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Crochet Cactus - Instructions for a crochet cactus

  • Crochet cactus
  • manual
  • Material and preparation
    • Techniques and patterns
    • Cactus 1 - High cactus in ribbed pattern
    • Cactus 2 - Round and thick with young cactuses and flowers
    • Cactus 3 - leaf cactus with many flowers
    • Crochet the soil
    • Crochet cactus - completion

The crochet cactus is the new trend among the mesh lovers. Nothing is easier than crocheting a cactus. He needs no care, does not sting and feels at every seat very well. The permanent blossom gives the crochet cactus its everlasting friendliness. With our instructions, you too will become a cactus lover.

Crocheting a cactus is one of the simple crochet work. With the right yarn, the joy of crocheting and the perfect instructions, even beginners can make the most beautiful crochet cacti in the apartment. We show you different ways to crochet a cactus.

Crochet cactus

For cactus friends we have chosen a small selection of different cacti. You can crochet with us a round and thick-bellied cactus or an arrangement of different high cactuses. But we also crocheted a leaf cactus and show you how to crochet succulents.


Basically, you can use the crochet cactus to process the yarn that makes the most beautiful cactus according to your ideas. From hairy to very smooth everything is possible here. We decided on a cotton yarn. This yarn gives Amigurumi work a noble character.

The yarn size we chose so that we could work with different needles, without using another yarn. Simply by using a different needle size different sizes of cacti arise.

Tip: Crocheting the cactus will not go wrong. The variety of cacti allows in size and material everything you like.

Material and preparation

According to our instructions you need for a whole arrangement:

  • Cotton yarn in different shades of green
  • Cotton yarn in brown color for the earth
  • Crochet hooks in the strengths 2, 5 - 3 and 3, 5
  • Flower wire to reinforce the individual cacti
  • Stones or sand to complain about the flower pots
  • fiberfill
  • plant pot

Techniques and patterns

Fixed stitches

Crocheting the cactus, all cacti are crocheted with fixed loops. For the flowers we worked with fixed stitches and half sticks.

thread ring

Each crochet cactus starts with a string of thread. The instructions can be found in our basic tutorials in "Learn Crochet".

Cactus 1 - High cactus in ribbed pattern

This cactus is very easy to crochet. You can put only one cactus in a small flower pot for yourself, but you can also crochet an arrangement of several cacti of different sizes in a plant pot.

casting on

  • Cast on 20 air stitches + 1 spiral air stitch

1st row

  • Crochet tight stitches in each square stitch

2nd row and all subsequent rows

  • Crochet a tight stitch in each stitch
  • however, always prick this strong stitch into the back part of the mesh
  • this gives the ribbed pattern

The number of air meshes determines the height of the cactus. These can be set differently for an arrangement. Our cacti are 10, 7, 6 and 5 inches high. You can also determine the size of the cactuses yourself. We have crocheted rectangles with a length of 14, 11 and 8 centimeters. These rectangles are crocheted together with Kettmaschen.

Now, the upper part of the cactus is contracted with the work thread and decorated with a flower. Stuff the cactus with plenty of filling cotton.

Crochet cactus - How to work the flowers

Blossom 1 - exotic blossom on large cactus

  • thread ring
  • Crochet 6 stitches into the ring, cut into the back thread with a slit stitch and close the ring
  • Close 12 air stitches, this air mesh ring by puncturing into the next rear mesh member and concludes with a chain stitch - this mesh member is outside
  • again 12 air stitches, also these air stitches with a Kettsmasche in the rear mesh member of the thread ring to a ring close

Proceed until each rear link has received an air-mesh arch. The last loop of air mesh is crocheted in the front loop of the first loop with a chain stitch.

For the inner air arcs only 10 air meshes are struck. Always crochet these arcs into the inner mesh of the fixed mesh. Follow the same procedure until each stitch has received two arcs. At the end, you can decorate the flower stamp with a thin yellow yarn.

The adjacent smaller flowers are worked as follows:

  • thread ring
  • 5 strong stitches in the thread ring

Each stitch is crocheted as follows:

  • 1 half stick
  • 1 stick
  • 1 half stick
  • Close the petal with a chain stitch in the next stitch

This results in 5 petals. These flowers can also vary in size. For a larger flower, double the fixed stitches in the thread ring.
The petal is crocheted as described above, but always crochet the warp stitch into your own tight stitch.

If you now work several of these crochet cacti, you can conjure up small cactus compositions in a flower pot.

Cactus 2 - Round and thick with young cactuses and flowers

We also wrote a tutorial for "Crochet Cactus" for this simple cactus. This crochet cactus is changeable in all directions.

It is quickly crocheted and can be transformed into ever new shapes with small and larger cactus offshoots. And at the end, you also set flowers on this crochet cactus.

  • thread ring
  • Crochet 6 sts in the thread ring
  • close the round with a chain stitch
  • 1 air mesh

1 round

Crochet 2 stitches in each stitch.

2nd round

Crochet 2 stitches in every other stitch, then 1 stitch.

3rd round

Crochet 2 stitches in every third stitch, then 2 stitches.

4th round

Crochet 2 stitches in every 4th stitch, then 3 stitches.

5th round

Crochet 2 stitches in every 5th stitch, then 4 stitches.

6th round - 13th round

Work these 8 rounds without any increase, crochet only sturdy stitches. They thus form the total height of the cactus.

Tip: If you do not feel like counting the individual rounds, just put in colorful twigs. Every round gets a thread. So you can see exactly how many rounds they have already crocheted.

Rounds of decrease begin.

14th round

Crochet 2 stitches together, then 4 stitches. Crochet the entire round in this order.

15th round - 19th round

These 5 rounds are crocheted without removal, only with fixed stitches.

20th round - withdrawal round

Crochet 2 stitches together, then 3 stitches.

21st round - 23rd round

Crochet only regular stitches in all three rounds - do not remove stitches.

24th round

One more lap, just like in the previous round. Then crochet 2 stitches together and then 3 stitches. Finish this round with a chain stitch. Leave a longer thread - cut off. The cactus is then crocheted with crocheted cactus soil using the thread.

Tip: Do not forget to mark the start of the round with a stitch marker.

Small round cactus

The big cactus now gets several small offshoots. They are all crocheted extra and sewn to the big cactus at the end.

  • thread ring
  • Crochet 6 sts in the thread ring
  • Crochet 1st - 3rd round just like the big cactus
  • from the 4th round
  • Crochet 7 rounds with no increase only with fixed stitches
  • Round 11 - Abnehmrunde, as the large cactus lose weight

12th and 13th round

  • crochet only sturdy stitches
  • before the small cactuses are removed in the rounds, you should insert the stuffing in the crochet cactus

14th round

  • Crochet 2 stitches together
  • 2 strong stitches

15th round

  • Crochet 2 stitches together
  • 1 fixed loop

16th round

  • always crochet two stitches together

Small cactus - crochet 2 times

  • thread ring
  • 6 strong stitches in the thread ring

1 round

  • Crochet 2 sts in each stitch

2nd round

  • 2 solid stitches working in a stitch
  • 1 fixed loop
  • 2 stitches in 1 stitch

3rd - 6th round

  • Continue 4 rounds without increasing

7th round

  • Crochet 2 stitches together
  • 2 strong stitches
  • Crochet 2 stitches together
  • 2 strong stitches

8th round

  • Crochet sts in all stitches

9th round

  • Crochet 2 stitches together
  • 1 fixed loop

Of course, you can decide how many offshoots your round thick crochet cactus receives. Our cactus has received 3 offshoots. Now sew the little pupils to the big cactus.

This cactus also receives many small flowers. Choose a nice color.

  • thread ring
  • 6 fixed stitches
  • close the ring with a chain stitch


  • 3 air meshes
  • work in the first air mesh 1 fixed mesh, complete this with a Ketts mesh in the next stitch

This is the same procedure for all petals. The last petal is closed with a chain stitch on the first petal.

Cactus 3 - leaf cactus with many flowers

This crochet cactus is crocheted much like cactus 2. We always started doubling this round of cactus. In principle, it does not matter how you start. We just wanted to show that both options - Cactus 2 and Cactus 3 - are possible.

The leaf cactus consists of several small and larger leaves that can be connected to each other as you wish. The leaves are indeed worked around, but not stuffed with stuffing.

  • thread ring
  • Crochet 6 sts in the thread ring

1 round

  • double all stitches

2nd round

  • Crochet 2 stitches in the first stitch of the preliminary round = double the stitch
  • 1 fixed loop

3rd round

  • double the first stitch again
  • Crochet 3 stitches

4th round

  • Crochet a round without doubling

5th round

  • double the first stitch again
  • Crochet 4 strong stitches

6th - 9th round

  • Crochet a tight stitch in each stitch
  • no stitches are doubled

10th round

  • this is where weight loss begins
  • Take 1 stitch (turn 2 into 1)
  • Crochet 3 stitches
  • Remove 1 stitch
  • Crochet 3 stitches

11th round

  • crochet the same round as round 10
  • Remove 1 stitch
  • Crochet 3 stitches

12th round

  • Remove 1 stitch
  • Crochet 2 stitches

13th round

  • crochet all the stitches as normal stitches
  • no stitches are taken

14th round

  • in this round is only taken off
  • crochet 1 stitch from 2 stitches
  • until all the stitches have been used up
  • Cut the thread, pull through the stitch, the first sheet is ready

Do not cut the thread too short. One should be able to sew the sheet on the crochet cactus with him.

You can now crochet several sheets according to this manual. These should have different sizes, because even the leaf cactus is not every leaf as big as the other. You can choose different options for the size of the leaves.

For example:

Crochet with a larger or smaller crochet hook. Thus, the crochet work is either automatically larger or smaller.

Flowers for the leaf cactus

  • thread ring
  • Work 6 strong loops in the ring, close the ring with a chain stitch
  • Cast on 2 pieces of air
  • working in the first air mesh a solid air mesh
  • Crochet the sliver in the following stitch

Repeat this small petal until the flower is filled with 6 petals.

Drafting cactus

After crocheting several large and small leaves, always sew three leaves together. These leaves must now be reinforced with a flower wire. That means they will be given more stability.

Now you can arrange this beautiful crochet cactus according to your ideas.

Crochet the soil

A crochet cactus also belongs in a crochet earth. This too is very easy to crochet. It is very similar to the flowers.

  • work with brown yarn a thread ring
  • Crochet 6 stitches in this string
  • Close the thread ring with 1 slit stitch
  • the cactus earth is worked with solid mesh

1 round

  • double each stitch

2nd round

  • double every 2 stitches
  • crochet all other stitches

3rd round

  • double every 3rd stitch
  • Crochet the remaining stitches with sturdy stitches

4th and following rounds

  • in every other round, the 4th, then 5th, 6th, 7th and so on doubles
  • Work the rounds until you reach the size of your flowerpot
  • that is, the diameter of the pot is as large as the diameter of the crocheted soil

When the appropriate size of the cactus soil is reached, crochet the work down. Now it is not increased anymore. To work straight down, crochet the tight stitches in the first round only to the back of the mesh.

How far you crochet depends on the size of the flower pot. It is advisable, however, to crochet a round more than too little.

Crochet cactus - completion

Now you have crocheted one or more cacti. The earth is finished. Now you can start sewing each cactus to the cactus soil. With a little patience you can quickly figure out how many stitches you need for each cactus. Again, this always depends on the size of the cactus.

Fill the flower pot with washed stones or sand. Then you put enough stuffing, so that the cactus soil comes nicely in shape.

Large cactuses should be stabilized with a solid flower wire that reaches into the stones. So the cactus holds firmly in its anchorage. Depending on how you connect your cacti, you will receive the most beautiful cactus arrangements. A dream on every windowsill, in every closet, in the bathroom, in the hall or wherever you like it. Combine these cacti with the crocheted succulents.

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