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Cost of tree felling - what does it cost to cut down trees?

  • Facts about tree felling
  • Possible costs
  • A tree does not have to become a "bone of ion"

The search for the right property has been successful and now house building can actually begin. If there were not the distributed over the property trees, the construction project in the way and must be cut down. Now, the savvy home improvement has two options: he can even go to the action or contact a specialist to cut down the trees and pay for tree felling.

Whether the tree may be felled on the property is questionable. Because there are protected trees whose precipitation requires a special permit from the responsible municipality and which is punishable by high penalties in case of violation. But even the wrong time can be associated with a fine, because in the summer months, the precipitation may be cut down due to any breeding and nesting sites no trees. So it is not so easy to cut down a tree and feed the property to its original purpose, the construction and construction of the long-awaited home.

Facts about tree felling

They do not believe how much conflict potential a single and innocent tree can have. It can stand in the way as an obstacle during building projects, take away the sun from the neighbors and become a disruptive factor, pose a danger to the roof of the house and provide shade where the sun and bright daylight are actually desired. At the same time, the tree is a nesting and nesting place for birds, can be classified as a protected species and should therefore never be felled in such a way without obtaining the urgently needed permit.

If you want to take care of the deforestation yourself and cut down the tree on your property, you should familiarize yourself with the following in addition to the purchase of the necessary tools:

  • A felling between 1 March and 30 September is prohibited
  • an application for tree felling must be made to the competent municipality
  • Risks in the precipitation must be calculated and excluded
  • until the approval comes, you have to put up with the waiting time
  • the grant of the permit costs a management fee of about 40 euros
  • If you drop a tree, you have to plant a new tree in most communities

The organizational effort is enormous and takes a lot of time, so some property owners come up with the idea of ​​viewing the tree on their property as their own and without taking the steps outlined above. This can turn out to be a costly mistake, as even the felling of unprotected trees leads to a fine without authorization and is far more expensive than the felling and obtaining the permit altogether.

In order to avoid any problems with the community and to protect yourself from a fine, you should consider carefully before the precipitation and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the tree really have to be felled or can the construction planning be realized with a tree ">
    Professional tree felling

    Anyone who commissions a specialist firm to cut trees can even save money in the end and does not have to buy their own tool and apply for approval. Specialist companies know exactly when a precipitation is allowed and which authorities must be informed in advance about the tree felling.

    As a potential homeowner, you save a lot of trouble and walking when you leave the tree on the property acquired a specialist and not decide for the self-made precipitation. Since the prices vary according to the respective communities, as well as the type of tree to be felled and the number of trees, it is worthwhile to obtain a personal offer. The higher the effort and the more risks have to be taken into account, the more you pay for cutting down the trees. But the expert service brings another advantage. You do not have to take care of the transport of the wood yourself, as it is already included in the tree-building service and can therefore be used.

    Possible costs

    Based on the different calculations of the individual service providers, as well as the requirements of the community, the tree felling can cause very different costs. The known average data amounts to:

    • around 950 euros for up to 5 medium-sized trees including disposal of the wood
    • around 300 euros for 3 medium to larger fruit trees including wood removal
    • around 500 euros for a large birch or larch, chestnut or a maple
    • around 50 euros for the removal of medium to large stumps from the ground.

    A particularly important question is the period in which a precipitation may be advised. Contrary to the widespread opinion that the spring-summer exclusion ban does not apply to private land, it looks different in reality. In particular, during the breeding season, a precipitation can be denied even if the originally felled tree does not serve as a nesting and breeding place for birds. The noise and the restlessness could disturb brooding birds in the neighborhood and thus oppose the requirements of the nature conservation law. Anyone who hires a specialized company can also rely on a concrete examination of the possibilities and will receive an offer in which all factors relating to animal and nature conservation as well as compliance with legal requirements were observed and applied.

    Tree felling is not cheap and yet there are good reasons to rely on a specialist and not to take action yourself. To ensure that a larger tree does not fall on the neighboring property and cause massive damage there, a correct calculation of the fall angle is necessary. This can not be done on a straightforward basis, but must be precisely determined and adjusted to the size, the trunk diameter and other factors of the tree. Further, strong wind can make a precipitation impossible and bring about the postponement of an appointment. As a layman, the weather is usually difficult to assess and has no way to correctly calculate the fall angle of the trees and avoid accidents caused by unplanned trees.

    It is well spent money, if one decides for a professional precipitation and an offer can be submitted by the local specialist. If the wood is desired as firewood, it can be cut after sawing with a saw in kamingerechte logs. This service is not included in the price for a tree felling and must be requested separately prior to commissioning or provided in-house.

    A tree does not have to become a "bone of ion"

    Not infrequently, the desire for a precipitation is a premature decision that, after further consideration, is no longer necessary. Many trees give the property a charming aura and become a favorite spot for the family, especially in summer. However, if logging can not be prevented for logistical and structural reasons, a specialist is the right decision. In old, porous and sick trees, the above-mentioned law does not come into force and the precipitation can take place at any time, because safety is paramount and damage caused by a falling tree must be avoided.

    Sick tree

    The situation is different when neighbors complain about trees on their own property. In this case it is not the neighbor who decides the need for deforestation but the community. The removal of diseased and threatening trees can be done on a case-by-case basis at no cost to the property owner and borne by the community. This is especially true when the tree can damage public property due to strong wind or other weather influences and can fall, for example, on the road, in power lines or on sidewalks.

    A tree felling by a professional is indeed expensive, in comparison of costs and performance but not too expensive. However, those who would like to provide their own services for the deforestation, is well advised to purchase high-quality tools and should seek in advance all permits and announce the precipitation in the neighborhood, as well as shut off adjacent sidewalks or public areas for safety's sake.

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