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Making Loom Minion yourself - DIY instructions

  • Materials and preparation:
  • Manual:
    • To loosen the body
    • The arms are loosening
    • Loosen the head

Surely you have already seen these colorful rubber bands somewhere. These loom bands are very popular with many, regardless of age, because they can be used to make many individual things. Of course, the small, colorful Looms at first glance only seem to be for children - that's not the case. Both teenagers and adults can spend time with the tapes. And this Loom Minion is easy to make.

The Loom Bandz are very versatile and very different in their designs. Excellent for creative hobbyists.

You want to spice up your pens, then we show you a guide how you can quickly make your own Loom Minion. This project is also suitable for beginners. Not much material is needed and in just about 20 minutes you can make your own Loom Minion yourself.

We recommend that you first read through the manual completely. So any questions can be clarified in advance.

We start with the material for the homemade Loom Minion.

Materials and preparation:

You need this:

  • 1 Loom weaving frame
  • 1 Loom Hook Needle
  • Loom Bandz in the colors: black (24 pieces), yellow (29 pieces) and blue (24 pieces)
  • 1 pair of plastic eyes for sticking or threading
  • craft glue

Loom rubber bands are available in many, different, colorful colors to buy - individually or in a set with the necessary closures, the hook and the loom. Due to the low price of many sets, we recommend that you get the complete package. This makes the knotting very easy.

These rubber bands are made of very elastic material, which does not tear so fast. The original under the Loom Bandz is the "Rainbow Loom ®". These loom bands are lead free, latex free, BPA free and phthalate free: //www.rainbowloom.de/service/wissenswertes.html. Many tests have shown that this harmless product is particularly soft, flexible and supple.

Make sure when working with your children that the rubber bands can be quickly swallowed - it is therefore recommended an age group from 7 to 8 years. Nevertheless, you should always keep an eye on your children while crafting.


To loosen the body

1. First, remove the middle part of the loom loom. The lower side of the hook needle makes this removal easier. The weaving frame can also be turned over and so the middle part is simply pushed out downwards.

2. Lay the loom vertically in front of you so that the openings of the pins of the loom are facing you.

3. Take a black loom band and put it between both index fingers. Then turn this to an eight and drop the loom band on one of your forefingers.

Tighten it again between your fingers and twist it again to the eighth.

Now put this on the first pins of the weaving frame.

Continue doing this until the first black square of 6 black loom bands has been created on your Loom loom.

Turn the loom counterclockwise.

4. Now clamp a black loom band undiluted around the first two loom loom pins.

Proceed again until the square is closed again. Again and again, slide tapes down on the pins to make room for the new rubber bands.

5. Repeat point 4, only this time with six blue untwisted rubber bands, see previous image on the right.

6. Now you start the actual Loomen. Turn the loom towards you so that the openings of the pins point towards you. Pull the bottom four black loom bands over all the others and over the pin.

Proceed with all other pens. After loosening, two black and two blue loom bands can be seen on each pen.

  1. Now repeat point 5.

8. Loosen the lower two black rubber bands over all pens one more time. On the pins are now only blue Loombänder.

  1. Repeat point 5 again.

10. Loosen the lower two blue loops again using the same procedure.

11. Repeat point 5 with yellow rubber bands and then loosen the lower bands again.

The arms are loosening

12. For a little one take a yellow Loom Bandz and put it on your loom as shown in the picture.

Use a portion of the top free area of ​​your loom for this.

Now take another yellow rubber band and give it to your hook needle as shown in the next picture.

Now remove all three envelopes with your index finger and thumb from the hook needle and pass them over a pen as shown in the following picture.

Then use the hook needle to pull one yellow loom band through the second.

Now connect the two yellow loom bands to one arm each.

For the second little one repeat the whole thing again. Then remove one of the resulting arms as shown in the next picture and attach it to a side of your finished square.

Attach the first finished sleeve to your Loom Ribbon square.

Now pull the four bands of the little arm over the one yellow loomband.

Tighten the yellow loomband on which the first little arm is now with its second end on the loom on.

And fix it there on the pen.

Repeat this procedure for the second sleeve on the opposite side of the first sleeve.

Loosen the head

13. Loosen the lower two blue rubber bands over all pens again.

14. Repeat point 11 with yellow, untwisted loops and loosen the two loom bands below.

  1. Repeat point 11 with six black, non-twisted rubber bands.

  1. Loosen now the last two Loombänder.
  1. Repeat points 15 and 16.

18. Now put six yellow rubber bands undiluted over the pins and loosen the lower two black bands.

19. Repeat point 18 again.

20. Now flatten the two lower yellow rubber bands upwards without applying new rubber bands to the loom.

21. Then lift off all remaining yellow rubber bands with the hook needle.

Then tie them together with a single yellow rubber band and knot them and pull the loop inwards into the figure.

Finally knot the loop and pull it from the top into the inside of the figure.

  1. Finally, stick the two eyes on the head area of ​​the figure.

Now your Loom Minion is finished with Loom rubber bands.

Have fun after crafting. Here are some more ideas for you. How about a nice Loom band from Loom Bandz "> // www.zhonyingli.com/rainbow-loom-baender/

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