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Make lighthouse - free instructions to build yourself

  • Make lighthouse
    • Template for paper lighthouse
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They love maritime decoration - no matter where, whether in the garden or in the bathroom ">

Lighthouses - they serve as warning signs of navigation, but for many they mean much more. They radiate peace, security, freedom, but also loneliness. Often you think at the sight of a lighthouse to the lonely lighthouse keeper, who has to do his job in wind and weather. But most of all you associate them with holiday feelings. That's why they are so popular decoration objects. We now show in detail how you can make your own lighthouse yourself.

Make lighthouse

Template for paper lighthouse

You need:

  • Working creatively
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil
  • carton
  • Acrylic paints / brushes or felt-tip pens and colored pencils
  • Sponge rubber (black and white)
  • cork coasters
  • Pin or pearl

This lighthouse has a height of 22 cm - if you want to make a larger lighthouse, then transfer the outlines of the template on an A3 size paper.


Step 1: Print out our crafting template for the lighthouse at the beginning. These can be downloaded here: Crafting template - Lighthouse

Step 2: Cut the lighthouse and the circle for the roof clean with scissors.

Note: You can now paint the lighthouse directly with felt-tip pens or crayons and then assemble it directly (see below).

Step 3: In order to make the lighthouse a bit more stable, we will transfer the outlines in pencil to white cardboard. Also plot the cross lines and the edge on the right. Cut out the lighthouse again.

Step 4: Then paint the lighthouse with acrylic paint. You can let your creativity run wild. We opted for the classic red and white design. Wait until the color has dried before continuing to work.

5th step: Then cut the dashed lines on our template on their lighthouse with a pair of scissors. Fold the small areas inwards. The folding edge on the right side is also folded inwards.

Step 6: Now build the lighthouse together. Put some hot glue on the vertical tab and close the tower.

Step 7: Then you pick up black foam rubber. Transfer the outlines of the roof, the door and the windows onto the foam rubber and cut out the elements. The circle for the roof is cut to the center and then glued together to form a hat. Glue all elements to the lighthouse with hot glue.

Then we add three smaller circles of white sponge rubber - that will be the windowpanes. Finally, we put a pin with a white head as a door handle in the door! Now the lighthouse must stand straight. Simply stick it on a cork mat - the lighthouse is done!

Make clay pot lighthouse

You need:

  • 4 clay pots (d = 12.5 cm, 10 cm, 8 cm, 4.5 cm)
  • 2 sound coasters (d = 15.5 cm, 10 cm)
  • hot glue
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • candle
  • possibly maritime decoration (shells, stones, knits, natural fiber ribbons)
  • possibly clear coat

With the clay pots used here you can build a lighthouse with a height of about 25 cm. For the pots and saucers, we spent less than 10 € in the hardware store - so the lighthouse is quite cheap, as far as the material costs are concerned. Of course you can make a bigger lighthouse - depending on where you want to set it up. There are many, different sizes of clay pots in the hardware store. When shopping, you can try out directly, which size and variant (whether with three pots, four or five) you like the most. In addition, you can also install several coasters - as a platform between each clay pot for example.


Step 1: First, assemble the lighthouse as it should look like later. The large coaster is the support for the lighthouse, then followed by three clay pots stacked in size. Now the small coaster is placed on top of it. Finally, the smallest clay pot forms the top.

Step 2: Now you know what the shape of the lighthouse will look like. Now think about how you want to paint and decorate the lighthouse. There are numerous variations and color combinations - striped, striped, monochrome or dotted. You can simply let your creativity run free here, orient yourself to original lighthouses - perhaps one that you have ever visited - or you can design a motley tower to your heart's .

For example, with a pencil you can mark the lines to where the pots go and then design them. We opted for a classic, striped lighthouse in red and white.

The individual pots are now painted with acrylic paint and a brush. Be patient and wait until the colors have dried through until you begin with your neighbor. But: the acrylic paint dries incredibly fast on the clay pots - it's really fun to paint them, because the color covers so well.

Note: To get straight lines and stripes, you can mask the pots with masking tape.

Of course, doors and round windows on a lighthouse should not be missing. After drying, we drew these in pencil and then carefully painted them with acrylic paint.

Step 3: Now the clay pots are piled up. You can glue the pots together with hot glue - but that does not necessarily have to be. If the lighthouse should only be inside, it is sufficient if the pots are put together.

Step 4: With a bit of clear coat, the lighthouse keeps its shine outside in the open air. Evenly spray the tower at a distance of 30 cm with clear lacquer - this seals the colors and ensures shine.

5th step: Finally the lighthouse can be decorated. Depending on your preference and what materials you have at your disposal, these can be stones, shells, ropes, ribbons or other maritime decorative elements such as a life preserver or steering wheel. With a blob of hot glue these things should keep the tone well.

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