claus boot now more and more in Germany at Christmas time - as a decoration or gift wrapping. Individually above the fireplace or with 24 copies as an advent calendar, the Santa Claus boot has become a cherished tradition.

This crocheted Santa Claus boot is about 10 cm high, depending on the crochet pattern. In any case you can bring one or the other attention - if you want to give away money or a coupon at Christmas, it is perfect as packaging.

Material and preparation

You need:

  • 2 colors wool "Star" by Pro Lana (50 g, 135 m, classic: red and white)
  • Matching 3-4 crochet hook
  • wool needle
  • scissors


  • stitches
  • chain stitches
  • Fixed stitches

Crochet Pattern - Nicholas boots

The Santa's boot is crocheted open - this means that the boot is only sewn together at the end.


Start the Santa Boot at the cuffs with 29 Air Meshes (in White).


1st round: Now crochet the first round completely with sturdy stitches. To do this, start with the 2nd air stitch from the crochet hook. Round 1 = 28 stitches.

2nd and 3rd round: Crochet a mesh of air as a spiral air-stitch and do the work. Always crochet these two rounds with sturdy stitches. Before the third round, a spiral air stitch is crocheted again.

Note: Before each turn of the work, crochet a mesh of air as a spiral air stitch.

4th round: Cut off the white yarn. With the red wool thread you strike now a new beginning. Crochet the fourth round in the following pattern:

* 1 strong stitch in the fixed stitch of the preliminary round - a second tight stitch in the the fixed stitch of the pre-preliminary round (this stitch is stabbed deeper, so to speak) *

Repeat the pattern ** until the end of the round.

5th round: Crochet this round completely with tight stitches of red wool.

Round 6: Cut the red thread again and crochet the whole round in white with tight stitches.

Round 7: This round you work again in the pattern of the round 4 in white - always alternating: normal fixed stitch and deep-set, fixed stitch.

8th round: Then crochet a round again with fixed stitches (in white).

9th to 20th round: Always crochet 11 rounds in red. When turning, do not forget the spiral stitches!

upper foot

1st round: Now work 18 fixed stitches. Then you turn the work. Crochet a spiral air mesh.

2nd round: crochet 8 stitches. Then the Nicholas boot is turned again - spiral air mesh!

3rd to 10th round: crochet these rounds again and again only 8 fixed stitches, the boot is turned after each round with an air mesh.

Cut off the thread.


1 round:

Step 1: Now put on the outer edge with a new loop.

Step 2: Crochet 10 tight stitches to the upper foot.

3rd step: Now 10 fixed stitches have to be attached to the right side of the upper foot. Crochet up.

Step 4: Then crochet 8 sts on the middle piece.

Step 5: Now make 10 tight stitches on the left side of the upper foot down to the bottom.

Step 6: Then crochet 10 sts to the end. (= 48 mesh)

2nd to 7th round: Always crochet tight stitches in these rounds.

8th round: Now knit 2 stitches together and then crochet 20 stitches. Then 2 x 2 solid meshes are mashed together. Then crochet 20 stiches. Finally, 2 solid stitches are mopped together again.

9th round: Again, 2 solid stitches are minced. Then crochet 18 sts, knit 2 x 2 sts and crochet 18 sts. The last two fixed stitches are embarrassed again.

10th round: Crochet 2 sts, crochet 16 sts, knit 2 x 2 stitches, crochet 16 sts and finally cut off 2 sts.

Round 11: Crochet 2 sts, crochet 14 sts, knit 2 x 2 sts, crochet 14 sts and finish with 2 sts.

Round 12: Cut off 2 stitches, then work the stitches to the last two stitches. These are abgemascht together and the thread cut off at the end and sewn.

Sewing Nicholas boots together

Now all ends of the thread that can still be seen are knotted and sewn.

Then close the boot starting at the bottom of the toe with a woolen needle. Sew the two halves of the crochet together to the cuffs. This does not have to be sewn and can remain open.

Crochet loop

If you wish, you can now crochet a loop for the Santa Claus boot. Put on a new loop with the red or white yarn at the top on the side of the heel.

  • Crochet 15 pieces of air in an air chain.
  • This is then fixed with a fixed mesh at the injection site.
  • Then crochet 15 stitches into the warp and close the thread with a slit stitch.
  • The thread is finally cut off, knotted and sewn.

Decorate boots

Experienced crocodiles can certainly complete this Santa Claus boot in 1 hour - but even beginners may not need too much time. Lightning fast and easy, you can also crochet such a decorative and practical Santa boot. You'll see, it's well worth it.

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