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Nicholas tinker - ideas and craft instructions

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The Christmas season is approaching again with big steps and before Santa Claus or the Christ Child comes to each of us on December 24 and distributes many gifts to all, comes Nicholas. We have compiled for you and your little ones in this post a few cute craft ideas on the topic of Santa Claus tinkering. In our article you will find three ideas and craft instructions on the topic of tinkering Nicholas.

Nicholas tinker

Origami Nicholas

With this crafting idea, you fold a sweet little Santa Claus in no time at all, which is not only used on St. Nicholas' day. And you only need two small square sheets of paper measuring 9 cm x 9 cm .

required materials:

  • two equal-sized square sheets of paper measuring 9 cm x 9 cm, once in color and once in white
  • bonefolder
  • black fiber pen or black fineliner

Step 1: First, take the two equal and square pieces of paper and lay them on top of each other.

Tip: Use the small and square paper from slip boxes, or cut the small squares out of A4 paper using a cutting board. Of course, you can also use paper with the dimensions 15 cm x 15 cm, so the folded Santa Claus gets bigger.

Step 2: The red square paper is on top and is on top. Fold the bottom corner to the top corner. Then unfold this fold and turn the square to the next point, which has no fold lines yet. The square is again on top and you fold the lower corner again on the upper corner. So your unfolded square now shows folded lines in a cross shape.

Tip: When folding, use a weatherstrip or the edges of a ruler or triangle to retighten the folds.

Step 3: Lay the unfolded square with the white side and standing on the point in front of you. Now fold the right corner to the center just along the center line. Repeat this fold on the other side with the left corner, which you also fold along the center line.

Tip: For all folds, make sure that you do not slip the two pieces of paper laid on top of each other.

Step 4: Apply your folded resulting shape so that the red side faces you and points the top of the folds out of the step before. This tip is now folded down at the visible midline. In this step you fold the upper to the lower tip again.

Step 5: Open the fold and lay the folding work in front of you as in step four. Now fold the lower tip up to the midline where the white tip now touches it. At the bottom of the straight white line, fold a small fold a few millimeters thick upwards again, this fold closes off to the right and left with the corners and thus lies on the same height. In this step, the red hat of Santa Claus has now emerged.

Tip: You can cut off the protruding white paper parts with a pair of scissors, unfold your folds for this and cut the protruding pieces to the height of the few millimeters thick fold.

Step 6: Now lay your folding work with the red side up, the red tip pointing upwards. Now fold the right corner along the red triangle inwards. Then fold the left corner the same way. The two folded back corners now serve as feet for your folded Santa Claus, so Nicholas can stand upright.

Tip: Be sure to use the folder or an alternative tool to help you fold the multi-ply paper.

Step 7: Now apply your folded Santa Claus to the front and cover it with a face, which you can paint with a black pencil.

And yes, your Santa Claus is made of paper.

Nicholas made of paper

Nicholas with Santa hat made of paper

With this crafting idea you fold in a jiffy a cute Santa Claus for the upcoming St. Nicholas Day. And you only need a few craft items for that.

required materials:

  • a square sheet of paper 15 cm x 15 cm, with a colored and a white paper side
  • Construction paper in the colors beige and white
  • bonefolder
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • possibly small nail scissors for cutting small curves and shapes
  • black felt-tip pen
  • a little cotton
  • Glue, Bastelleim or hot glue

Step 1: Lay the square sheet of paper with the white sheet side up, in front of you. The square is on one of its long sides. Now fold the lower edge onto the upper edge of the sheet. Then unfold this fold again.

Step 2: The folding from step 1 is horizontal and unfolded in front of you. Now fold the lower left corner to the midline and along the midline. Do the same with the upper left corner.

Step 3: Now turn the sheet to the other side. The tip points upwards. Now fold the lower paper fold 2 cm straight up. Apply your folding work again. Now the folded tip points up again. Fold the left side of the paper inwards. The 2 cm fold touches after folding the lower edge and is slightly above this outer edge over. The slope of the fold runs 3.5 cm from the center line away to either side.

Tip: Before folding, measure 3.5 cm from the center line to the left and place a small marker with the pencil there.

Step 4: Now fold the right side in, exactly on the paper slope of the previous fold so that everything locks together.

Step 5: Turn your folding work on the other side, the top of Santa's hat points upwards. Fold the bottom two white triangles along the white line. Then unfold these two folds and fold them inwards.

Step 6: Turn the Santa hat on the front so the back is facing you. Fold the top of the Santa hat a bit diagonally downwards.

Step 7: Now cut a semicircle shape out of the construction paper in the color beige.

Tip: When sketching the semicircular shape, use the folded Santa hat as a measure, so the Santa face gets the right size and width.

Step 8: Sketch the beard for Santa Claus on white construction paper and then cut out the two parts. Cut a small curve in the upper part of the beard, so that the beard does not end straight, but slightly circular with the face.

Tip: If you also use small nail scissors for small curves and shapes, cutting them out will be easier.

Step 9: Stick the face to the santa's hat, as well as the beard, with hot glue.

Step 10: With a black felt-tip pen, paint two black eyes at the end. And with a little bit of cotton wool you form between your fingers now a small cotton ball and attach it with a little hot glue on the top of Santa's hat.

Tip: Alternatively, you can also make a small wool pompom and attach it as a pompom to the Santa hat. Or you can cut a small pompom out of the white construction paper.

And in no time, even this little Santa Claus is finished!

Nicholas from Klorolle

Upcycling with toilet paper rolls. You can make funny little Santa Claus with it.

required materials:

  • Cardboard roll from toilet paper
  • brush
  • School paints or water colors
  • some cotton wool and white pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • small felt pompom ball in the color red for the nose
  • black felt-tip pen
  • Glue, Bastelleim or hot glue

Step 1: First, pick up a roll of paper from the toilet paper and squeeze the top and bottom openings together with your fingers. In doing so, fold the upper and lower parts of the cardboard roller opposite each other. With hot glue, which you put into the roll inside, glue together both openings of the cardboard roll.

Tip: Instead of hot glue, you can also use a stapler with staple needles. But beware of your fingers and those of your little ones, this variant carries the risk of injury.

Step 2: With some paint in red and orange, in this step, paint the cardboard roll halfway in both colors.

Tip: While the ink dries on the cardboard roll, you can draw the beard for Santa Claus on white paper and then cut it out. Again use the nail scissors to cut out the small parts better and easier. Again cut a small curve in the upper part of the beard so that the beard does not end straight, but slightly circular with the face.

Step 3: After the paint on the cardboard roll has dried, glue a piece of white pipe cleaner centered along the color border between the two colors. Then you stick with the hot glue and the beard and the small red nose to the cardboard roll.

Step 4: Now paint the two eyes with black marker and fill the upper area of ​​the painted eyes with white paint. Then you paint with a thin brush and a little white color on the two eyebrows and already the Santa face is finished and brought to life.

Tip: You can attach a small thread to the cap as a suspension loop by punching a small hole through the cap or piercing it with a needle. So this little and funny Santa also finds a nice place on the Christmas tree.

We wish you and your little ones a lot of fun when making and giving away a variety of Santa Claus.

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