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Crochet Mistletoe - Christmas Crochet Pattern

  • Material and preparation
  • Crochet mistletoe
    • Make mistletoe leaves
    • Craft mistletoe berries
    • Attach the dung cranberries
  • decorative options

Like fir branch and poinsettia, the mistletoe also belongs to the Christmas decoration. As a green splash of color on the table or on a loop hanging from the ceiling he adorns the apartment in Advent. Anyone who has no mistletoe in his environment or whom the harvest is too laborious, can crochet a mistletoe easy. Read how to do this in this guide.

Many myths and stories surround the mistletoe. For example, when a couple kisses under the branch, their relationship should be happy. As an evergreen half parasite the mistletoe grows in the branches. If the trees lose their leaves in winter, the spherical plants are easily recognizable. Now you can climb on the tree and cut off a few twigs. Alternatively, it is not difficult to crochet a mistletoe . In this guide we will explain step by step how to make wool mistletoe. The advantage of this is that these branches are fluffy and have a very long life.

Material and preparation

Prepare the following material:

  • Crochet yarn in green and white
  • matching crochet hook
  • Ribbon in purple or red for hanging

As you can see, the manual comes with very little material. To crochet a single mistletoe, you need only a few grams of the green and white wool. We always do several branches in this crochet pattern and combine them into a decoration. If you use cotton yarn, the mistletoe becomes a bit more stable and less fluffy. Synthetic fiber gives you a softer finish.

We have used pure cotton thread suitable for a needle size 4 for the crochet pattern. A single mistletoe will be about 6 inches long and wide.

Prior knowledge:

  • stitches
  • double chopsticks
  • rod
  • half sticks
  • strong stitches
  • chain stitches
  • thread ring

Crochet mistletoe

Make mistletoe leaves

Make a loop with the green yarn at the beginning. Crochet eleven meshes for a mistletoe branch.

Count 4 stitches back from the last loop of air. Crochet a double stick in this stitch. This means that you make two envelopes around the crochet hook and then stab through the air mesh. Get the thread through. Now there are four loops on the crochet hook. For the double stick, pull the thread through three loops three times at a time.

The procedure is basically the same as with a normal chopstick . The only difference is that at first you have one more envelope on the crochet hook. In the following air mesh comes again a double stick .

It follows each a whole stick in the next two air meshes.

This is followed by two half sticks .

Crochet a single crochet in the last two stitches .

A leaflet is now ready. Crochet the second leaf of the mistletoe analogous to the first one. That means you start with eleven meshes.

In the fourth last air mesh comes a double stick . Also crochet a double stick in the following air mesh.

This is followed by two whole sticks, two half sticks and two fixed loops .

Join the two lower edges of the leaflets by making a slit stitch through the first solid loop of the first leaflet.

Now the instructions provide that you crochet 16 air stitches starting from the last warp stitch.

In the back row make 15 chain stitches . With a last slit stitch fasten the handle firmly to the leaves. Cut off the thread. Pull it through the last stitch. Tie the start and end threads on the back of the mistletoe. Now you can briefly cut off the protruding threads.

Craft mistletoe berries

At the end, only the crochet pattern for the white berries of mistletoe is missing. For each mistletoe, crochet two berries. Start with a thread ring of four fixed meshes in white. In a second round, crochet a tight stitch in each stitch . Finish the berry with a chain stitch in the first loop of the second round.

Cut the thread and pull it through the last stitch. Finally, knot the beginning and end threads with a double knot. Do not cut the threads short. You need them to fix the berries on the branch.

Attach the dung cranberries

The berries come to the base of the leaves on a stalk. Using the crochet hook, pull one of the protruding threads of the berry from top to bottom through the first stitch of the sheet. Turn the sheet over and knot the thread with the other protruding thread on the berry. Now cut the threads off briefly. Repeat this procedure with a second berry at the base of the other leaf.

decorative options

There are now different ways to use the crocheted mistletoe decoratively: You can crochet several mistletoe branches with the same stem length and put them on the table. A radial or circular arrangement looks very pretty.

Alternatively, crochet several mistletoe branches with different stem lengths . For example, make two mistletoe branches with the indicated 16 air stitches for the stem. In addition there are two branches with 21 air meshes for the stem and two branches with only 12 air meshes on the stem. Lay the ends flush and wrap a nice ribbon around them. The mistletoe branches can be hung on the ceiling or on the door frame.

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