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Learn Morse Code - PDF Printable / Morse Code

  • Learn Morse Code
    • Morseschrift - Table
    • Morset board for decoding
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They always wanted to learn Morse code ">

Samuel Morse built the first electromagnetic writing telegraph in 1833 - this system, which at the time consisted of only 10 characters, was further developed 5 years later by Alfred Lewis Vail and extended with letters. In 1865 they standardized on the morse writing at the International Telegraph Congress in Paris. Then the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) standardized this to the International Morse Code, which is still valid today.

Today, Morse code is mainly used in aviation and shipping. Either for the identification of radio navigation systems, for the detection of radar beacons or on Cubesat satellites.

Learn Morse Code

The Morse code can be transmitted as a sound signal, electrical pulse, as a radio signal or optical signal. This type of transfer is called Morse telegraphy.

The code consists of only 3 elements:

  • Point (.)
  • Dash (-)
  • pause

Morse code can also be taught by language. The elements are formulated in this case:

  • "Dit"
  • "Dah"
  • silence

For the spoken variant applies:

  • "Dah" is about 3 times as long as a "Dit"
  • the length of the break corresponds to the length of the "Dit"
  • between letters of a word the pause has the length of a "Dah"
  • the break between individual words is the length of 7 "Dits"

Morseschrift - Table

The following two tables list the letters AZ, special characters, numbers, as well as the individual terms the NATO alphabet.

Example for the Morse code:

Berlin: _ .... ._. ._ .. .. _.

The Nato alphabet is a phonetic alphabet used for spelling over the air. In the table, the individual terms are directly next to the Morse code. If you want to spell the name of a place over the air, you use these terms for the exact spelling, so that there are no misunderstandings.

Example of the NATO alphabet:


  • Bravo
  • echo
  • Romeo
  • Lima
  • india
  • November

You want to learn Morse code and like to print it "> Click here: To download the Morse alphabet printable

Morset board for decoding

To decode received Morse codes, it is recommended to use a Morset board. This panel simplifies the decryption. If you were to use the above table to decode the Morse code, you would always have to search for the possible letters. This board will lead you quickly to the goal in a tree structure.

If the Morse code starts with a (_) start at "T", it starts with a (.) Start at "E" . And so you work along the individual branches.

T _ M _ _ O _ _ _CH _ _ _ _
Ö _ _ _.
G _ _.Q _ _ _. _
Z _ _. ,
N _. K _. _Y _. _ _
C _. _.
D _. ,X _. , _
B _. , ,
E. A. _ W. _ _J. _ _ _
P. _ _.
R. _.Ä. _. _
L. _. ,
I. , U. , _Ü. , _ _
F. , _.
S. , ,V. , , _
H . , , ,

To illustrate, we show the use of the Morsetafel an example.

  • Morse Code: _. , ,

The Morse code describes the letter "B" . You can also download the morset board as a PDF and print it out.

Click here: To download the Morsetafel

knock Morse

Morse code is often and often used in TV series or films as a secret means of communication. The actors knock Morse signs on the walls of prison cells or on heating pipes. However, one can not distinguish between a "short" and a "long" knock. If you wanted to transmit a Morse code by tapping, you would have to understand the pauses between each knocker as a sign. This is called then Klopfmorsen.

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