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My first crochet pillow - crochet pillow - free instructions

  • Material and preparation for a square crochet pillow
  • Crochet a square pillow from Grannys - instructions
    • Crochet color change
    • The first granny
    • Crochet Granny Squares together
    • The backside
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They are again modern, the nostalgic crochet pillows that conjure up a lot of shabby chic and harmony in every apartment. Single Crocheted Granny Squares are put together to form a trendy square cushion. After the first pillow you will automatically be caught by the crooked fever, the apartment will be a jewel box with many cushions like in Omis times.

For beginners a slightly crocheted square pillow with detailed instructions

In our guide we show you a crochet pillow that is so easy to crochet that even beginners will enjoy it. Step by step, we explain the way to the finished pillow. Often the finished work looks so complicated, and it's so easy to rework. A little colorful wool, mixed with a little love for handicraft, also leads beginners of crochet art with our guide to the successful crochet pillow. Grannys are the foundation of this pillow. Our Grannys are only crocheted with chopsticks, in between a few meshes of air and warp stitches. No complicated mesh images need to be processed. It is the colors and the simple motif that create a small and loving work of art. Just perfect for beginners to successfully complete a crochet work.

Material and preparation for a square crochet pillow

Every Granny pillow gets the character you give it with the yarn and the colors. With our instructions for a square crocheted pillow, all your doors are open to your imagination. You can mix all colors across the board, but you can also choose only two colors or you can take all your wool remains and crochet a colorful, colorful pillow.

We chose an Egyptian cotton in pastel colors. It belongs to the very soft cotton yarns and can be wonderfully processed. Since cushions are also subject to strain, it was important to us to process a machine-washable yarn.

Tip: Before starting work, test your yarn with different crochet hook sizes. The indication on the banderole is always only a recommendation, it does not necessarily have to be the perfect number for you. If you crochet, you should always use one size bigger and if you crochet very loose, you should opt for a thinner needle. Only if you crochet a small stitch, you can see which needle is the right one for this job. Especially for beginners, this mesh test is a must.

So much yarn you need:

  • Our crochet pillow is square and 35 centimeters long on all sides. We chose six different colors in pastel shades and processed just under 300 grams of wool.
  • We crocheted with a size 3 crochet hook.

Crochet a square pillow from Grannys - instructions

For this crochet pillow no special preparations need to be made. There are louder single grannies crocheted, which are crocheted together in the end to a pillow. This is the whole secret of this crochet pillow that even beginners can easily rework.

How big your crochet pillow should be, you decide all by yourself. The bigger it gets, the more Grannys you have to crochet. The pattern of the Grannys consists only of a thread ring, air meshes, whole sticks and Kettmaschen. In our crocheting article we will show you exactly how to crochet these single stitches.

Crochet color change

Since the individual Grannys only become unique through the colorful colors, we show you in advance how to crochet the color change:

Before you start with the new color, the previous thread is cut to about 20 centimeters. Now make an air stitch with the new thread and tighten the previous thread. However, this mesh is not counted as an aerial mesh for the new series. By tightening it disappears completely and serves as the basis for the new color. The new color will now be used to work the meshes for the next row, turn the work and continue to crochet as normal.

The first granny

1 round:

The first round consists of a thread ring, it is also known as a magic ring.

2nd round:

Now work 2 air meshes and 7 sticks in the Magic Ring. The circle of chopsticks now counts 8 stitches. Close the ring with a chain stitch in the first 2 air stitches. Cut the thread afterwards.

3rd round:

Crochet 2 air stitches with the new color. These two air meshes are the first to count new chopsticks.

That is, in the following stitch is crocheted only a stick. In each additional stick of the previous round, two sticks are crocheted. So the new circle has already 16 stitches. Close the circle with a chain stitch and cut the thread.

Tip: You can start with the new color in any stitch of the preliminary round. You do not have to start where you left off. It's always a closed ring that gets a fresh start somewhere.

Tip: The crochet starts to bulge slightly. That must be so and is not a mistake.
Just continue working normally. Once the corners are worked, the Granny smoothes itself automatically.

4th round:

Cast on 2 pieces of air (as a substitute for the spokes) with new paint and crochet 1 stick. Crochet 2 sticks in the next stitch of the preliminary round. In other words, you do not finish the first chopsticks, leaving two stitches on the needle.

Now work another stick in the same stitch and at the end pull the picked thread through all three stitches. The result is a bundle of two sticks.

Crochet 1 air stitch.

In each additional stitch of the preliminary round a bunch of chopsticks of 2 sticks and an air mesh work. The round ends with an aerial stitch. Then close the circle with a slit stitch, cut the thread.

5th round:

Start again with a new thread.

In this round and in all the following rounds you do not stab in the stitches of the preliminary round, but you simply stab into the cavity of the air mesh from the preliminary round.

You start this round again with 2 air meshes, these work you into the air mesh of the preliminary round. The work thread should be held with the thumb and the middle finger a little at the first air mesh.

In the same air mesh you still work a bundle of chopsticks with two sticks, so that you now receive a bundle of three.

2 air mesh work.

In the next air mesh of the preliminary round again work a stick bundle with 3 sticks. That is, crochet 3 sticks half finished, there are now 4 stitches on the needle. Crochet this with the working thread to a stitch.

Crochet 2 air stitches again and work a bundle of 3 sticks into the next round of air in the preliminary round. Finish the whole round, it ends with 2 air meshes.
Close the round with a slit stitch, cut the thread.

6th round:

Start the round again with 2 air stitches in a new color as a chopsticks substitute (air mesh bow) and crochet 3 sticks in bundles.

Crochet 3 pieces of air.

In the Luftmaschenbogen of the preliminary round now comes a stick bundle of 4 sticks. That is, you work 4 sticks half finished, until 5 stitches are on the crochet hook. Crochet them together with the working thread into a stitch.

Then work 3 air stitches again.

In total, you have now crocheted 16 4-packs in one round.

7th round:

The result is the corner round - round becomes square.

Also this round you start again with a new color and 2 air mesh as a chopsticks substitute. In each airmesh bow now 4 sticks are worked normally. No bundles, no air meshes as a gap. Every stick stands alone.

Crochet a corner after 3 crocheted arches. There are 3 double crochet crocheted, 4 air meshes, 3 double swabs. A double stick is worked with 2 envelopes.

In this order continue to work this round:

Fill in 3 arcs - 1 corner - 3 arcs - 1 corner, etc. How to work until all 4 corners are crocheted. Finish the round with a slit stitch, cut the thread, pull through.

The first granny is ready.

Crochet as many grannies as you need for your crochet pillow. We crocheted 16 Grannys.

Before you connect all Grannys together, you should sewn the individual work threads with very few stitches.

Tip: For the good mood, it is usually better if you sew the threads immediately after each finished Granny. Because 6 threads can be sewn faster and better, than if you have to sew all Grannys at once.

Crochet Granny Squares together

You can crochet the Grannys in a very simple way. You put the pieces together left to left and crochet the single sides together with fixed stitches.

We have decided on the following variant:

Put a loop with the working thread.

Put this loop between two Grannys as shown in the picture. The thread is always under work.

Pierce into the hole in the corner from above and then pierce into the opposite hole, again from above.

Now get the working thread and pull through the loops.

For the following stitches, always sting only in the inner part of the stitch. This gives a nice overall picture of the crocheted Grannys.

Tip: We first crocheted the Grannys into four individual stripes. Only then are these four strips joined together again in the same way.

Now crochet all Grannys with tight stitches so that the whole part gets straight sides. You can also crochet several rows of strong stitches. We crocheted two rows until we were satisfied. The corners are again formed with Luftmaschenbögen.

The backside

The front has now mastered with flying colors. There are several ways to design the back.

You can easily crochet just as many grannies as you needed for the front. Crochet everything, fill with a pillow of the same size, done. It certainly looks very pretty.

You can also crochet the back with a different pattern. We decided on the second variant and crocheted very simple half rods as a pattern.

That means, you crochet the back of the pillow in different colors with half sticks .

In the end everything is crocheted together with tight stitches. When you crochet the last page, do not forget to put the pillow in first.

When crocheting, we wondered what happens when the pillow needs to be washed with the cover ">

When crocheting the two parts are then crocheted to the front part that they overlap each other when connecting side.

Crochet the sides on the front left and right. The result is a large opening into which the interior of the crochet pillow can be inserted perfectly.

Washing the crochet pillow is now a simple matter. Peel off the crocheted pillow, wash, dry and reassemble.

Today so tomorrow

With this tutorial for a square crochet pillow you have crocheted as a beginner two motifs in a pillow. So you drape the pillow according to your mood, today and tomorrow so.

quick start Guide

  • thread ring
  • Crochet the air stitches and 7 sticks into the Magic Ring
  • Crochet 2 sticks in each stick of the preliminary round
  • Crochet a chopsticks bundle into the chopsticks of the preliminary round with 2 chopsticks and 1 air mesh.
  • Crochet a chopsticks bundle with 3 sticks and 2 air stitches in the air ashes.
  • Crochet a bundle of chopsticks with 4 sticks and 3 loops of air into each loop of airmesh.
  • Crochet 4 normal sticks (no bunches) in the air-mesh bow
  • Crochet 2 double swabs, 4 air stitches, 3 double swabs in the corners.
  • Sew all threads and crochet the Grannys together.
  • Crochet the back of the square crocheted pillow with half sticks in different colors.
  • Crochet both sides together.
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