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Sew on and sew the hood - sewing pattern + instructions for beginners

  • Material and preparation
    • Make cutting patterns yourself
    • Preparation - sewing
  • Instructions - Sew on the hood
  • Instructions - Sew on the hood

Today I would like to show you how you can create a sewing pattern for a hood in just a few steps. In addition, we sew the hood in a row directly to any top.

A hood can be sewn in many different variations: with buttonhole or a drawstring, with plain or double fabric and in various sizes. Today we sew a simple hood with double fabric, the edges are quilted towards the end again, so we have a nice finish at the edges.

The type of fabric depends on your taste: The inner lining may be a colorful jersey fabric, the outer fabric should, if possible, to the body of the upper fit. The imagination, however, are no limits!

Material and preparation

You need this to sew the hood:

  • 1 or 2 jersey fabrics (matching the top)
  • ruler
  • pen
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • our guide

Difficulty level 1/5
Also suitable for beginners

Cost of materials 1/5
small pieces of a matching jersey fabric

Time expenditure 1/5
1 hour

Make cutting patterns yourself

Step 1: First, glue two A4 sheets to the wide side with Tesafilm. We need this piece of paper for drawing our original.

2nd step: Now we measure the neckline of the present upper part with the ruler. Add 4 cm to this length specification, where the two ends will eventually overlap.

Then add another 1 cm for the seam allowance. (Example: The neckline of my children's sweater has a width of 18 cm x 2 + 10 cm = 46 cm)

Step 3: Next, use the tape measure to measure the face (for example, the child's head). Again, add 1 cm seam allowance on each side.

ATTENTION: Leave the measuring tape loose around the head so that the hood does not get too tight! (Example: My children's hood has a loose circumference of about 30 cm, 30 cm + 2 cm = 32 cm)

4th step: Now it's time to draw! So that the hood falls well at the end, the neckline is drawn slightly curved.

ATTENTION: The previously calculated length of the neckline is divided by two, because the template is cut twice and equal to each other! (In our case 46: 2 = 23 cm)

5th step: Also the size of the face section is divided by two (in my children's hood thus 16 cm). Here you draw a vertical line at the front.

Step 6: Finally, the curve of the hood is drawn.

Like the back of the person's head, the hood should be nice and round.

Voilà - the pattern is ready and we start cutting the fabric!

Preparation - sewing

Step 1: Place the cut template on the fabric you want to sew on the outside of the hood. For this you can already take the fabric twice, since we need 2x pieces of cloth (against the same). Now draw the template as accurately as possible with a pen on the fabric.

Step 2: The same thing we do now for the inner fabric of the hood - this can also be colorful or have a different color.

Step 3: Cut out all fabric pieces for the hood. (2 x inner fabric, 2 x outer fabric)

You should now have 4 pieces of fabric lying in front of you. It goes on to the sewing machine!

Instructions - Sew on the hood

Step 1: First of all, the rounding at the back of the head is closed on both fabrics. Place both matching fabric pieces right side together on the right side and secure the edges to the rounding with pins or Wonderclips.

Step 2: Next, for both fabric parts, close the curves with the zigzag stitch of the sewing machine or with the overlock.

Close open seams with the sewing machine.

This is what your sewing result looks like after this step.

Step 3: Now we can connect the two sides (inside and outside hood).

Insert the two hood parts right to right into each other. Next, the edge of the face is pinned.

Now sew the staked page together with zigzag stitch or overlock.

Step 4: Make the face of the hood look beautiful and have a clear edge ...

... put the two already sewn layers together.

Quilting again with the straight stitch of the sewing machine all around.

This is how your sewing result looks now.

TIP: If you want to pull a drawstring through the hood, you can stitch another seam about 1.5 cm behind the first seam. This creates a tunnel through which you can pull the drawstring. Do not forget to put two holes in the outer fabric of the hood so you can pull through the drawstring.

Now the hood can be turned to the right side of the fabric .

Instructions - Sew on the hood

Step 1: Now comes the more difficult part: The hood is pinned to the top. For this purpose, the right side of the fabric (the outer hood and the upper part) must again lie on top of each other. First, mark the center of the back neckline with a small dot on the top.

2nd step: Now we start to fix the hood. The back seam of the hood now lies on the point just marked.

From there we work our way forward until the two hoods meet. These lay on top of each other and pin everything with needles or clips.

Step 3: In order to be able to sew on the hood, I recommend the zigzag stitch of the sewing machine here.

Some overlocks can not cut or cut the amount of fabric on the front (6 jersey layers).

Work here with the handwheel to get through the thick passages. Sew around the neckline once.

That's it! The hood is ready, I wish you a lot of fun sewing!

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