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Costs for lightning conductors on the roof - Prices for lightning protection

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  • Is it worth investing in a lightning rod "> How does the lightning rod work?
  • Costs by a specialist company
    • Reduce costs
  • Cost by self-assembly
    • Legal basis
    • Save costs by own contribution

Especially when the number of lightnings and thunderstorms increases again in autumn, many people are justifiably afraid that a lightning bolt could hit their house. In this case, there is a great danger to the life and health of the inhabitants. To reduce the risk, lightning protection on the roof is necessary. We will show you the costs incurred by you in this case and how you can reduce the costs of a lightning rod.

To determine the cost, you must differentiate between two different cases: you can either have the lightning conductor fitted by a specialist firm or you can mount it yourself. The costs are composed of both the material costs and the labor costs and the expenses for the acceptance. Since this is a safety-relevant attachment, you must make a trade-off between the savings and the safety when deciding. With the appropriate training or a friend or family member who has the knowledge, you can do the work yourself. Alternatively, it is also possible to perform certain work yourself and thus achieve further savings.

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Is the investment in a lightning rod worth it?

If you compare the costs of a lightning rod with the possible consequences of a lightning strike or an overvoltage, then you quickly realize that the investment is useful and necessary. When lightning strikes a house, many insurance companies ask about lightning protection. If it has been contractually agreed that the building must be protected in a certain way, the insurance company checks whether the protection actually existed. For example, suppose the contract specifies that a lightning rod must be on the roof. If you have renounced the construction, then the insurance company refuses to pay the costs. Even a partial destruction of the house is a high cost that you now have to bear.

Fire by lightning strike

An overvoltage can already lead to damage to the house electronics and connected devices can suffer defects. But ideal values ​​also play an important role. Although insurances replace the assets of the items in the house, you will not get back the reminders and intangibles. Without adequate lightning protection, you run the risk of losing the facility, the house and all other items. But the biggest risk is your life and health. If there is a lightning strike, then great forces and there is a risk of fire. If you or your family are in the house, you are in mortal danger. Summing up all the reasons, one concludes that a lightning rod is a worthwhile and necessary investment.

How does the lightning rod work ">

Costs by a specialist company

The easiest way is to plan and install the lightning protection system when building the house. Retrofitting is possible at any time. Since the system is installed on the roof and may require slight modifications to the roof covering, a roofer is the right contact for installation. The costs are as follows:

  • Capture device and discharge system: 2, 000 euros
  • Grounding: 1, 000 euros

Thus, by commissioning a specialist company about 3, 000 euros in costs. The values ​​refer to an average sized detached house.

Reduce costs

On the one hand, you have the opportunity to obtain various offers and thus reduce costs. The second variant is that you do some work yourself and therefore cost sub-items are removed from the invoice. The extent to which the company gets involved in this offer depends on its own capabilities as well as on the cooperation of the roofing company. Often, actuarial reasons play an important role. The roofing firm is responsible for the quality of its work and must therefore monitor and control any steps not performed by itself. Therefore, it is possible that the company wants to do all the work itself. Otherwise it could lead to difficulties in liability and insurance.

Cost by self-assembly

Installation should always be carried out by qualified personnel. Once you have completed training or otherwise obtained the skills, you can do the assembly yourself. In this case you will need to buy the material for the flash unit, mounting accessories and if necessary plaster. The cost varies greatly, because you first have to estimate how much material you need for the capture device.

The house must be protected in all places, so that many corners and the house size affect the costs. At a minimum, you should expect a one-family house with material costs of 500 euros . However, the values ​​can also rise to 1, 000 euros . The system requires, among other things, lightning rod wire. It is delivered on a roll and costs about 340 euros per 100 kilograms. In addition to these costs, there are additional expenses for acceptance by a specialist company. The acceptance may be required by law, be required by the insurance or carried out for safety reasons.

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Which costs specialist companies require for the acceptance depends on the individual case. The company has to control all work and can only determine the perfect functionality by intensive employment. Therefore, the cost usually amounts to 200 to 300 euros for the decrease. If the company finds that not all work is in accordance with regulations, then changes must be made, which lead to further costs. In the worst case, some work was unnecessary and there are major modifications.


  • Material costs (lightning conductor wire): approx. 500 Euro
  • Acceptance by specialist company: 300 Euro

Legal basis

The question of the legal permission depends on whether the building is generally required lightning protection. If the state building regulations stipulate that a lightning conductor must be installed, then it must be installed in accordance with the applicable regulations and must be approved by a specialist company. In this case, a self-made assembly usually can not be realized because the acceptance is difficult to organize. Insurance companies usually also stipulate that the lightning rod system must have been carried out by a specialist company. Otherwise there is no insurance cover and you have to bear the costs in case of damage.

The reasons for these regulations lie in the fact that for each house must be determined individually, where the catching device must be installed. All corners of the building must be within the safety net so that the lightning can not hit the house anywhere. A patchy flash system can increase the risk of lightning and is therefore not only ineffective but also dangerous.

Save costs by own contribution

The indicated costs refer to the case that the earthworks are minimal. Only a few digs have to be carried out. Here can be a starting point for cost savings. If the expenses for the earthworks are higher or if the roofing company has to bring in an excavator including an excavator operator for the execution, you can take over these tasks yourself. The hiring of an excavator is done by the hour, these costs have to be taken into account when you lend an excavator for the work.

Small excavator

The costs vary regionally and also depend on the size of the excavator. Possible values ​​are between 50 and 100 euros per hour, as the total loan period, the cost of delivery and other incidental costs affect the price. For smaller earthworks, you can use the shovel and save on costs. After installation of the system further earthworks are necessary. The shaft must be closed with soil again, which offers you further savings potential. Note that a revision shaft is necessary to facilitate access to the system. The regular checking of the lightning arrester system is necessary and serves for safety.

Tips for quick readers

  • Flash system must be removed by a specialist
  • Insurance companies can prescribe assembly by a specialist company
  • Building regulations can prescribe acceptance
  • Safety must come first
  • Wire costs about 340 euros per 100 kilograms
  • Total costs when commissioning specialist company: around 3, 000 euros
  • Earthwork can be done by yourself
  • Dredging costs: 50 to 100 euros per hour
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