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Make your own crown - ideas for princess and king

  • DIY: Make a glamorous crown yourself
    • Simple royal crown made of cardboard
    • Fantasy tiara with gemstones and pearls

There are costumes, which you simply have to put the crown on - and you can make this quickly and relatively easily yourself. Whether in the particularly uncomplicated version of the cardboard roll from the toilet paper or something more elaborate than the mysterious wire diadem: crown yourself on your own!

DIY: Make a glamorous crown yourself

It's so easy to conjure up a touch of nobility - be it just for the carnival or an imaginative event. Our DIY crowns achieve a great effect with a very small amount of material and time. Above all, the royal crown made of cardboard can be easily created by children alone - provided that the kids can already safely handle the scissors. For the slightly more complicated tiara from instruction number 2 adults should in any case tinker. Because although the aluminum wire used is very flexible, of course, there is still a risk of injury. Before getting started, another word on the difficulty levels: For the sake of clarity, we use a scale of 1 to 5 - the higher the number, the more demanding the DIY work. But only courage: It's worth it!

Simple royal crown made of cardboard

If you want to create a beautiful crown for princesses and kings - or all other crowning heads - relatively quickly and with unspectacular means, you can use scissors and cardboard. This idea is also special because at the same time you can do something good for the environment and create something new out of old things.

Difficulty: 1/5
Time required: about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your skills
Material costs: under 3 €

You will need that:

  • Cardboard roll of toilet paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Paint and brush
  • craft glue
  • Decoration material (rhinestones, felt, pearls)
  • needle
  • Rubber band or string

That is how it goes:

1. To start with, take a leftover roll of toilet or kitchen paper to hand. Then cut this roll to the desired height - the height of the toilet paper is already very well suited for a DIY crown of this kind.

2. Then draw the crown of the crown with a pencil - you can make it as you like. Either draw them evenly as with a typical royal crown or something fancier for the head of the princess.

3. Carefully cut the prongs with scissors afterwards.

4. Then follows the painting and decorating. Acrylic paint holds and dries quickly on cardboard. Brush the crown as you like. Subsequently. if the paint is dry, add rhinestones, beads and other decorative material with the craft glue.

5. To fix, use a needle to prick two holes in the cardboard opposite each other. Through this you then pull a piece of rubber band and knot their ends.

Ready is specially made crown for king or princess. Your kids will love this quick DIY idea - the next carnival party will be over!

Fantasy tiara with gemstones and pearls

Whether for a fantasy event, costume parties or school carnival: This filigree princess crown enhances any disguise with noble glamor and fits as well to the fairytale fairy look as to the mysterious Orient princess, depending on color and gemstones.

Difficulty: 3/5 (Will be much easier with a little practice!)
Time required: about 45 minutes at the beginning, finished in 10 minutes!
Material costs: around 10 euros

You will need that:

  • Aluminum wire in gold, rose or silver - depending on which color your crown should have.
  • Gemstone about 2-3 inches tall
  • small pliers
  • side cutter
  • jewelery glue

That is how it goes:

1. As a first step, cut off two pieces of wire that will extend from one ear to the other for the future wearer of the crown. But rather cut a longer piece just right, so that you later have some extra for the emergency.

Tip: Alu wire can be wonderfully bent by hand - completely without tools. Even those who are insecure and have to correct a step several times, do not have to worry about this flexible material, that it breaks or gets ugly kinks.

2. Now put the two ends of the first piece together and pull the wire straight - so that the piece is half in front of you.

3. Take your big gemstone and place it in the rounding of the closed side of the wire. Now they bend the wire so that the stone sits perfectly, without gaps!

4. Also halve the second piece evenly to form a loop. This time, however, it is larger than the wire preformed for the stone.

5. Pass the portion of the first wire that will be in the stone through the opening of the second wire so that it is behind the wire number 1 in a U-shape.

Tip: It looks a little bit like this after this step, as if the first wire would put its arms behind the U to hold on. Only the body (stone area) bravely hangs forward.

6. Now pull the U together as far as possible to fix the first wire in this shape. Cross the vertical bars for better grip.

7. Align the wires parallel and sideways so that they are as straight as possible. Then connect the "arms" of the bottom wire to the vertical bars of the "U" by winding them both around each other. That ensures stability.

Tip: Which shape exactly you give your tiara, is up to your taste. However, it helps to focus on a slight V-curvature: in the lower tip is the stone, while the legs of the "V" represent the parallel wires.

8. Twist the wire ends on both sides until nothing is left. Attention: The tips of the wire should finally be bent cleanly outwards so that they point away from the head when worn. Otherwise there is a risk of injury.

9th Then you give the crown on both foothills an imaginative flourishes. To do this, roll up 3 to 4 cm of the end pieces on each side like a snail.

Tip: The first bends are still easy to shape by hand, inside the formed snail you help with the pliers.

10. Now cut off another piece of wire, which is about half as long as the two predecessors. Do not worry, Pi times thumb is enough, because it does not have to be very accurate!

11. Slide this new piece through the gap between the parallel wires near the stone holder. Then pass it behind the stone holder and forward again.

Tip: Align the wire centered, both sides left and right of the stone holder should be the same length.

12. Now pass the new wire over the top wire on both sides, then bend a nicely shaped loop and pull the remaining end forward through the space between the already connected source wires.

Tip: Make sure that both loops look as even as possible.

13. From the ends, make symmetrical flourishes on both sides as in step 9.

14. Another piece of wire is added. This time, it should be a little shorter after eye or memory measure than the last truncated element.

15. Wrap one end of the new wire very tightly around one end of the crown two to three times, just before the end flourish. Press firmly with the pliers until it can no longer be moved.

16. Make a downward curve with the new wire. Afterwards, restrain the rest well with the crown 2 to 3 times and form a flourish from the remaining end, which is directed upwards.

17. Repeat steps 14 to 16 as identical as possible on the opposite side.

Tip: As imaginative as the crown itself may be its forms. If, as you bend, you get ideas for flourishes and curves that you like better: go ahead! There is no set pattern.

18. For a perfect fit, put the crown on yourself or the future princess and adjust the gradients so that everything fits exactly.

19. For attachment, it can be stuck with hairpins or connected with another wire to form a circle. Then slide a short piece of wire through the back flourishes, put your work back on and press the wire firmly in the position in which the crown has the best fit. Then remove again and tighten the wire at this height. The ends of this wire can turn into squiggles.

20. Now only the stone and decorative pearls are missing: Simply apply the glue to the preformed stone holder and then press firmly on your gemstone for about 10 seconds. Finished!

Tips for quick readers:

  • Simple crown of cardboard
  • Print template and use as template
  • Alternatively, paint yourself using the instructions
  • Cut out the floor plan along the lines
  • decorate with decorative elements
  • Glue the ends together and additionally festack
  • Fantasy Elven Crown in Diadem Shape - Tiara
  • shape stone holder with aluminum wire
  • Add additional wires for support and flourishes
  • Simply adapt the shape to the head
  • Attach stone with jewelry glue
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