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Children's hat sew for the winter - instructions with / without cuffs

  • Preparation and material
  • Children's cap without cuffs
  • Children's cap with cuffs

Whether autumn, winter or spring - you can always need a nice reversible hat for our little ones. Today we will show you how to make a nice kids cap with or without cuffs with our pattern. We especially like the cute umbrella!

In the following sections, I will first show you how to sew a hat without cuffs. Then we sew the children's cap again, but with a nice middle part made of cuff fabric.

Difficulty level 2/5
With a little practice also suitable for beginners

Cost of materials 1/5
The children's cap is perfect for the remainder of use, because we do not need large pieces of fabric.

Time expenditure 1/5
Approximately 1 h, depending on whether a cuff is sewn.

Preparation and material

What you need:

  • Jersey fabric and a matching inner fabric
  • cuffs if required
  • scissors
  • pen
  • Vlieseline or ironing fleece for the umbrella
  • our pattern
  • our size chart
  • about 1 h time

1. To find out what size your little sweetheart needs, simply measure the head circumference in inches. If the children's cap is a gift, here is a table for the average head circumference by age:

Olderhead circumference
Preemie to 2 monthsabout 37-38 cm
1 - 3 monthsabout 39 cm
3 - 6 monthsabout 40 - 41 cm
6 - 8 monthsabout 41 - 43 cm
8 - 10 monthsabout 43 - 45 cm
10 - 12 monthsabout 45 - 48 cm
12 - 18 monthsabout 48 - 50 cm
18 monthsabout 50 - 51 cm
2 years - 3 yearsabout 51 - 53 cm
3 years - 6 yearsabout 53 - 56 cm
6 years - 8 yearsabout 56 cm

2. First we print out our pattern on A4 paper. Please make sure that the size on your printer is set to 100%, otherwise the pattern may become too small.

Click here: To download the craft template

The seam allowance is included in the pattern!

Tip: I always tend to sew the hat rather larger than smaller, as it also keeps warm when the head circumference is 1-2 cm smaller than the children's cap!

3. Now we cut the pattern on the matching line (the lines are each labeled in size and color) and glue the individual parts of the dashed line with Tesafilm together.

The template for the small umbrella on the front of the hat is also cut out.

4. To cut the fabric, we first place the pattern on the doubled fabric A and draw the lines as exactly as possible on the fabric. The left edge of the pattern should be at the breaking point of the fabric. We do the same for our fabric B, which will be on the inside of the hat. We now cut out both pieces of fabric.

5. For the screen, we draw the template on fabric A, fabric B and our ironing fleece and cut out the whole.

Children's cap without cuffs

1. First, we sew our umbrella together. To do this, we put the two jersey fabrics together right to right and pin everything down. The ironing fleece is ironed on one of the two left sides of the fabric.

2. Now we sew the round side of our umbrella together with a simple straight stitch. Then the screen can be turned and should look like this:

Tip: I'm stepping down the curve with 2-3 straight stitch lines, which makes the screen tighter and it looks very cute. Make sure that the distances are always the same.

3. Next we turn to the children's cap: To sew the outer part of the cap, we first put the side seams (including the curves on the sides) together right to right.

With the zigzag stitch of the sewing machine or with the overlock machine, the seams are closed.

4. Then we fold the cap (still right to the right) so that the just made seams are in the middle and the cap still has an open seam at the side. This is again pinned and sewn.

5. We do the same now with the inner part of the cap, so that both outer and inner cap are closed.

6. Now comes the tricky part: We put both cap parts together right to right. For this purpose, our umbrella must be placed inside with the fabric side matching the cap part. The edges of the umbrella are now flush with the edges of the cap.

Now we sew around the cap once. This is especially the elastic zigzag stitch of the sewing machine.

CAUTION: Start by sewing the cap close to the peak. Approximately 5 cm before the end, we stop sewing and leave a turning opening so that we can turn the right side of the child's cap outwards.

7. In the next step, we sweep the cap outwards through the turnaround opening.

8. In order to close the small opening, we need a needle and a matching thread (preferably in the same color in which we have stitched the cap). Then we pierce through the first fabric from the inside out. Now we sew together both sides of the fabric by first sewing inwards and then outwards in the same side of the fabric and then changing sides again. This creates the invisible "mattress stitch" and the seam is hidden.

Tip: If that's too much work for you, stitch the cap again along the seam with the straight stitch, the turning opening will be folded inwards, sewn off and is therefore invisible. Again, it is important to make sure that the seam runs regularly along the fabric side.

Voilà - our first kids cap is ready!

Next we sew a cap with a nice cuff.

Children's cap with cuffs

1. Again, we need our printed and cut pattern including umbrella again. However, we shorten the bottom of the template by 5 cm, this part will later be replaced by cuff fabric.

2. Now we measure the bottom of our cap fabric and multiply the result by 0.7. That's the width for our cuff. The cuff is now cut to a length of 6 cm and the just calculated width.

ATTENTION: Since cuff fabric is usually supplied in tubular fabric, the result must be divided by two. The fabric is already twice during the trimming.

We now have fabric A for the outside, fabric B for the inside and our cuff fabric.

3. In the next step, we once again cut out our little umbrella in fabric A, fabric B and non-woven fabric.

4. The screen is sewn again as in steps 1 and 2 of the first part of our guide.

5. Also inner and outer caps are sewn as in steps 3 - 5.

6. Next, the cuff fabric is cut lengthwise through the middle, so we have two 5.5 cm wide stripes.

Between the two stripes we put our umbrella right to right. Please make sure that the shield is exactly in the middle of the cuff. Fix with pins or Wonderclips all 3 fabric layers and sew them together with the zigzag stitch.

7. To close the cuff, put the two ends of the fabric together right to right and stitch them together to form a "ring".

8. Now comes the slightly more difficult part of our cap: The cuff fabric including the visor must be sewn between the outer and inner parts of the reversible cap. First of all, we put it on the right side of the inner cap, so that the appropriate fabric of the umbrella lies on it.

9. Thereafter, we put the right side of the outer part, so that "Fabric A right, cuff fabric, fabric B right" on each other. The whole thing we sew together again with the zigzag stitch or the overlock machine and leave it again a turning opening, through which we turn our hat now.

10. To close the opening, we now need 2 seams: one on the inside and one on the outside. Be sure to sew the fabric A with the cuff, turn the hat, and then sew the second fabric to the inside of the cuff with the mattress stitch.

That's it!

Sewing the reversible cap including cuffs and peak is not easy, but the effort pays off and the cap looks great inside and out!

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