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Basement Windows - Information on materials, dimensions and prices

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  • The material
    • glazing
    • function
  • Dimensions
  • Prices
    • Price difference of the functions
    • Cost of installation

Basement windows often have a slightly different shape and size than other windows. Especially in old buildings, the cellar windows are usually completely free from the norm. Common sizes of basement windows therefore usually do not fit into the existing opening during an exchange. Which dimensions and materials you will find at what price, we show you here.

The specialist trade usually has only standard sizes in the range, when it comes to the basement windows. For the old building you may need a custom order. The second variant is the use of a smaller window with corresponding edge panels. In new buildings, the selection of the appropriate basement windows is often not much easier, because we want to finally have as much light as possible in the rooms. Here we show you which prices you have to pay for the different sizes of cellar windows. Basement windows are also available in different versions for glass and frame material. Here you will find all information about the material of cellar windows.

The material

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Occasionally they still exist, the good old steel windows with a single glazing. If the basement is not used as living space, it can still be used. But in this day and age, it really does not pay anymore to use these uninsulated cheap windows. Therefore, we want to illuminate here only the modern variants, as this envisages the Energy Saving Ordinance anyway.

  • plastic
  • Aluminum with plastic core
  • Aluminum with wood core
  • Wood
Plastic windows in the basement very well suited

Plastic windows are very low maintenance and care, they do not rust and are available in many plastic colors. Above all, plastic windows are insensitive to splashing water and particularly favorable. In addition, plastic windows offer the largest selection of standard sizes. For wooden windows or aluminum windows with a wooden core, not all standard sizes are possible.

Tip: If windows are installed in the floor area or in a light shaft, you should choose a robust material. Although it is visually better to use the same windows in the basement, as in the rest of the house. If you still have the choice, however, plastic is the best and most robust solution.

Wooden windows should not be used in the floor area, as the splash water and moisture tend to damage them. You will also need to repaint these windows frequently and protect them from moisture.

Even on aluminum windows permanent moisture leaves unsightly marks. In addition, aluminum windows are disproportionately more expensive compared to plastic windows for the basement.

Splash damage at the basement window


Usually the same glazing is used in the basement as in the rest of the house. However, if it is a basement that is not heated and heavily insulated from the living area above, double glazing may be sufficient if the house itself uses triple glazing. The wire glazing, which used to be common in the basement, is hardly to be found today. On the one hand, this glass is not as burglar-proof as it was always promised, as the burglars tend to work on the frame anyway and hardly hit the glass. On the other hand, the glass just does not have sufficient protection against cold, since it is usually only a single glazing.

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Simple glass plate broken

Even though the burglars are less likely to hit the windows today, the pane is still a source of danger in a residential cellar. A stray football or a rock thrown up by a lawn mower can turn the glazing into a hail of shrapnel. If the rooms in the basement are to be used as living spaces, it is important to choose a glazing that avoids this danger. There are different solutions for this:

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  • Laminated safety glass - LSG
  • Single pane safety glass - ESG
  • Impact-resistant glazing

VSG 8 - laminated safety glass

The laminated safety glass is made of at least two layers of glass, which are connected to at least one film. In this case, breaking the glass, the fragments adhere almost completely to the film. At the same time, of course, this is useful if a burglar uses the old method of window breaking. He would have to cut or tear the film after the glass. Thanks to the strong foil of usually about 0.38 millimeters and at least two discs four millimeters thick, this is a real show of strength. A laminated safety glass such as VSG 8, which we have described here, is usually combined with additional panes to a double or triple glazing.

Laminated safety glass

ESG - toughened safety glass

Single-pane safety glass is a safety glass that is thermally tempered. The toughened safety glass breaks during a heavy blow, while the small glass crumbs, which then arise, but partially connected. However falling glass crumbs are also harmless because they are dull. The ESG is basically the same glass you find in your car. Even the usual ESG usually has a thickness of eight millimeters and is also combined with "normal" discs to a heat-insulating glazing.

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Impact-resistant glazing

There are three different levels of impact-resistant glazing, which can take different degrees of impact. This glazing is usually used solely for burglary protection and less the protection of the inhabitants by defective windows. The specifications of the impact-resistant glazing are based on DIN 52 290.

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Very small basement windows, which are supported by an electric ventilation, need no function. For cleaning, it may be helpful if the window can at least turn, but this also promotes burglaries. In addition, with a fixed glazing, you get considerably more light in the cellar, because the functions require a double sash, which removes much of the glazing.

Functions of a window:

  • fixed window
  • hung windows
  • Turn / tilt window

Tip: If you want to buy a basement window with function, you should select the rotation / tilt function. The difference in price between the two possible functions is relatively low and the tilting function can be helpful when ventilating.


If you are planning basement windows for new construction, you should pay attention to the floor height above the floor. Above all, if you do not want to build a light shaft, the window should not be higher than the floor height. If the basement is planned for residential purposes, however, you will hardly get around a light well, because the windows must then also be able to serve as an escape route.

In old buildings, it is important to measure the existing window reveals very accurately. You should necessarily measure each window individually, because these are often different in size, if the house is quite old. The number of standard sizes has increased enormously in the basement windows in recent years. In the past, there were only two dimensions almost everywhere in the building materials trade, but today there are already seven.

Tip: When replacing old windows, you should select the next smallest window from the standard program. Custom-made products are often expensive and are not really worthwhile in the cellar area. Side parts made of matching plastic or wood, however, are usually cheap to get.

The situation is similar with arches in cellar windows. Your window manufacturer will make custom-fit plastic sheets for a fraction of a window with a bow. Price driver in this case is the round-cut glazing. Even triangular window parts are often nonsensically expensive and therefore hardly useful in the basement area.

Standard dimensions for cellar windows:

  • 60 x 40 cm
  • 80 x 40 cm
  • 80 x 50 cm
  • 80 x 60 cm
  • 90 x 40 cm
  • 100 x 50 cm
  • 100 x 60 cm

Tip: If larger or even more windows are to be installed in the basement, it is in any case again a structural change, for which you may require a building permit. Basically, once all structural changes are subject to approval.

To what extent a proper building application is required, decides your local building authority. In addition, the effort is enormous, because it is additionally required for each larger window, a new fall. In addition, the static of the building is also affected by this change.

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In the prices we have each selected a turn / tilt function and a normal double glazing. In addition, we have each selected one-wing windows here. Below are examples of how another choice can affect the price of the window.

Tip: If you renovate living spaces in the basement, you should check before starting construction, if you can get a subsidy from KfW Bank, for example, for the energy improvement through new windows. But at least a special low-interest loan should be possible if you are looking for an energy improvement. Such grants must, however, always be requested before the start of construction . Later, you will no longer receive any money from KfW Bank.

Plastic basement window

  • 60 x 40 cm - from 130, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 40 cm - from 140, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 50 cm - from 140, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 60 cm - from 150, 00 Euro
  • 90 x 40 cm - from 150, 00 Euro
  • 100 x 50 cm - from 150, 00 Euro
  • 100 x 60 cm - from 160, 00 Euro

Aluminum cellar window with plastic core

  • 60 x 40 cm - from 185, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 40 cm - from 200, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 50 cm - from 210, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 60 cm - from 220, 00 Euro
  • 90 x 40 cm - from 210, 00 Euro
  • 100 x 50 cm - from 220, 00 Euro
  • 100 x 60 cm - from 230, 00 Euro

Aluminum window with wood core

  • 60 x 60 cm - from 300, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 60 cm - from 335, 00 Euro
  • 90 x 60 cm - from 350, 00 Euro
  • 100 x 60 cm - from 350, 00 Euro

For the wooden core aluminum windows, the usual standard sizes were not available from all suppliers. We have therefore selected similar sizes for you.

Wooden basement window

  • 60 x 60 cm - from 220, 00 Euro
  • 80 x 60 cm - from 250, 00 Euro
  • 90 x 60 cm - from 260, 00 Euro
  • 100 x 60 cm - from 260, 00 Euro

Even with the wooden windows, there were not all sizes at the various suppliers, where we have checked the prices. Therefore, here also a slightly reduced selection of window sizes.

Price difference of the functions

Here is the difference in price based on the smallest window size. In addition, you should bear in mind with small windows that the glazing is additionally significantly smaller due to the functions.

  • 60 x 40 cm - fixed window - 80, 00 Euro
  • 60 x 40 cm - rotary wing - 120, 00 Euro
  • 60 x 40 cm - turn / tilt function - 130, 00 Euro

Tip: If there is the possibility of an electrically controlled ventilation, a basement window, which can be opened or tilted, is not worthwhile. Always provided that you do not use the basement as living space. The opening functions of the basement windows also support access by burglars, as they can be easily leveraged.

Cost of installation

As a skilled handyman you can easily install the basement windows yourself. However, if the windows are to be installed by a specialist, you will have to expect about one or two hours for a basement window. Of course, only if you have already done all the preliminary work and the old window is removed. Depending on which hourly wage the window manufacturer demands, you will have to reckon with costs of 40 to 80 euros per window . The aids, such as construction foam or the like, beat only about five euros per window to book.

Tips for quick readers

  • Frame material to match other windows in the house
  • Take note of the advantages of certain materials in the floor area
  • Standard sizes cheaper to buy
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Wohnkeller requires unbreakable glass
  • Evaluate functions - turntable or turn / tilt window
  • Function significantly reduces the disc size
  • Fixed glazing significantly cheaper than windows with function
  • Fixed glazing protects against prying open the windows
  • larger windows may require planning permission
  • Observe statics for changed window sizes
  • Plastic windows inexpensive and durable
  • Craftsman costs manageable well below 100 euros
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