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Creative gifts for kids

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When it comes to making a gift to a child, many think reflexively of toys. At first glance, it also seems perfect: There is hardly anything that kids love more than play. The flip side of the coin: Most nursery rooms swell in front of toys. Often, the latest achievement will play two or three times until it disappears into the jungle.

In addition, there are countless alternatives to toys that make children at least as much fun. In this article, we have compiled some ideas that are always well received by the little ones and that they usually have more than the 25th toy car or the 17th doll.

Time together

It is perhaps the most beautiful gift you can give your child / nephew / godchild. Our offspring loves to spend time with us - so why not give a special occasion for a special occasion "> Adventure

Just give your child a little adventure. With a scavenger hunt, you score not only with your little ones, but also with all other invited guests. A treasure hunt combines playing together and researching - and that even outside in nature. In bad weather, even in the smallest apartment can make a small hunt. Here you will find helpful tips and game variants: Scavenger Hunt

A themed party

Children love to dress up and play other roles. You want to give your child an unforgettable birthday ">

Indian party:

  • Indian names
  • Tinker Indian jewelry

Round table with knights:

  • Ritter names
  • Make knight's helmet

Pirate Ship Battles:

  • pirates name
  • Pirate Costume

Reading and learning


To promote a child, there is another possibility: according to his interests you can give him a subscription to a magazine. So it learns many new things - and unlike in school without pressure. In addition, a subscription goes on for a longer period of time, so that this gift gives lasting pleasure. At the next birthday you can then consider whether to extend the subscription again or change to another magazine.


Actually, this point should not appear in such a list. However, as fewer and fewer books are given away, he still managed to get it. After all, there is hardly a better present than a book. It stimulates the imagination of our little ones and gives them great pleasure for a long time as they can read and experience it again and again. With a book you definitely do not do anything wrong!


It is incredibly important for the development of our little ones that we promote them as far as possible and confront them with challenges. Of course that does not mean difficult problems; Rather, it is about exploring and overcoming their limitations by learning something new - such as an instrument. Piano or guitar lessons are therefore an ideal gift - but only if the child enjoys it. If that is not the case, it does not matter to continue sending it to class just because it's already paid.


Homemade gifts for children are very popular. You can tailor the gift individually to the child and we know it best - the sweater Mutti knits still hangs in our closet today. Of course, you have to bring some craftsmanship and time for this kind of gift - but there are also handicrafts that do not demand so much skill. Here is a list of creative gift ideas for your kids:

  • soap bubbles
  • Child chocolate cake tinker
  • Recipe for gummy bears
  • Tinker hobbyhorse
  • Do kinetic sand yourself
  • Make hand puppets yourself
  • Sew gymnastic bag
  • Sew apron
  • Sew on cuddly toy

Personalized cutlery

One of the biggest challenges in bringing up children is getting their offspring to eat vegetables. Although it can not be guaranteed to work, it may be easier with silverware engraved with the child's name. In any case, this gift ensures that the recipient thinks of the patrons every day - and since that happens while eating, this daily reminder is usually positively taken.

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