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Embroider chains - instructions for the chainstitch

The chain stitch is perfect for embroidering chains - as the name implies. These can decorate a hem, enhance a motif as a border or draw lines, just like the stitch of a quilt or a stem. In this example it is used to draw a plant stalk.

1. Pierce the needle from the back to the front through the embroidery base
2. Leave about 3 cm of yarn for later sewing
3. Grasp the needle from the front
4. Pierce the needle again in the same opening from which the needle was picked up
5. Guide the needle to the back of the fabric and prick it forward at the point where the top of the sling should be placed

6. Place the yarn in a circle from left to right under the needle
7. Grasp the needle from the front and carefully pull the yarn taut
8. Repeat points 1 to 7 until the chain has reached the desired length.

You can also let the chain go slightly to the left or to the right. To do this, in step 5, guide the needle in the direction you want when you pierce the fabric.

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